I got a new American girl doll last Sautarday. Her name is Kashi. She looks like me but has textured hair, and it’s brown not black. Now I have another doll to play with my other doll, Julie. I got a camping set,accecories, and boots with my doll,at target because I thought that my dolls might need other things than just a bed and wardrobe. I really am enjoying to play with 2 dolls,and I really want to work hard to get my third doll really quickly just like how I got my 2nd doll, Kashi. I am really happy to get Kashi. 

American girl doll

I have a American girl doll. Her name is Julie. I went in the American doll shop once. In the shop there were American girl dolls and accessories. I saw a lot of dolls that looked like Julie. This shop is different because it has a salon and a cafe in one and has lots of dolls. This is also diffrent because nothing is fragil and you don’t have to throw them away. I want a lot of American girl dolls and I want all of Julie’s things. My doll has a Himalayan Kitten and I don’t have a name for it. American girl dolls are dolls perfect for girls and I hope you enjoy them to.  

How I gave a toy to kids

My class is giving toys to kids because some of them might not get toys on Christmas. My dad thought it was a great idea to do that. I didn’t have a present to give yet. My grandma and grandpa gave me 3 3d puzzles and I thought I could give one of my puzzles to the kids. I really didn’t want to give up my present but I had to and that was the right thing to do. Everyone in my class brought in a gift and we had lots of time to get our gift and it was due November 17. I gave the 3d puzzle to my teacher and asked her where I could keep it. I wanted to take it back but I couldn’t get it because I was giving it to a girl who dosen’t have a 3d puzzle. I think it is a good idea to give gifts to kids. 

How to paint a shopkins

 I painted two shopkins. I am going to teach you how I did it and how your going to do it. First you need a shopkin that is a double. Next use some paint and paint it on your shopkin. When your done putting paint all over be very careful when you paint the eyes. Later set it to dry and make sure everything is dry untill you do anything else. Lastly use any matt varnish or clear nail polish to seal the paint in. First I got two shopkins and painted them because they were doubles. Their names were Suzie sunday and Hattie hat. I painted Hattie hat red because red is a darker color than pink. I colored Suzie sunday a lot of colors because she has lots of detail on her. Lastly I used a clear nail polish to make the paint stick on my shopkins so the paint does not come off. The reason why I chose these shopkins is because they were doubles and I already got them before. I really wanted to do a shopkins painting and now I did my own shopkins painting.

If you don’t use it you loose it

Have you ever bought a toy but never used it when you opened it? Well here is proof on what will happen to the thing you don’t use. If you don’t use it you will loose it because the same thing happend to me. I never used my backyard at my old house so I lost it when I moved away. If you have toys that you got and never made it feel left out from your other toys then yoou are doing a good job. If you want to play with that toy after so many years and it is gone you should have kept it with you. You can loose something you don’t use if you had not used it  This blog is telling you about not using the things you have and then how you can loose them after you haven’t used it.


This is my favorite stuffed animal, Ducky. Ducky has a little scarf around her neck you can see that it is a colorful. I’m going to tell you a story and it is about Ducky. When I was little I was shopping with my mom and dad. When my mom annd dad saw a swetter I saw this adorable little penguin and I said:  mumma Ducky dada ducky and then my mom and dad saw ducky. They saw that ducky had a little scarf that matches the sweater and then they bought me ducky and I took her all the time with me. Ducky is a cute little penguin and when I see her little smile and chubby cheeks it makes me remember me chubby cheeks and makes me happy. Ducky had a little dot on her forhead and it is called a teeka.

My season one and season 3 shopkins

These are my new shopkins. The first shopkin is a cupcake that has frosting that comes out of the cupcake. The cupcakes name is flutter cake and you can’t see that she is wearing  lipstick that is a little bit pink in a diffrent shade that is  darker than the cupcake wrapper that is a light pink. 

She has like a butter cream frosting on her head. The next one is a diary that is a book that you keep all your secrets. The color that she is wearing is a metalic pink that is like a shiny pink and if you can see in the picture that she has like a little s on the front of her. Her name is Sally secret and you can see that she has a little lock that is yellow in color that is in a shape of a heart.  You can see on top of her that there is a cookie that has a bite taken out of her. The cookie is a pink color cookie that has yellow chips insted of brown chips. She is wearing blue shoes that has pink on the bottom that has sparkles and the cookie has sparkles on herself too. The very last shopkin is a popsicle and her name is Popsi cool. She is from the frozen section and you can see that she is see through. She is up side down becuase the popsials are supossed to be the stick down and the popsicle up. She also has her little teeth sticking out maybe you can’t see her teeth sticking out. Those are all my new shopkins that I have. Good Bye!        

My little Live pet

I have a toy mouse and she is a little Live pet. A little Live pet can be a toy mouse or owl. I have a mouse and her name is little twinkle. She has a layer of pink coating and has a twinkle pattern on her. Little Live pets have wheels. If it is a mouse it makes mouse sounds. The owls come with a baby and the mommy owl has a button on her and if you press on it for a long time, she will echo the words to the baby owl. The mommy owl can feed the baby owl and sing to it. The baby owl will sing back to the mom. All the little Live pets will come in different colors. They are expensive and thirteen dollers each. 

Crystal furby

There isn’t just one Furby. There are lots of furbys .But there are crystal furbys too. The crystle fubys are furbys but they have crystal ears. The crystal furbys are special becuase you can give it a gem shower. They hatch and raise little furbys witch are called furbilings because they are smaller and cuter. The crystal furbilings even sleep in crystle buildings and go to a crystal bathroom when they have to go do potty. The furbys have everything they want in the furby boom game. 


These are my season three shopkins. They are the only season three shopkins that I have. I have a dumpling  shopkin, sushi, ring , candy apple, oreo and a pie. Then I have a pair of hi heel shopkins, 

wedding cake shopkin, perfume one, camera, a purse and a telephone. Next there is a dress,  a hat that matches it, a rainboot, a hat ,a special slipper that people used to wear, then there is a pair of sisors that I forgot to mention. You also have seen the shopping bagsand baskets.