Top Dog

Every 6 weeks we do a special ceremony in school called awards. Last year I was Top Dog for being trustworthy. I was able to be trusted like a real trustworty person should be. I was Top Dog on the same day my bestie Stella got Top Dog. Now she is Top Dog with Loseli who is in my class this year. I hope that I am Top Dog this year. It is actually something that everyone is hoping to get each year.  This is a really big deal for everyone to get Top Dog because, you get to look for a new Top Dog sometimes. I was freaking out when I heard that I was Top Dog last year because,this was the first time I had ever gotten a special certificate that is called Top Dog!I was even more shocked when my very own bestie was a Top Dog too. I loved being a Top Dog for 6 whole weeks! That was the best momment in my life. Anyway, Top Dog is really awesome, cool, and you might even earn it for 6 whole weeks if you got to Beck elementry. Every 6 weeks you might see your teacher looking for a Top Dog,even without knowing it might even be you, you will just have to wait and see. Just be either trustworthy,respectful,caring,have citizenship, or any other character traits that will make you Top Dog.I really love being Top Dog and I hope you do too. This will be the best momment ever for you just like I did!

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