The Day Before Twilight but After Midnight Chapter 6: A friend returns.

Crystal nearly fainted when she heard Obsidian.

War? Why? What reason is there to have a war!!!???” She thought. She was about to slip into a different hiding place, so she could hear better, but heard Obsidian’s cold dry voice.

We will gather not only our best demons but also our worst. We will carry the Dragons, of which we captured, out into the middle. The evil fairies will be at the end, and I will be up above, helping all of ours who need it. You will be finishing the potion with Crumble. When done, let me know, and I will tell you when to release it to Dusk.”

” Obsidian,” Rocky asked. ” Would you please explain to me how we will win this war??”

” We will win, for I have the most complicated, best, and winning tactic ever used and won in a battle. The battle was long ago, as I can remember, just like yesterday. 3 million years ago, when I was fighting as Nobel Demon, I fought-“

How old are you??” Obsidian snapped out of her story.

“That is none of you business nosey!!” Rocky looked away quickly, ashamed.

” Sorry.” She squeaked.

” Going back to your plan, how will we fight. We will need to have to best battle strategy, and even though you have one, we need a backup, just in case, and – ” Started Rocky.

” We will do the plan my WAY!! We need NO backup plan. This plan  has succeeded in winning a war, and it will for this war!!!” Cut off Obsidian.

” Right.” Rocky’s voice sounded strong and firm, though under her breath there was a small quiver of fear as if she was scared of Obsidian. Crystal could feel it, though there were no hints or clues to tell that Rocky was scared.

” I have to tell Twilight and Midnight. They ought to know what to do.” Crystal thought.  She started to tiptoe silently to tell the sisters, but was caught when Obsidian said,

” Crumble, what is taking you so long???” Crumble tried to gulp down the knot in her throat. She had no choice but to fib.

” Almost ready Obsidian. Just checking which potions are going to be needed for the spell.”

” Well hurry up!”

” Right away Obsidian.” Crumble sighed, and dragged all the way up the stairs to the spell room, where the spell was being made and stopped. She sucked up the small bits of energy left inside her and changed to show she was Crumble. She knocked and held her breath. Knock, Knock, Knock.

 ” Enter Crumble.” Shouted Obsidian. Crumble entered the room, her body swayed slowly with pain, her muscles were weak, and her face started looking paler and paler by the minute. She gathered up all her energy and said, 

” I believe that you called me in here.”

” We did.” Said, Rocky. Her face showed her work. Her face drooped, and her outfit was full of stains. She too was turning pale. there was even a small glimpse of Golden Dandelion hair sticking out from certain pieces. Crumble gaped at this, Dawn was alive, she could feel it. She always had a big connection with Dawn and Dusk, as if she belonged to be with them each day, not as a helper, but actually be with them.  She started wandering off in her memories and forgot that she was still talking to Obsidian. 

” CRUMBLE!!!!!” Shouted Obsidian, losing her patience. 

Crumble snapped out of her daydream and gulped. 

“S- S- Sorry Obsidian.” She said, stumbling on her words. ” I-I had a bit of delay. I was cleaning up a potion that I spilt, and–“

” Silence!!!” Cut Obsidian. She rasped in her voice, eyes bulging out. ” You should be sorry Crumble, or should I say, Crystal!!” Crystal gasped. 

” That is nothing but a lie!! I am Crumble!!”

” Oh please, I saw it all, how you told Twilight the plan, how you were listening to me and Rocky, and now, you are barely paying attention to what I am saying!!! I shall use you as the bait, and lure in the youngest sister, Midnight, and capture her, while Rocky makes the potion to drain not only Dusk’s magic but also hers!! You will be aiding me in the war, Crumble!!” Obsidian cackled wildly, acting quite odd.

” Crystal, Rocky, Obsidian, Dusk, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal,” Dawn said under her breath, ” Crystal, Crystal… CRYSTAL!!” She shouted, instantly transforming back to Dawn.

” WHAT!!??” Obsidian gaped.
” You, you’ re the main reason why I have been locked up in my own body, shivering and struggling to fight, now rocky is locked up in her body, and there is no way you can bring her back. Understand!!???”  Dawn shot at Obsidian. Obsidian stood silently.

” Do you understand you cruel — Ahh!” Dawn fell fast to the floor gasping. ” Cry-Crys-Crystal.” Crystal leapt forward, she fell next to Dawn and closed her eyes. She started glowing and layed a hand on Dawn. She hummed a small tune and opened her eyes. Dawn still layed there silently. She closed her eyes once more, and but her other hand on Dawn, having both hands side by side. She hummed once more but sung a different tune. She opened her eyes once more, and stood up, facing Obsidian. She took hold of the hem of her robe, and said,

” Open, come, the song is sung, bring me the cure tonight.” She looked at Obsidian and clapped gently.

” You,” Crystal said in a stern voice, ” You took my family away, then my friends, now, you caused suffering to one of them. Think about it. What do you have to say for yourself!!??” Obsidian looked away, furious.

” ANSWER ME!!!” Then, out of no where, a bright shimmer erupted from the sky, and the ground. a dainty shadow formed, still hidden underneath the glow of peach light and stars.

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