Taylor Swift concert

Luxury Ring of Honor Suite                                                                   Saturday, October  Sixth, 2018

Today is the day we go to the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Concert. The show starts at 7 pm  
and we are heading to the special suite that 7 elven owns personally and we have just been handed special white bracelets with tags on them. Interesting. In the suite, there were several multi chocolate dipped strawberries, mini pastries and giant crunchy chocolate chip cookies. And for dinner, we had chopped up shredded chicken with beans! And many tasty sides of sour cream, tomatoes, limes,  geese, corn and so much more! So two singers just passed by, singing many of their hit songs and now we are waiting for Taylor. During the wait we were to take the tags off of our bands for a “ full experience” I was just curious. A while later, BAM!! The big screen and little ones were glowing and everything went dark. Then there was a Funky mysterious sort of Music and there was a sort of rising point when there was a long dress with chains being shown on the screens. Weird right?! And then the music came on for Taylor’s very first song, Ready for it? All the lights came on and there she was, with a black sparkly hood to a lithe leg outfit that was black and dark and shimmering. Her male backup dancers were wearing a Chinese warrior sort of armor. The songs slowly went by. My favorites were Look WHAT YOU MADE ME DO AND SHAKE IT OFF. THOSE WERE REALLY GOOD. WHY?  WEll, they both had this giant snake that came out and was moving. It was so Tall, I thought it was going to burst out of the stadium. I’m exaggerating.😅 But still, it was so cool! In Look what you made me do, there was a giant rocking thing that was moving so quickly, and everyone was dancing and singing and jumping on it. Wow! I cannot believe I almost missed this!

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