The Day before Twilight but After Midnight Chapter 12 : A Break in the Heart

As Starlightieya disappeared, leaving a cloud of dark smoke, all the girls face started to fall on all hopes. Until an amazing thing happened.  Valet quickly closed all doors, windows and patches, and rushed towards them.

” We have to go save your sister! Now!” She cried frantically. The girls, all shocked, raced out of the room. Midnight instead turned and did as she was told with Dawn and Dusk’s souls. She closed her eyes and showed her locket in the palm of her hand to them.  The two souls emerged into pure golden and royal sapphire glow of light descended into the locket, shimmering into one. When the light faded, Midnight hung her locket back on her neck and turned. before she walked out, she looked at the bodies of Dawn and Dusk,. She watched before her eyes as they descended into nothing but moon dust and sunrays, fading away into the sky. Midnight turned again, heading to the door, and had a new look in her eye. A look of determination, and bravery, for she had a new priority in mind: saving Twilight.

Twilight saw a picture of not only Dawn and Dusk on the coins but also of Midnight. She knew that these coins along with Dawn and Dusk were centuries old, and, Midnight on this coin, only told her everything that she needed to know. All the answers to who Midnight actually was! Twilight gasped and dropped the coin.

” Hello, hello, girly!” Twilight turned around and saw Starlightieya hovering in the air with an apple in hand.

” What do you want! You already took everything from me! My friends, sister, Dawn and Dusk! You have it all! So leave me be!!!” Twilight Bellowed. She whimpered and sobbed a few tears.

” I don’t really regret taking all your friends, but I want you to help me with a little task. ” Starlightieya replied gleefully.  Twilight looked up, wiped a tear away, and replied

” Oh yeah, what’s that?”  Starlightieya smiled and said,

” Oh, I can’t tell you yet, but you need to help me first by taking a bite out of this apple.” Twilight was a bit frightened about eating this apple, so she asked what good would it do if she ate it. Starlightieya had a glint of annoyance in her eye but said,

” I don’t have your friends, but my mother does! She is using them to help her in the war of the Demonstar.” Starlightieya only said this to get Twilight to take a bite, and eventually Twilight did. The minute the apple went down her throat, she began swelling with dark energy all around her. Her robe turned from a lovely magenta to a horrid violet. Her hair had streaks of purple, and her crown changed from being a moon to the mark of the demons.  In her hand was a spear of light consumed by darkness. As she floated to the ground, her eyes opened, into a lulling hypnotic stare which could seem normal to anyone the first time they meet.

” Hello again old friend,” Starlightieya said gleefully, “I’ve been awaiting you, Crash.” Crash opened her eyes and gave a grin of mischievousness.

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