The Day Before Twilight but After Midnight: Chapter 14, A new start, A new army, A new you

Midnight looked uncertain, she said,

” Um, you know that we need to build an army, right? “

Sunset smiled and said,

” We already have one remember?” Midnight looked puzzled.

” She’s never done a release a command before.” Crystal whispered.

” That’s all right, I’ll just explain it to her so she knows what to do,” Sunrise whispered back.

” The release and command is a very old spell, where any old soul in you are removed, to be free. The one who holds souls will be released from the locked powers, and you will have the advantage to become your true form. ”  Sunrise explained. Midnight thought of this very carefully and at last, said,

” Okay, if it’s the only way to save my sister. ” The others smiled and nodded at each other. Crystal stepped forward and put her hand in front of Midnight. She closed her eyes and concentrated carefully. She muttered a few words under her breath, as a glow of light surrounded Midnight, and small balls of fire, water, earth, sky and light erupted from her. When the glow dimmed, the balls of spirits, showed shadows then colours, then the bodies and powers of the spirits. They all gasped and smiled, chuckled and grinned, and laughed, and commented, all happy to become the Fire, Water, Earth, Sky, and Light Gods and Goddesses they once were. One soul stepped towards Midnight, and bowed, with the rest following.

” Congratulations Midnight, you have made your army. Now, take your locket, and hold it close to your heart.” Midnight did as she was told, and gasped as a light of midnight colours and stars swirled around her. She watched in awe as Her robe became renewed, and a white pearled cloak joined her robe on the sides, her hair growing longer and came at the front with two ribbons put together and hanging behind her. Her Small crown which had Dusk’s symbol changed into a larger crown with her symbol, a full moon and stars twinkling and shimmering ever so brightly representing her, Midnight, Goddess of the moon and stars. Midnight opened her eyes to the light and gasped. The others smiled and murmured at how extraordinary she looked. Midnight laughed and said,

” Wow, I mean, just, just, Midnight laughed,” wow!’

” I know, it is amazing is it not.” Crystal said grinning.

” But Midnight you must remember when there is a great power, there is also great jealousy. You must not, whatever you do, extend your power to it’s truest potential.” Sunset said darkly.

” But, I thought this is my – ” Midnight started

” Oh, Sunrise is only kidding, you have nothing to worry about.” Sunrise laughed sheepishly.

Sunset looked at her sister stubbornly. ” Why must you always look for the false truth when there is no hiding back on the real one.” She argued.  The same spirit which bowed to Midnight stepped towards the girls and rasped,

” Listen to your sister Sunrise, she speaks the truth. We have seen inside Midnight’s future, and have learned great consequences have to come during the great war. ”  The girls, forgetting the spirits were there, gasped, murmured and worried about this, each showing Midnight a great deal of ” not – letting – the – person – who – was – the – topic- in – on – this.” She rolled her eyes and whistled loudly. the other’s bickering and worrying settled down, but not completely, as she could still hear small clips of conversations being whispered. ” You do know that we have a war to battle in and won’t win if you all keep talking.” Everyone was startled, and Midnight realized that she had been yelling quite loudly. Midnight blushed and apologized nervously.

” Uh, Sunset, do you know how I can change back ?” Midnight asked. Sunset nodded at the others and replied,

” Do you really want to turn your back on something as extraordinary as this power?”

Midnight looked puzzled, and everyone chuckled. They each held their hands to their lockets and chanted the same ancient spell. Midnight gasped as each spun around in firey, watery, earthly, and sun and crystal light and dust, as they each changed into a cleaner robe, extended, with a changed locket, and with more flowing hair and a crown with their own symbols of fire, earth, water, suns, crystals and more. Midnight laughed and said,

” No, I don’t want to throw this power, not if you all are standing with me, to the very end. Everyone smiled and cheered at the stunning remarkable words from Midnight.

” Then what are we waiting for?” Crystal said warmly. Midnight smiled and replied.” Yeah, let’s go win a war!”

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