The Sun which Set, The original story

The little sun was born on a hot sunny day. She was told about a sunset and waited for her first one. The time came until, she found out that she could not set! She had tried 1 million and 2 times. Centuries, decades,years,months,weeks,days,hours,minutes, and seconds went by but still could not! She was the newest sun which could not set! “ Would I ever set?!” She pondered continuously. Her starry bright family told her not to give up on setting. 

The little star tried and tried until she lost hope. One day, she met a friend who gave her advice on how to set. This friend was different and had seen many sun set. She told the sun about a legend of a kind star who could help. The sun told her parents, who believed this was the best option for their daughter. The sun set out to find this legendary star. She found the secret layer up in the Himalaya mountains. She stepped up the stones and saw a vision gleaming in front of her. The legendary star asked why the little one was here. The sun replied only to see the vision disappear. Thinking that she came here for nothing, the gates emerged open to a very surprised sun. The sun walked into the legendary star’s home. Together they talked about the sun’s problem while sipping Moon star tea. The little sun found out that she had a disease that was caused of star dust and black hole dust. 

The legendary star had a cure and told the sun to drink it. They both stepped outside, into the lonely world waiting for their sun. The sun started to complain that she did not set until, she felt as she was melting. She actually was setting! What a glorious moment that was! She knew that she was able to set from that forward on. Being the next generation of her family and being able to set, were the the 2 things which made her happy. 

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