The day before Twilight but after Midnight Chapter 17 : And so our war continues

The war raged for many days and nights. Many elements were defeated, but others were still battling raging with courage. Sunrise and Sunset lost energy and were starting to lose. Midnight called them in and replaced the generals but still, it was no good.  As the war raged, Midnight was inside the medical bay with Crystal.

” Crystal, you never told me what your power was.” Midnight said quietly while sipping a power boosting tea.  Crystal sighed.

” I, am the last warrior of my kind. The way our powerful elements are from our names, mine has no meaning to the others.” She said sadly.

” What do you mean?” Midnight questioned.

” I am an ice element.”

” Really?” Midnight said curiously. Crystal chuckled.

” Yes. My parents died in this same war over 90 millenniums ago. After they left, I came to Dawn. She took me in as her cousin and we’ve lived like friends together. I haven’t used my powers since. But I fear, I will have to use them now.”

” You don’t have to use them now, but we will need them sometime later.” Midnight said. Crystal smiled.  Just then the generals all came in, bruised, tired, and sore. Their faces were in disbelief as if they’ve seen a horror movie.

” Midnight, sorry to disturb you, but we’ve got a serious problem.”   Midnight walked out and gasped. Starlightieya had brought out the dragons and was winning the war.  She looked at Crystal who nodded.

” I think it’s time we try joining the powers.” The generals nodded. The water and fire mixed and the fire elements shot the arrows. The arrows were strong enough to injure but not destroy. Midnight got worried until she remembered. When she first saw Dawn and Dusk she put them in her locket to heal. They should be ready and might be able to help. She held her locket in her hands and watched as she summoned Dawn and Dusk from her locket. Two figures of the day and night arrived ready for battle. When they fully emerged they held hands and melted into one figure. She wore the same armour but hade a different pendant. In her hands were her two weapons. Her sword and her bow. She put them together and had a new weapon. It was a rare mystic bow. One that could shoot special arrows as tough and sharp as swords, and could blast power like the mystic water swords. Midnight gasped.

” Mom?” She asked lightheartedly.

” The figure smiled. Yes. I am Night Star mother of Midnight and Twilight.” She took her bow and took an arrow. She aimed at one of the dragons and fired. The arrow hurled through the air and hit the dragon, who instantly died, disappearing into a pile of ashes.

” Woah!” Midnight gasped.

” Pull out your sword.” Night Star said. Midnight did as told.

” Now,  hold your sword at the blade, and take it apart.” The second Midnight took her sword apart she had a sword in one hand, and a bow in the other. She then joined them together and had the same bow in her hand that her mother did. She then watched as a quiver of arrows strap on her back, and the same sword strap to the other side.

” Give it a go.”  Midnight took ahold and aimed at the next dragon. She barely missed but made the dragon flame into ashes as well.

” Nice.” Midnight said stunned.

” It’s not just you, everyone can do it.” Soon all the soldiers and elements were shooting arrows at the dragons, watching them while they flash into piles of ashes. Once all the dragons were down, the armies went back to fighting everyone else like how things were before. Just when things were going to get worse, Midnight asked if Crystal would join.

” Me?” Crystal had said.

” Yup. You.” Midnight assured.

” You’ve never used your powers before, and I believe that this is the time.” Crystal agreed and stepped out onto the battlefield. Midnight watched carefully, as a demon came forward ready to pound. Crystal held her spear in her hands and waited. The demon struck first and tried to hit Crystal hard. Crystal moved fast and jumped. She threw the spear at the demon which froze him, as soon as it hit him. Crystal grabbed her spear and struck the next. Demons and ice were flying everywhere.

” You go, Crystal!” Midnight cheered. Starlightieya gazed upon Midnight and smirked. Crash was hovering beside her, watching the war silently.

” Crash,” Starlightieya said.

” Yes?” Crash answered.

”   It’s time to take this fight to you. I want you to destroy Midnight. Destroy Midnight, we win and will be the rulers of the world!” Starlightieya cackled.  Crash smiled and flew forwards to the army. Everyone stared as she floated over to the other side.

” Midnight! Now it is your turn to battle, with me!” Crash boomed in a loud and frightning voice.

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