The Day Before Twilight but After Midnight Chapter 11: The Demonstar Begins

Midnight, horrified about hearing this, was very upset. She tried to mover her legs and arms but he felt rock solid as if she stepped into a freezer full of ice as cold as icebergs!

” Hahaha, aa hahaha ha!” Starlightieya cackled loudly. She strutted slowly to the girls, bent down, put her hands to her knees, and said,

” This body bind spell will not only keep you bound forever but also binds all your magic and gives all the power to me!! So, now would be a great time to try the newest spells from this wonderful new locket!” She stood up and dropped down a dangling chain from her finger so it hung on, and revealed the locket at all sides showing the locket that Midnight wore around her neck. She looked down and gasped as she saw that her locket was no longer there. Her eyes fell and filled with small bubbles of tears. They gently streamed down her red face and plopped on her tattered and torn robe.

“Hey, it’s going to be all right, I promise.” Crystal said, giving her a very reassuring squeeze on the arm. Though Crystal was trying to reassure, she still had a small hint of disappointment in her tone.  midnight looked up to her and gave a weak smile which disappeared into a frown.

” Crystal, look!” She whispered. Crystal turned around, gasped, and nudged Obsidian, who not only was in fear but also in extreme tense. They all were staring at figures, both in robes, and each was wearing a crown of the sun or the moon. Their hands were chained in a chaining spell and looked very tired.

” Dawn! Dusk!” Midnight screamed. The figures looked at them, gave a wry smile, and walked on. Starlightieya gave a grin and said,

” Your precious friends will no longer be able to be magical again, and you are about to witness why!!” The 3 girls all stared at each other horrified and dared not to watch. Starlightieya brought a stand into view, and took the case off of a baby star, trying to fight off the small spell put on. She closed her eyes and put one hand in front of Dawn, and the other in front of Dusk. The girls sat staring until they saw that she was draining the magic from them. When she was done, the two figures slumped down looking more tired than usual. Starlightieya then put her palms on the star and injected all the power into the little star, who was struggling to fight the magic. The star began glowing a deep shade of red and grew until it was the size of a basketball. It had spikes and was very angry due to the amount of energy that it was producing. Starlightieya smiled and brought the dark star to her glowing eyes. She cackled and threw the sky into an upsidedown pot and dipped it in. She brought it out and transformed it into an apple. She also transformed herself into looking like Dawn. She smiled wickedly and said,

“Now I shall use you little friend into using the demonstar herself and to join the war.” Everyone gasped. They all had one person in mind. Twilight. Starlightieya disappeared, cackling, and vanished by the sound.

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