The Day before Twilight but after Midnight: Chapter 5, The News.

A while after she contacted Twilight, Crumble started changing herself to look more like Crumble. She checked herself in the mirror, once, twice thrice, then walked quietly up the heavy, marble stairs. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open wide. She stepped forward and said,

” I’m BACK!!!” In a sing-song voice.

” Where HAVE you BEEN!!!???” Shouted a loud,  booming voice. Rocky appeared from the corner and had a very stern look on her face. Hands on hips, she stepped forward and yelled at “Crumble” once more.
“I sent you to the market at 2, and now it’s 3!”
” Sorry Rocky, I, uh, …. had…. to, um,….”She cut short of herself and fell on her knees sobbing.

” I’m really sorry. I went to the market and was looking for some really new and high-quality potions, and couldn’t find any. I started looking for the ones that you needed, then came back, except…..”

“Except what??” Rocky said, rolling her eyes.

” Except…..” Now Crystal was sobbing harder, her makeup streaming down her face, with huge drops of tears. Rocky could almost see that she was not Crumble, if Crystal had not excused herself and ran to the bathroom, locking herself in, so no one could transport to see her. She quickly washed her face and re-applied the makeup to herself. She stepped outside and found Rocky. She continued her story and said,

” Except, there was traffic in the transportation tubes, and I had to wait for the entire time.” This was not true. Crystal decided she needed to lie or else Rocky would be storming with anger right about now. Rocky actually believed her and said,

” Oh…, okay. You know better next time to not have this happen ever again.” There was a tone of sorrow, along with stern in her voice, but she didn’t say much after that. Both headed into the laboratory to continue the spell, which will kill Dusk.

Once Twilight got the message from Crystal, she thought back on what happened to her. Not knowing, she decided to find Midnight, who apparently, was huddled in a corner, shivering quietly.

” What’s wrong sis?” Twilight asked. Midnight gave a squeak and looked up. Her eyes were full of tears and were streaming heavily down her pale face. When she saw her sister, she gasped and threw herself into her sisters’ arms, crying heavily.

“Shhhh. There sis. now, tell me what happened.” Midnight backed up and staggered a bit.

” Y-Y-You don’t r-remember what happened t-to you?” Her sister shook her head.

” Well, you were changed into a Demon by Rocky. Rocky is actually Dawn after she got changed. Crystal was there too, except she was turned into Crumble. You were following orders of rocky, and you were yelling at me, and you were acting really mean, and sassy. When you received  that call, you ordered me to stay in this corner for my entire life, and never move, even when I was scared, or hungry, or even happy.” After saying all that, Midnight started streaming another heavy flood of tears. Twilight sat still for a minute and absorbed all this. After a while, she started having small tears roll down her chin.

“I’m so sorry sis. I-I didn’t know what happen. I was locked inside my self.” Twilight said, her voice broken.

“It’s okay.” Sobbed Midnight. ” You didn’t know. you were possessed, and there was no way to stop you.”Both girls started sobbing louder and hugged each other tighter. Both were sobbing, on the floor, hugging tightly, and felt sorry for each other.
Rocky watched this happen and muttered under her breath. She told Obsidian, who smiled with a crack of darkness.

” You know what that means; if both, Twilight and Crystal are awake, then Dusk is healing. We both are fading away, and our powers are fading.”

” What do we do Obsidian?” Rocky asked.

” We only have one thing to do: This is WAR.”

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