“ The Jumanji unanswered questions show!” Behind the scenes

It all started when my awesome 4th grade teacher, Ms. Van, told us how each class was doing a project, on a different Chris Van Allsburg book. This made me sit up higher in my chair.  I started pondering on ideas. She told us that we were going to choose an icon and do a video or anything listed on that particular icon. She also told us that we would be doing this with our table groups. I was so excited to start this project, I nearly jumped off my seat! As we got together, me and my group questioned which one we could do. I reviewed the paper and rested my eyes on “ Unanswered Questions” reading the info below. I remembered something from GATES that hit my brain as I read. I explained my idea to my group quickly as they were still deciding what to do. My fellow GATES partner and best friend, Sofia Kawosa, remarked on how my idea would be perfect for the project. My idea was simple. We create a pretend interview about an unanswered questions show with, 2 clients, 1 director, 1 assistant director, 1 asker and 1 assistant asker. We all eventually started arguing on who was the asker. Luckily, I always come prepared to school! I had an empty container which held everyones number. Our teacher picked 2 numbers. The first to be the asker and the second to be the assistant.  Turns out, I was the asker and my BFF Sofia, was my assistant.  I jotted some quick notes down in my mini notebook and helped with the unanswered questions. Everything was set except that we KEPT MESSING UP!!!!! Sam, our director, kept his cool during each mistake and  I thank him for that. Henry, our assistant director, did an awesomee job when Sam was sick. Sofia, helped  me through the video and was an amazing friend. Riley and Sophia T., were amazing clients who had amazing questions. Finally,after about 20 scenes, we made an awesome video that was perfect. I would like to really thank all my table mates who helped me through this! Tough we all got upset at each other, we did a pretty amazing job! Oh! Let me tell you my flash back form GATES I had! We were asked to make a video, poster or anything about our personality. A group of oranges, a color personality,  did an interview, like we did, and I though that it was a brilliant and fun idea to make one. This idea sparked my Gates and table mate friends, to agree with the idea. This interview was because that orange group, and I would like to thank them as well for the inspiration!

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