The bird who lives with us

 We had a family  of birds who have lived just outside our house. They weren’t living in a tree, they were living on a small dry portion on our house. We didn’t know why or what was happening at first then we realized something exciting.

When we found twigs and sticks on our doorstep, we checked to see why they were there. Sure enough there was a bird sitting on top of our window railing over our door siting there quite still. We decided to leave her alone for her business. I was REALLY excited that a bird chose our hose for a place to live. Birds actually build nests when they are about to have babies. Since this built a house, I knew she was a female. She stayed there for weeks and we didn’t know if she was eating or not. Soon enough I found out that there was a different bird that was sitting at the nest. I wondered if this bird was the male and the other was a female. Soon enough the female had laid eggs. Weeks went by and finally they had hatched. I would say they were at least 2cm tall. The babies were so cute. Did I mention that there were 2 adorable little babies huddled together in that nest? One day, there was something so amazing to see that we took a video of it. Here is the video down below. The video is about the female feeding her babies. This was caught up close.


 Many weeks after that, the two parents flew of because the two were able to take care of themselves now. Even though the parents left our house, the two babies still stayed there. My mom got a small styrofoam bowl and filled it with bird seed for the two to eat. One day in the morning, I found one bird looking down at the other bird who was standing on our doorstep. This is because, the one on our doorstep was actually going to eat the food that we left them while, the other was watching out for him in case of danger comes near. The 2 birds lived with us for a few days then left to venture the world. I guess they were done living with us and grew up. 

That is the story of the family of birds. I hope you enjoyed it! Down below, there are two photos of the baby birds who were grown up. Sorry, they may be a little blurry. 😅

Photo of birds
Photo of birds


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