I am thankful for family,friends,food,soil,and nature. If I never had family or friends then I never would have had anybody to look after me or stand up for me. I am thankful for food because 1 I would probabaly be starving to death everyday and 2 I woul be too weak to survive and never be strong. I am thankful for soil and nature because without soil we wouldn’t have any vegetables or fruits and we wouldn’t have any paper,money,rubber,leather,meat,milk,cream, and butter. All of these are important to me more than anything so that is why I am thankful for these things. 


Have you ever tried Rutherglen? Well if you haven’t then I could tell you about it. Like all Vineyards during vintage, wineries around Rutherglen are busy all hours now as summer fruit hanging heavy on the vines demands to be harvested. But soon autumn will creep across this picturesque corner of northern Victoria, dressing its vines in shades of yellow, orange and red that stand out against the monotone greens of the surrounding lanndscape. Hands still stained maroon by juice from the grapes, folks at the coal face will savour the gentle changing of the seasons and make time to chat with visitors to their cellar doors. Now you know about Rutherglen if you didn’t know about Rutherglen. These are only a few facts about Rutherglen so if you want to learn more about it you could look it up in the news. 

Salmon berries and siracha

Today I read a peice of news. In the news It was talking about salmonberries aand siracha. In the news it said, In the words of my good friend Rocky Boloa, one bite at at a time, one plate at a time and one meal at a time. Or, to quote my style icon and ear inspection, your gonna leat lightning and crap thunder. What does that even mean? Or, as a wise man Apallo Creed once said. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker. I don’t even know what these words even mean! I wonder if these pople want to tell adults a diffrent way of saying what they are trying to say, but didn’t realize that kids could also read newspapers, and some don’t understand what they mean. 

Todays day

Today I got dressed and we got in our car. Then we drove to a resterant and ate chicken and other delicious foods. Then when we were done we ate sweets that they served. They only served indian sweets. Then my dad got me some ice cream and I took a Jolly Rancher, the flavor was cherry. Then we drove to a store and my mom went in the Indian stre to buy the things we needed. Me and my dad had to wait in the car for a long time untill he called my mom and asked her what is taking her so long. Then we went home after our long day. I was in the car playing wiyh my toys and my parents were driving home. 


Have you ever written something on Blogger? Well l tell you about it. You use blog for practicing spelling. I use blog to practice my spelling and you can do it to. Blog is a updated website or web page. On blog you just need to pick a topic on what you are going to write about. Then you start typing on what you are going to write about. When you are done you have to make sure you check for spelling, puncuation, capitals, and does it sound the way you want it to say. later when you did all that then you publish or save, if you want to publish a little longer or if you wait for your mom and dad to help you do it because you can do it both ways. This is how you can blog.You have to go to the app store to get this app if you want.

My telephone headset

I have a telephone headset. It is blue and you can answer a call or pause something on it. This thing is going to be useful when I need to hear something when people are talking. This phone looks like the phone they used long back but instead they have a dial, mine does not have a dial because it is a headset and you use headsets when you need to haer something.When there is something that is to loud and you need to hear something or someone. For example, My mom was talking on the phone. She was cooking and talking. She would need headsets to listen to the phone when someone is talking on it. 


I do a raffle when I’m done with my homework because I ask what to do next. The idea of the raffle is to close your eyes put your hand in a bag and pull out a chit that tells you what to do. I like this idea because I get to do whatever I have to do on the chit and I don’t have to do what my parents tell me to. I think this is a good idea because you get to do what the chit says and if you parents let you put whatever you want on the chit then it is fun but if your parents put what they want you to do next then that’s a diffrent story. Raffles are used in games when you go to a parade and you see fun activities that you can do then there are raffles that you can earn prizes by. Other games do it by a diffrent way and some raffles are the same and others are diffrent. I love raffles and they are fun games that you can play. 


My teddy bear valentine is a valentine bear bacuse I think that my mom got her on my first valenines. Valentine has hearts on her tummy and special words in the hearts. Valentine is a smiling bear. I think that she was the perfect valentine gift for me and I feel happy that she was the perfect valentine gift for me. When I was a baby I think that I felt happy and that was my favorite teddy bear ever since. I always felt happy when I had her around. I always took her with me and never left her all alone.   

My bucket

Everyone has a bucket. When people say mean things to you, your water in your bucket spills and when it is almost empty you feel angry. If you help someone, your bucket will fill up and you will get some more water in it. You should always have a full bucket so you can have happy times instead of grumpy and angry times. You never know when your bucket will fill up and spill some water. Every one has a bucket and it is true that you have a bucket even if you do not believe it. If you want some proof, please read the book called ‘How full is your bucket?‘.


Swans are birds. Swans are called Barron and Queen. When swans want to clean there body they use their beak and a beak is like a mouth but it is pointing at you. The swan uses his head and it goes in his body and that is how they clean their feathers. When swans clean their feathers the feathers land on the ground or in the water. Swans are white and have black on the side of their beak and in the middle before the beak. Swans like to eat spinach and like some other things I can’t remember of.