The day before Thanksgiving break, draft and published piece

The day before Thanksgiving break ideas for draft. 

  1. Awards
  2. Booklets
  3. Thanksgiving play
  4. True Blue lunch 

Draft: The day before thanksgiving break had many fun activities to talk about. Awards came first in the day. finding out who was top dog was fun. The next activity was making thanksgiving booklets. The purpose was to, write down what we are thankful for. This activity expressed our emotions about thankfulness. After that we had a mini thanksgiving play which, was about the history of thanksgiving. I played one important character whose name I forgot. After that,  we had true blue lunch. This is where you get to have an outdoor lunch, only if you don’t get a minor during that six weeks. that day was fun. I hope that the rest of 4th grade will be as exciting as that day.

 * The published piece is the one which you should read. The draft is just an example to you on how I started this!*

 Published piece: Many splendid activities happened before Thanksgiving break started. The very first thing that happened was, making Thanksgiving booklets. The purpose to make these were for, us to write down what we were thankful for. We stopped right before the parents came in for our Awards ceremony. Certificate after certificate, the ceremony was over. Before lunch came, my teacher suggested that we make a class play about Thanksgiving. 4 kids were speakers, 5-6 were important characters including myself, and the rest of the girls were pilgrims while the boys were Native Americans. Just after we practiced a second time, it was time for lunch. At the end of every six weeks, we have true blue recess. This is where we eat lunch outside and have  extra recess time. I had ordered a lunch from the cafeteria, and my trash went flying as I ate. Who knew such a small breeze could do that?! After I was finished, I played with my best friend, Advaita. We played the game, Don’t touch the ground,” until recess was over. We headed back to class where we continued practicing the play, until the bell rang to go home.b That day was very exciting and I hope that the rest of he school year is the same. Maybe next year, the same will happen except, it will be different. 

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