Thanksgiving food and things

The Thanksgiving food you need for the Thanksgiving feast are, turkey, cranberry sauce, green  bean casarole, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. People go Thanksgiving shopping and in stores there are lots of people shopping for Thanksgiving meals and items for it. Stores like Walmart and others like it have lots of people that are looking for Thanksgiving items. Thanksgiving items are like pumpkins, plates, food, and pans. Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday in November this year so if you go shopping on Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday then you have enough time for shopping and your ready for Thanksgiving when it comes. Thanksgiving is about thhanks and you give thanks about the things you have and for who taught you someone like a teacher. Thanksgiving is sopposed to be celebrated when it is dinner time so thats why you have all the delicious food that you buy. If Thanksgiving was sopposed to be a breakfast thing then you would buy breakfast things. If it was lunch then you would buy yummy thing that you eat for lunch. 

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