The Day Before Twilight but After Midnight Chapter 4:The Truth Becomes Unleashed

As Crumble headed to the market, she noticed a strange shimmer. Curious, she followed it and saw a mysterious figure turned. Not to be seen, Crumble placed an enchantment on herself, to seem invisible to others. She crept forward and held her breath. She could hear the figure talking on some sort of device, which you could use to call. Demons have a very bad memory so Crumble could not recall that the object was a phone. The figure said something about Rocky, and how she was going to succeed in her plan. Crumble obviously knew that the plan was to save her king, but when the figure turned around after hanging up, she realized that the figure was Obsidian. Of course, Crumble was invisible, but her enchantment wasn’t strong enough for a mighty Demon like Obsidian. Obsidian chuckled and said,

“What a fool, you Crumble. Falling for Rocky’s plan, thinking it was to save him.” Crumble was astonished. She nearly toppled over, but then asked herself,
“What does she mean?” How can she see me?” Am I really that dumb to fall for Rocky’s real plan?” What is her real plan?”

Oh, by the way, your silly little spell doesn’t work on powerful Demons. Besides, I created the spell for you to use, and I made it so only can see you.” Obsidian added, “Enjoy the scene.” With this, Obsidian cackled wildly and disappeared into a flash of dark smoke, leaving nothing behind but 1 shocked Crumble.

“What’s happening?” Crumble asked herself. “Nothing’s wrong. You just heard her wrong. She doesn’t know that the spell is actually to cure the God of Night.” She felt happier with that thought, but even she knew that she may be wrong. “ Let’s just get those potions.” She said. So she brushed herself up, and strolled down to the market, not saying another word to herself, about Rocky’s plan.                                                 ********************
Crumble headed into the once-shining-but now-dull-castle. She popped open the bag she was holding and took out the potions. She lined them up, alphabetical order, on the potion rack. She was about to call Rocky, telling her she was back, but stopped when she heard Rocky muttering.

“Such a fool, that Crumble. Such a fool. So obvious that my plan is to kill my cousin so I could be the ruler of the world. Isn’t it sooo obvious? Nooo. She can’t even figure out that real plan. If she did then she would have tried to stop me, but she can’t stop an almighty Demon. She can’t even get one thing right. For example: Where is she? She has been hone for sooo long. I asked her to do one thing. To get more potions. How tricky can that be?”
 Crumble nearly banged to the stone cold ground. Her cheeks were as pale as snow. She gasped heavily as if she was about to pass out.
 “How could I be fooled?! Of course, the plan was to kill Dusk. How could I be so foolish?!” She told herself. She was turning away when she heard the words.

“Of course, she is so foolish. She doesn’t know anything. In fact, when I have drained all of Dusk’s powers, I will kill Midnight, Twilight, and her.”
Crumble gasped for breath. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She needed to warn Crumble. She immediately knew what happened. All the details, and plans. She began running to contact Crash when she noticed her dress alternate between blue and purple. Her necklace began to glow and changed back to the Sun she had before. Crystal was back! She gaped at her old form. How she wondered who she actually was. She squealed in delight and got ahold of Crash. She told the plan and secrets which were held back from them and saw her transform back to Twilight. 

“Right, pretend to be Crumble and find out more. We need her to spill some more secrets. I’ll be there to help at Dawn, for now, do you best.”

“Okay.” Crystal said. She tiptoed back to Rocky’s room and changed quickly into Crumble. She knocked on the door and entered. She decided, to just act normal, and get ready for any sudden sign or secrets that might spill from Rocky. 

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