the song under the sea and the movie from the little mermaid movie

This song under the sea is a song from the little mermaid movie and the movie talks about a little mermaid that wants to be a person and dose not want to be a mermaid when she is a mermaid and her name is Areil. How I feel about the movie is that it is a actoin movie  becuase it has alotof drama and comedy and I thik hey did a lot of good details on Areil becuase I saw Areil in disney and she called me starfish and she was really beauitfull and she was kind.

Song:Peace And Love

Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Everybody Peace and Love.Always have love with peace!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,If you are sad on a sunny day,Just do what I say!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Smile every day for me!Don’t be sad don,t be mad just have Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Happy faces is what I want to see!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Smile smile smile smile for me!Peace and love,