The day I got my Think Through Math lanyard

Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday, went by. Still, no sign, except for one. I was shy to ask, though I should have gotten it 3 days ago. Shashwat had it. I thought that I would be the second, and I was right, though I wasn’t the only one getting it. He got it to, and got more, “ Congratulations” or “ Nice going” than me. Nobody recognized me that day. Only my mom, Mrs. TenEyck, and my dad congratulated me. My friends saw that I got it but, didn’t bother to ask. That day was exciting for me, though it was also sad. 

Thursday, November 30th 2017, morning, school: I walked down the hall briskly. “I have to get there early.” I pondered. Unloading as quick as I could, I retrieved my supplies, and headed to my math teacher’s room. Shashwat had gotten there earlier, and was doing Think Through math on his Chromebook. I did the same until the 5th graders came in. In case you don’t know, I do 5th grade math though, I am in 4th grade and, I am the only girl doing it, along with 5 other boys, Sam, Jacob, Noah,Shashwat,and Ben. Mrs. TenEyck was our math teacher. In TTM for 5th grade, you get a lanyard if you have over 30 lessons, and stamps for certain rewards, when you pass that many lessons. I had done 52 5th grade lessons, and 34 4th grade ones. Yesterday, Mrs TenEyck told me that I could remind her about it. Today, here I was, eager for my lanyard, and ready to remind Mrs TenEyck. Waiting for the perfect moment, after problem solving, I told Mrs. TenEyck about her reminder. Sam, came up to me, noticing that Mrs TenEyck was getting my lanyard, and said that he also was ready for his. I was shocked. Now there would be 3 of us! I only thought that only 2 of us would start then the rest would catch up. I stopped thinking about this, right before Mrs. TenEyck announced that me and Sam got the lanyards. Everybody cheered and clapped, but not for me, not really, they cheered for Sam. Only Mrs. TenEyck clapped in that moment. I felt depressed. I worked really hard throughout Thanksgiving break, just to please my dad and, too show him that I am smart 😋🤔, while everybody cheers for Sam, who spent his break doing video games and baseball or something.⚾️🎮 I decided to let that go and just think about what is happening in the present, not the past. It was time for us 4th grade math kids to leave for art class. As my friend, Miranda, came into the room, with the rest of my class, I showed her my lanyard with a proud smile. Her response was, “ Oh, cool lanyard,” and walked to her table, without even asking what it was for. I felt angrier than the first time. I guess that none of my friends thought that I was important anymore, as a friend. As art class begun, I forgot about everything and decided to have a better day. 

Though Miranda didn’t care about my lanyard, I know that she will forever be a friend. No matter how many times she is angry with me, or if she doesn’t like me anymore. This goes to all the other kids who did not care about my lanyard, they will always be my classmates, no matter what. Nothing will change this.

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