The day before Twilight but after Midnight Chapter 8: Midnight’s prophecy

Midnight and Twilight looked around the room for Dusk. Every possible place didn’t have Dusk hiding. Midnight slowly started to produce more tears. She sobbed harder than ever until she heard the strangest noise. The noise sounded like a human who was laughing, crying, groaning, and screaming at the same time. She looked all around her for the source until she heard Twilight say,

” There!!” Midnight looked up at the top of the room. she couldn’t see anything for a minute but then saw 2 figures flying high above her. They seemed to be no other than Dawn and Dusk. midnight’s eyes widened. She gaped up upon the two massive figures swirling above her. Their mouths seemed to be making a talkative formation as if they were trying to talk to her. She tried to make out the words until the figures came closer to her and Twilight.

” We have been trapped inside our souls. Our pendants are holding us safe. You need to find us and Crystal. She will help you find us with the help of Sun Set and Sun Rise. They will guide you to us, in the Valley of skies. Find the lost armies of Elements and we will be one step closer to defeating the darkness. Find the wrong ones, we will be lost our realm forever. And whatever you do, do not trust the person Star….” The last word unfinished made a shiver go through Midnight’s body. She stared at Dawn and Dusk, then saw them disappear. Twilight stood very still and looked startled. She trembled ever so slightly and froze up like a cube. Midnight placed a hand on Twilight’s shoulder and looked at her. Twilight felt for Midnight’s hand and said

” I think that y-you are r-ready to k-know now.” She looked at Midnight and said

” There was a prophecy, that this would happen. They said that a young sister would be the key to unlock mysteries. that girl is you, Midnight. You are the most mysterious goddess we’ve know. We don’t really know, how to help you in this prophecy.” Midnight had wide eyes. She blinked once, twice, then shivered.

” So… am I……human, at all?” she said slowly.

“You are,” Twilight replied,” you have always been, and always will.” Midnight sat down with Twilight and thought about what she said. She thought about Dawn and Dusk. She thought about Crystal, and how much she cared about her. She thought about that mysterious name Starlight, that Dawn said. She searched into the back of her head for any knowledge of the existence of this person. She searched and searched until Twilight said,

” Sis, are you all right? You look red and pale.” That was true. Midnight’s face was a rosy red colour, and her hand were an oyster pale. Midnight wiped away her tears and looked at Twilight.

” We need to find Crystal, now. No matter how hard it is, we need to find her.” Twilight looked at her confident sister, then stood up. She nodded and replied.

” Right away. We first need to find Dawn’s room. That will be the best place to start.” The sisters nodded and scavenged the castle. They looked up and down until they found the room. They crept the door open and saw two figures. One was dressed in a black and purple dress, which was Obsidian, while the other was in a light sparkly blue robe, who was Crystal. There also was a third figure in the room, covered in a cloak of peach and stars. Midnight looked around the room and saw a faint light making an outline of a goddess with daisy yellow hair, sun crown, and white lined robe. Midnight gasped and gestured Twilight in that direction. Twilight also gasped, and mouthed the words,

Are you thinking what I am??” The two girls nodded, then got attracted to the brighter light of peach and stars. They peered into the light and saw a female figure with a white robe with some star design, brown hair, and a pair of silver wings, fluttering in mid-air. There was a face with shining hazel eyes, a small nose, and a gentle smile. The shimmering went away, and the figure stood on air, beaming upon them. ” Could this be Starlight?'” Midnight asked herself, gazing at the figure.

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