The day Before Twilight but After Midnight: Chapter 15: The War of the Elements, begins.

Crash raised her hand and flicked it with a twist in the wrist. She watched as a digital screen appeared in front of her. she moved parts of bodies around, as she was creating something new. When she finished, she turned around and watched amusingly as the first figure was brought fresh from the machine in the corner. The figure had raggedy old torn wings and an old tattered dress. Her hair was tangled and frizzy, and her face was dark and rough. Crash smiled and helped her off the belt. She took her spear hand shocked the figure into a trance and waited. And waited and waited and waited. Alast the waiting was over, and the figure stood up still. She turned towards Crash and grinned. She held her hands up to her side, and let a steady stream of purple and black light and dust swarm her. She changed in the light, from a tattered dress to an extended new robe, from tangled frizzy hair, to clean neat gold hair with streaks of purple and black, from a sore face to an even worse, evil face. In addition, to those were a dark crown with the mark of the demons, and a new pair of beautiful wings.

” Are you ready?” Crash said The figure nodded and put her hands in front of the machine. She watched concentrated, as the power from her hands struck and made the machine break. Crash watched, eyes wide. Then, turned her view to the belt, which was producing thousands of demons all tattered. Then being shocked into a trance, and awaking turning into the army for Starlightieya. Crash nodded and snapped her fingers. She vanished and returned instead into Starlightieya’s private lab. The lab wasn’t much of a lab, it was actually more like a 3-year-olds room with an old chemistry set squashed in on a dusty old table in the corner. Starlightieya made it, a room with bunk beds, both with pink sparkly soft covers and pillows, pink soft rugs, a pink desk with pink pencils, pens, markers, rulers, and paper, along with a fuzzy pink rolling chair. Crash always grumbled at the sight of so much PINK. She often asked Starlightieya why she chose this as the design to look more like a 3 – year – old’s room.

” The colours just help me think more and make me feel at home. ” Starlightieya would respond just twirling around in the chair. But this time she wasn’t twirling, nor in the chair. She was sitting at the Chemistry table mixing potions together into a cauldron.

” Any help you would need?” Crash said mysteriously. Starlightieya, still turned replied,

” All the better to make things quicker.” She handed Crash a pair of safety goggles and a lab coat. She put them on and stepped towards the table.  Starlightieya pushed her cauldron aside and put a new one from below.

” A hint of dragon saliva, a feather of crow. A scale of lizard, a pinch of sea salt. And the last ingredient, the demonstar whose power is yet to be hers.” Starlightieya said rhythmically.

” The last ingredient is a forbidden root from the dark forest picked many blue moons ago.” She said while showing Crash a small corked bottle with little blue dust with a with salt dust. She opened the bottle and sprinkled it all in. Then she took the Demonsatar and threw that in as well. The potion became an unusual reddish colour.  She mixed well and brought the stirrer to her lips. She sipped once, twice, thrice, then dropped the ladel. She fell to the floor and gasped, heart pounding, ringing in her ears. She gasped and moaned, battling the potion inside of her. Then, she stopped, her body went rigid then stiff.  Crash watched silently then in awe as Starlightieya rose and absorbed dust and lights of power. She hovered then stepped down.

” Is the army ready?”

” Yes, it is.”

” Good, tell Madame – X 69712 – 5 to round the dragons. And General 9250 – Q to aid the netherworld souls for their best army.”  crash nodded and snapped, disappearing in a flash of smoke.  Starlightieya smile.

” Watch out Goddesses, because the War of Elements, has just begun. “

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