The Day Before Twilight but after Midnight Chapter 13: A new friend all over again

Valet quickly lead the girls over to a small room two halls over, into a secret passageway leading down below the castles widths, and into a small bight lighted workshop with a small bed of ragged and thin mattresses and pillows, a small table with a rusted chair, and  a small chalkboard scribbled with drawings and blueprints all crammed together into the tiny room.  The girls all murmured quietly and looking around quickly, while Crystal was the first to speak.

” Nice meeting you again, old friend. ” The girls all swivelled around to look at Crystal, who was smiling faintly, with a very unusual gleam in her eye.

” You know Valet?” Obsidian asked suspiciously.

” This isn’t Valet,” Crystal smiled.” , This is only a disguise.” Everyone gasped as a swirl of sunset coloured light swirled around Valet and she transformed from Valet, Queen of the Demons, to Sunset, mystical advisor of Dawn and Dusk. Sunset smiled gently but then frowned.

” Sun Rise, what are you doing here?” The girls looked around but they saw no other person beyond their vision.

” Are you talking to me?” Obsidian said. Everyone glanced at her and murmured sceptically. Sunset nodded. Obsidian sighed.

” Maybe it’s time you all know the truth,” Obsidian said quietly. Sunset put a hand on her shoulder and said,

” Long ago, about six thousand years ago, I and Sunset were born.” We grew together and were the best at the test until,”

” Until what?”

” Until, the accident.” Obsidian looked sadder than she did that at first.

” Mind if I take it from here?” Sunset said gently. obsidian nodded and sniffled back a droopy tear.

” You see,” Sunset started. ” When Valet died, she was so powerful and full of dark energy, that her powers broke up and started around the cities. This was a big problem, obviously, but not as big as it was when it came to our home. Me and Sun Rise were just playing outside and that’s when 6 bits came up. I had no idea what happened, but 1 piece absorbed into me, while the rest absorbed into Sun Rise. I had rushed inside to tell our parents and came back to see Sun Rise on the floor not feeling well. The night she fell ill, she disappeared into the darkness and became one of the subjects of Valet. I haven’t seen her for a while, until now.” She smiled at Obsidian who said,

” The darkness had taken over me and had made me, Obsidian. I guess, I never realized who I was until I saw you.” Crystal and Midnight were shocked.

” What about you, why were you posing to be Valet?” Midnight asked.

” Dawn and Dusk knew her secret and told her that she should become Valet any time in despair. This should give her an advantage in case of upcoming any enemies.” Crystal responded.

” I think that magic is still inside you sis,” Sunset said, winking.  Obsidian smiled and stepped out. She raised her hands to the sky and muttered words under her breath. Magical, mystical, amazing words.  She closed her eyes and froze as lights and dust of all reds and yellows, and golds, and oranges swarmed around her, changing her black- violet streamed hair, into a golden,  orange specked palate, her robe of Monkshood purple, to a blissful gold. Her pendant stayed the same as the darkness, but a new object landed on her head. A gleamingly polished crown, with the moon setting, and the sun rising, showing Sun Rise, sister of Sunset, and advisor of both Dawn and Dusk.  Sun Rise opened her eyes and said,

” Let’s go save Twilight!”

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