Yesterdays birthday party

I went to a birthday party yesterday. It was Parag kaka’s birthday. He is our family friend and he is a surgeon and  works with heart.  He does a very complicated job and I dont know how to say it like I am trying to describe it. It is not the kind of heart that kids draw. Its the real heart. Like it is not the one that is like kids give to there moms and dads to tell that they love you. The kind of heart that I am talking about is the one that is inside  your body and it looked really scary and gross. There were also 2 bandages on the cake and a stethoscope with capsules and medicine. I also made a lot a friends some of them were small and some were big. To eat, the kids and the parents got to eat chips with dressings and tomatoes and then chicken and for dinner we got to eat nann and all sorts of other stuff like all sorts of things. It also was his 50th birthday.I also enjoyed the party a lot.


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