The Day before Twilight but after Midnight Chapter 3: Not My Sister

Midnight was fully aware that her sister was greeting a new demon student, yet she never saw the truth in the disguise that had been worn. The minute she sensed purple sand, she decided she needed to pay attention to Twilight instead of the copies she made. She walked forward and gasped when she saw her sister, who was now Crash, Rocky’s evil servant. 

 “Goodness! What happened to you Twilight!?” Midnight asked astonished.  

 “Oh, dear sister, how long you have been, copying papers in the doohickey!” Crash dramatically replied. 

“I cannot bear myself without my dear sister!”  Midnight instantly knew this was not her sister, for Twilight never was dramatic nor said “dear sister”.  

 “Do you mean copier,” Midnight asked, “ and are you chewing GUM?” 

 “No!” Crash snapped, spitting out her gum which disappeared into the cement. 

Why d’ya ask? You know I never chew gum.”

 “No reason!” Midnight quivered. “Can we go home now? I thought we were going to talk about Dawn and how she turned into Rocky.” Her purple eyes went wide when this was said, for she knew that Rocky was her leader. Crash replied with a fake smile and said,

“ Let’s go home and watch some TV. Okay?”

  “We don’t have a TV, and I thought you cared more about Dawn.” Midnight said sternly.

 “Silence fool! You should respect mistress Rocky for who she is, now that she has taken over the horrid goddess form Dawn, you keep mentioning!!!!” Snarled Crash, who had now lost her patience and was just about ready to lose it again. She looked at Midnight, who began trembling with tears streaming down her pale cheeks. Crash realized what she just said and plastered a fake smile once more on her face.

 “Now, shall we go home to rest and not talk about your silly little Dawn?” A gentle nod was given by Midnight, who said no more, for she didn’t want to embrace the fury of the demon.                                                                          **********************
 Rocky and Crumble were back in Dawn’s room, hatching a plan to cure the night god. Crumble thought that it was to cure Dusk, for he was trapped in a tube with his energy being drained. The plan was actually to kill Dusk, by draining his powers so Rocky would be the most powerful being in the world. After Rocky and Crumble disappeared from Crash, Rocky trapped the king and took the blame on  Midnight and Twilight. Crumble agreed that turning Twilight to Crash would make both sisters slow down, and never kill Dusk. The only thing Crumble never realized, was that she would be killing Dusk. So, the days went by, with Crumble imagining Dusk cured, Midnight and Twilight were gone, and she and Rocky honoured by Obsidian.

 “Crumble, go to the market to find more potions that might cure Dusk,” Rocky said busily.

“We need to finish the cure on Demon star day!”  Crumble nodded and exploded into a thousand pieces of sand, as she went to the market.

 “We only have 2 more days until the Demonstar comes, and this potion is bound to be ready, for it will kill the god, not cure him!” Muttered Rocky under her breath. She smiled mischievously to herself, and went back to work, creating the deadly potion.

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