Ducky is my very favorite stuffed animal. I like to sleep with him every night, and always take care of him. Ducky may look like a baby toy but I think he is cute! He is the best toy ever. When I am down, Ducky is there to cheer me up! Even is he is a stuffed animal he  can still be help. I would tell you to get something like ducky but, since you don’t know what he looks like then you shouldn’t. I love Ducky more than any other stuffed animal. Ducky is a penguin and also a stuffed animal. I know that it is pretty funny to name a penguin Ducky. That is just how Ducky is.Ducky has a matching scarf to a sweater that I had when I was a little girl. That is gone now because I grown out of it. I think that Ducky is cute,helpful and also the best! I wonder if some of you have Ducky because he is the best. Maybe people don’t like penguins or they do so they might love ducky. I love owls but I also love love love, Ducky! Ducky is the best!  Ducky is the best! I love love love Ducky a lot.Some may not like Ducky but I do.