Last Saturday me and my dad did some volunteering. Volunteering means helping others when they can’t do it themselves. My dad had all the big tools when I just had one tiny rake. We were volunteering to clean up the yards of old people because they can’t do yard work themselves. I was the only kid but I was a lot of help, and we all had a pizza party when we were done. The grown ups mowed and cleaned. I helped by holding garbage bags for other adults so they could throw things away and rake. This was a good thing to do because sometimes old people can’t do it themselves and it really helps them have a better and cleaner lawn. My mom didn’t come because we were having guests come over the very same day so she had to get the house ready. 

I also helped by talking to a woman named Ms. Rosa because sometimes she might feel lonely. She was 92 years old and I don’t know what she was talking about. 
I feel happy and proud because helping others is the right thing to do because we are part of a community and everyone should help each other out.
Here is the video for our work.

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