Ducky is my very favorite stuffed animal. I like to sleep with him every night, and always take care of him. Ducky may look like a baby toy but I think he is cute! He is the best toy ever. When I am down, Ducky is there to cheer me up! Even is he is a stuffed animal he  can still be help. I would tell you to get something like ducky but, since you don’t know what he looks like then you shouldn’t. I love Ducky more than any other stuffed animal. Ducky is a penguin and also a stuffed animal. I know that it is pretty funny to name a penguin Ducky. That is just how Ducky is.Ducky has a matching scarf to a sweater that I had when I was a little girl. That is gone now because I grown out of it. I think that Ducky is cute,helpful and also the best! I wonder if some of you have Ducky because he is the best. Maybe people don’t like penguins or they do so they might love ducky. I love owls but I also love love love, Ducky! Ducky is the best!  Ducky is the best! I love love love Ducky a lot.Some may not like Ducky but I do. 


I have an American girl doll and her name is Julie. Julie comes with a  golden color necklace. The necklace   has her name on it. Julie also comes with a purse, a hat and shoes that you can take off. The american girl dolls can stand up if you adjust their feet (my dad told me how to adjust their feet). You can also move their eyes and close them. You also can feel the eyelashes and the eyelashes feel like real eyelashes but a little bit thicker. Julie comes with a dime but I lost it and good thing that it is a fake dime because you will get in lot of trouble. I got Julie on my 6th birthday. I love Julie alot.