Indian Store

Today we went to the Indian store. Everytime we go to the Indian store there is a lot of grocery in the car’s trunk. I always feel bored when we go to the Indian store because, the grown ups just shop and shop until they are tired. I always think what will happen if people never had grocery stores. I feel just dissapointed when we go to the Indian store because, it is so boring.  I don’t like shopping unless we are shopping birthday gifts or toys. Almost every kid will love to shop only for toys. I always feel the same, dissapointed feeling when we shop. I always feel, ” Noooooooooooo!” ” I am not going shopping with you!” I never feel like, ” Yay!” or “Yahoooo!” It mostly isn’t the fight words when you don’t want to do something. I feel shopping is the number 1 least favorite, and not shopping is the number 1 favorite. Maybe the. Indian stores just are big stores to bore kids. I think that the grown ups just want to bore kids by shopping. I sometimes feel in my head the urge to go home. I think that all the kids want to go home when,they are in the middle of shopping with their parents.