The day before Twilight but after Midnight Chapter 16: The day of the Fight.

Midnight and the three others each put on their gear. They chose their weapons, a bow, sword, spear et. cetera. Midnight sat on a small bin, she held her locket in her hands and sighed. She was wearing all her gear but her helmet. She was wearing a leather thick armour which looked like a dress, leather pants, and knee-high lace leather boots. Her helmet was a bronze-red colour with two spiky like horns and a curve V  at the top. Crystal came in her hair in a braid.

” I thought you might want this.” She said. Midnight turned around and smiled as she saw her mother’s sword. Created from the purest volcano and crafted by the rarest crater ever. It had a silver top, with designs swirling around. In the middle was a kine. a blue glowing line which stood out and shown with the other swords.  Crystal handed it to Midnight who ran her fingers on the cold metal.

” Thanks.” Midnight said quietly. She put the sword to lean in the corner and sighed.  Crystal looked at Midnight and put her hand on Midnight’s shoulder.

” Look, I know how you feel about Twilight heading to the other side, but she can’t help it.  She was taken under control.” Midnight sighed.

” I know, but, it’s that I’ve never fought in a war before, and in every battle I’ve been in, Twilight was there with me.”  Crystal nodded.

” You know, you’re not alone.” Midnight looked at her puzzled. Crystal chuckled.

” You know, I once had a friend. We were the best of the best, always competing, pushing ourselves to be the best.  Until she cheated. She went to the dark side, and I lost contact with her.”

” Really? What happened?”

” When we found her we realized that she had turned over to the real Valet.” Midnight gasped.

” Till then, I’ve never seen her again.” Crystal sighed, then looked at a terrified Midnight.

” But don’t worry, you and I both know that Twilight is an extremely precatious person. She will not let danger go to the tip of her head. ” Crystal reasured. Midnight though knew that Crystal was not assured, but was trying to make her feel better.  Midnight smiled and rose up.

” You’re right, let’s go win a war!” She said triumphantly, putting her helmet on, and strapping her sword on her back. Crystal nodded and did the same.  The two hurried to the armies, who each were strapping swords, bows, helmets, boots, and armour.  The generals of Fire, Water, Earth, and Sunrise, Sunset, and Crystal all stood up and faced Midnight. The rest of the armies hurried and did the same. Midnight looked anxious for a second, then nodded. She breathed deeply, then said,

” My Friends and elements, today will be a day, for freedom. We should give our best no matter what and must win this war!”  The group cheered and all snapped. Flashes of light and dust whipped around in the air until the armies including Sunrise and Sunset were at the battlefield.  Midnight held Crystal’s hand and they both disappeared to the battlefield. There, mirroring each other were the two armies ready for battle.  Everyone got into position and held steady. Starlightieya shouted

” Now!”  Thousands of flying snakes were thrown in the air and fell at hurling speed.

” Hold,” Midnight said, ” hold, now!”  Just as the snakes hit solid earth, thousands of millions of arrows with flaming fire were launched at the snakes. The snakes eventually died out but more and more were hurled.

” Earth, rock formation!” Midnight screamed. General Earth shouted,

” All right folks, give me your best yet!” The Elements ran ahead and pounded their fist on the ground, creating plates and plates of rock and vines to sink the snakes into the earth.

” Charge!” Starligfhtieya screamed. Her army charged forward weapons in their hands, thirsty for revenge.  Midnight looked at the army upon hers, ever so frightened. Then she realized that if she was a coward, she would lose, but if she was a warrior, she would win.

” Release your familiars!” She hollered. The Fire general nodded at Midnight, then at her troops. The fire army put away their weapons and started playing the flutes, all of which were different than the other. As the songs ended, thousands of mighty, ferocious eagles flew through the air and dropped heavy – lifting boulders onto Starlightieya’s army.

” They’ve seen enough play time, now let’s give them a real battle. Arrows of poison, now!!!” Starlightieya commanded. Every soldier stopped and shot hundreds of arrows each with a pointed poisoned tip. Eagles hurled to the ground each getting hit one by another.

” Now, mystic waters protect!” Midnight yelled. The water army nodded and pulled out their swords, they aimed at an eagle and put force into it as a gyser of mystic water hit an eagle,  creating a shield bubble.  The eagles who remained with shields dived and picked up the poisoned arrows, throwing them back at the army.  Starlightieya flew with rage.

” Charge!!”  Her army picked up the pace and started reaching the army.

” Hold, hold, now!” Midnight said, timing her army once again. As soon as they heard now, the fire army charged millions of fire arrows into the air, with the water army going forward and battling the ones who still survived. Midnight watched as soldiers struck and battled, conquering and losing, dying and winning.

” Sunrise, Sunset, hold the backup.” Midnight said. Sunrise and Sunset nodded and ran to the front of the army. They took their Staff like sticks and put their power into it. The fallen elements’ souls were transferred to the staffs, allowing them to use their power. Sunrise used mystic water, while Sunset used fire. They clashed and thrashed protecting the Fire army and the Water army.

” General! Divide!!” Midnight shouted. The two earth generals nodded, divided their group eight times, then had their best eight out. They hit the earth with their fists pounding the rock, creating small tectonic plated fences.

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