The Day before Twilight but After Midnight Chapter 9: The Unexplained change

The bright light blinded the sisters deeply through their eyes. Crystal was standing as firm as a rock, while Obsidian stood trembling ever so slightly. The figure kept glowing faintly and strongly between all the surprise. When the glowing stopped,  each girl had a new thought that made them gap about the presence. Crystal had a glow as if she recognized this girl as if she was connected to her. Twilight, was awed and startled by the mass entrance she had seen. She knew some part of her wanted to scream out loud that something about this girl was not new to her as well. Midnight had an anxious feeling of curiosity and a frightening thought that this girl may not be who she seemed to be. Finally, Obsidian. Now, you may think that she may have a plot of evil, or that she didn’t care, but she did care. Though her brain told her to ignore the feeling and to think about the war, her heart felt something more. She felt that an open light bloomed through her heart, and opened it’s wounded soul to something even more beautiful than the figure. It was happiness. She felt happiness, in her life; for the first time she can remember, she felt happy. She felt that nothing else cared in her heart, but the desire to find more happiness, the kind she wished to have all her life. When the girls knocked sense into them, they stared into the light of the girl. Her delicate white wings, her lovely peach dress, and, her blooming brown hair. Everyone gazed up at the sight when they realized that the figure had not opened her eyes. They waited and waited, until a voice shimmered through their ears, and said,

” Why have you gazed onto the light friends, we shan’t get blind now that the light is faint.” The girls all admired the sweet sounding voice as if a flurry of brightness and all that was right flew through them.  The only one who was too sceptical to speak was Twilight. Though kind-hearted,  she felt a solemn nerve strike through her pulse that gave 3 words,
” don’t trust her.”
The only dilemma was the part that Twilight wanted to meet her. As shimmering bright like a firefly, the figure swooped and fluttered among the rest, gazing and smiling as all was right.  Taking a pause, she gently cleared her throat once, twice, thrice, until Crystal heard her.

” Yes, Twilight? You cleared your throat?”At this very amateur -like point, everyone was looking at Twilight, even the figure. As before, the figure was shining as the star with a grin and a bow, but now all that was left was a dull flickering light with a grunt and a frown.

” Uh, you, ba… twilighteee!” And with this, she spun in a dazed circle thudding softly to the ground.
” Twilight?!! Twilight?!!!” Midnight hollered. The dazed sister leaned on her elbows and sat up startled.

”  Um, what happened?’ Twilight said confusedly. Midnight flung her arms around Twilight and cried happily.

” You had passed out1 I was so worried!” While everyone was reassuring that Twilight was fine, the only figures which stayed back were the figure and Obsidian. Obsidian gently leaned to Twilight and firmly squeezed her shoulder. Giving a reassuring smile, she leaned back and let go.  Now, everyone was the figure except for happy except for the figure. She huffed and cleared her throat in a very rude sounding manner, and stubbornly hollered. Everyone stopped short quickly and looked at the figure. Now, the figure beamed up and fluttered about.

” Now if we’re all done with your sister, we can start talking about me for now?!!” She curtsied gently and stared at the girls funny.  Everyone but Twilight started walking to the figure. Their eyes were dull in a dark crystal clear blue. They grew wings and held spears as sharp as a sword. The figure calmly held her hands out as if she was hugging someone, and had the same eyes penetrate Twilight. She thought for a moment, then realized that everyone was being hypnotized. As losing track of her friends, she noticed a small bristle of wind curl through her bangs. Midnight remained and balanced herself in a rocket talking off format. Twilight grabbed hold of Midnight’s leg but was cut off by the very powerful wind blast that was shot into her. The figure grinned and said bitterly

” You have no place to go. your friends are being taken into the dark forest and will do everything in their power to destroy you. When the black hour comes and crosses the red moon on demonstar, then all earth will bend at my will!!!” The bitter expression disappeared into a smug and sweet expression, and the figure blasted into the night, leaving nothing but Twilight and potions behind.

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