The Ice Hockey game

On an ordinary Sunday, my dad and I were preparing for the time to go. “Where?”,  you ask. To the Ice Hockey game. Not just any Ice Hockey game, my very first Ice Hockey game. The feeling of going to an Ice Hockey game is actually tense, and exciting. Especially when any family member or friend works in the 7eleven headquarters, and got tickets for working really hard.  Not only getting free tickets is exciting, but also getting to sit in a suite, or also known as a box, which provides the best view, comfy seating. fresh drinks, healthy snacks, and meals, along with a very long dessert cart. Although it is very rare and exciting to get to sit in a suite, and 7eleven decided to hand them out only to their employees, for working very hard, this was my first time going to an Ice Hockey game, I really enjoyed. The game was actually not very exciting, for the Dallas Stars lost against the Vancouver Canucks. Though the Canucks had a long journey here, they weren’t going to lose after a long trip. Though the Dallas Stars lost, which is the team I am cheering for, on my first time, I really had  A LOT of  fun!!! We had the best view from the suite, right in the middle of the seating area. If you want to know where the suite is, then imagine a full stadium, with an ice rink in the middle of the floor, a big – huge- TV in the middle of the stadium, above the rink, with thousands of seats surrounding the rink, then somewhere between the seats at the bottom, near the rink, and at the top, far away from the rink,  there is some sort of border, with plastic making a sort of window shield.  If you look closely, there are chairs, with a small table, that has a plastic rim surrounding the border. If you step outside the arena, and go to the level above you, you’ll find a doorless room that has comfy leather chairs, a small counter, a table on the side of the room, a TV above the table,  and some stairs that lead to more leather chairs, t that have a small area to put your plates ,while you’re not hungry, that has a plastic rim that makes a border, or a window that does not close. The suites are really cool, and, I wonder, not to be rude, how can people sit all the way at the top, when you lean forward just a bit, almost like you are about to fall, and are very, very high, almost like you are up in the sky? Also, what about when you are really, really, really close to the rink, not exactly very close, but close to where you almost have a good view, how can you see the Tv, and the game?? These 2 questions make me ponder very much, ever since I got to the game.  I hope next time my dad gets us passes, we can take my buddy Stella and her dad as well!!!!!

Here is a picture of two suite passes, for access to the suite.

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