The day Before Twilight but After Midnight: Chapter 10: A Shocking Turn

Twilight looked up startled and had a massive breakdown for 10 minutes. She regained her strength and looked around her. She found 20 notebooks, 10 pencils, 5 desks, and at least 100 potions. She found an extremely cluttered and hollowed out desk which looked over a century old. On the desk were quite interesting items: a notebook tattered and worn out with everlasting notes, old potion jars collapsed, pencils frayed to the led, and an old cookbook with a small lock pinned down every so roughly as if one was in a hurry.  She unlocked it and flipped through the pages until something so peculiar caught her eye. She pulled the page, and out popped a small key. One side an ordinary lock, the other an engraving of a small locket just like hers and Midnights. She pulled out her locket and rolled it in her hand until she felt a miniature patch of an opening. she pressed her fingers down on the patch and saw a keyhole appear in front of her. Not knowing, she placed the key in and watched in awe as the keyhole fade, and a scroll with a pouch appear.  She gently removed the pouch and scroll from the designation and eyed at the flickering light making the items enlargen. At normal size, felt the pouch heavier and noisier than currency, and the scroll somewhat greasier ad thinner than most scrolls. She carefully unwound the ruby red thread from the scroll and opened it up to a full screening. Very startling it was, seeing the scroll was empty, Twilight decided to open the pouch. She set aside the scroll and unclasped the clasp from the pouch. Inside was a very confusing sight, of an ink bottle, several mini quills, and a handful of currency dedicated to her land. She threw the pouch at the scroll, and grunted in anger, knowing that this could never help her retrieve her sister and friends. She slumped down in an old hollow chair, and wailed,

” How can I save them!?”  She put her face in her hands and cried loudly. She sobbed for a while, and took her head out of her hands, and stared wet-eyed at the scroll. She was about to turn back if a puddle of white ink hadn’t caught her eye. She stood up from her chair and dragged herself to the puddle. She watched bewildered as the puddle became smaller, smaller, smaller while writing and pictures became lager, larger, and larger. She picked up the scroll and squinted at it as she tried to read the scribbled writing. She made out some words,

” beware, danger, goddess, Dusk ” but made nothing out of them. She slumped back in the chair and watched as a few tears trickled down her cheek and blotted on the scroll. The tears must’ve been the last ingredient to the recipe, for the scroll began to shine clearly for Twilight to realize that she was looking at a map. A map with no pictures in fact! She decided to scrawl a few pictures just to help with the charting. She took the pouch in her hand and found the cluttered desk; scraping all items clean from the surface. She took a quill, dipped it in ink, and drew the resembled pictures of a house, old oak lavender tree, Forest Magic and the Hourglass from the Hourglass room. She held the scroll up to the dim light and held up a coin to each picture. She gasped as she saw something unusually intimidating.
The figure and Twilight’s friends all landed in a very dark forest but were led to a very lighted house. There, the figure knocked on the door twice, and said,

 ” Kala, Pandra, Khare Ji, Aat !” The creaky door opened and rattled with dust as the friends stepped inside the shack-like home, and sat in 3 unexpected chairs pulled up. The figure went into a closet room and flickered a dull bulb while pulling down a barely see-through curtain. The figure looked odd behind the curtain, and could barely be seen of her actions. The figure later came out looking different than normal. Somehow she must’ve changed in that closet so quickly. Instead of wearing a bright peach dress, she was wearing a dark indigo dress with a very unusual set of wings perched on her back.  She wore a very sturdy bun with a crown piece tucked in, so the only part showing was the symbol it bore. The symbol, as I said before, was the mark of the Demons. However, Obsidian and Rocky had a crown like this though different, the woman was nowhere similar to who Rocky and Obsidian were.  Obsidian Gasped as she looked at the figure up in tense.

” Yes, it is I, Valet, Queen and Goddess of the Demons!!!!” Cackled the woman.

” The Queen of Demons is Starlight???!!” Midnight quivered.

” No,” said Starlight coming from behind Valet, saying something much more shocking, ” The Queen of Demons is my mother,  and  I am Princess Starlightieya, the daughter of queen Valet!!” She cackled the same horrible laugh as her mother and grinned smugly.

” Oh no! This is bad bad bad!!” Obsidian Whispered frantically.

” Why?” Midnight whispered back. Obsidian Gulped and replied quivering

” Every thousand years the queen gives birth to a child on  Demonstar and they always die after the star emerges which is good until now! It has been said that  a thousand years later – which is now- The queen will give birth to a child  days before Demon star, take place of the queen’s throne in the next hour, and become …. queen… and.. and….”

” and what?” Midnight asked softly.

” And will live to the Demonstar’s arrival, and will … “

” Yess??…”

” And will let the Demonstar rise from its slumber to cause chaos and destruction to all of our homes,  and will… ” She paused and squeaked in a quiet tone ” and will empower Starlight, to destroy the Gods and Goddesses of the world, ridding Dawn, Dusk and all of the others from this world into the chamber of  the Demostar itself!”

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