The Day Before Twilight but After Midnight : After time

The war was finished and Night Star decided to stay as one, becoming the new Queen of the Gods and Goddesses. She also put an everlasting peace between the two regions of her land and the demons’, and each vowed to never be at war.

Midnight was born again, and she and Twilight ruled the night together and made Sunrise and Sunset the rulers of the day. The dragons of the netherworld were re-formed from their ashes and were put into banishment back into their own worlds.  As for Starlightieya, the Demon Generals only found some of her ashes and locked them back into the deepest netherworld trench.

The Elements went back into their original lives and remade their colonies as well as the demons. The demonstar was nurtured back into its regular self and had the magic disposed of away, that was absorbed in it. And as for Crystal, well, she found an ice element like herself named Aspen, and over the years, the two married, having two healthy daughters and created their long-destroyed ice colony. Everything went back the way it was, perfect and enjoyable, and there wasn’t a single complaint about it.

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