How to paint a shopkins

 I painted two shopkins. I am going to teach you how I did it and how your going to do it. First you need a shopkin that is a double. Next use some paint and paint it on your shopkin. When your done putting paint all over be very careful when you paint the eyes. Later set it to dry and make sure everything is dry untill you do anything else. Lastly use any matt varnish or clear nail polish to seal the paint in. First I got two shopkins and painted them because they were doubles. Their names were Suzie sunday and Hattie hat. I painted Hattie hat red because red is a darker color than pink. I colored Suzie sunday a lot of colors because she has lots of detail on her. Lastly I used a clear nail polish to make the paint stick on my shopkins so the paint does not come off. The reason why I chose these shopkins is because they were doubles and I already got them before. I really wanted to do a shopkins painting and now I did my own shopkins painting.


These are my season three shopkins. They are the only season three shopkins that I have. I have a dumpling  shopkin, sushi, ring , candy apple, oreo and a pie. Then I have a pair of hi heel shopkins, 

wedding cake shopkin, perfume one, camera, a purse and a telephone. Next there is a dress,  a hat that matches it, a rainboot, a hat ,a special slipper that people used to wear, then there is a pair of sisors that I forgot to mention. You also have seen the shopping bagsand baskets.

my new season three shopkins

I got new shopkins yesterday. They are season three because  they are the only season that walmart had. I got a 12 pack and a fashion pack. The fashion pack is a pack of shopkins but they are like a ring and a special hat with a dress and a pair of high heels. Then there is a perfume with purse with a camera. They all come with 1 dresser and a chair with a hat stand that you can put your shopkin hats on it so it does not go away or outside.


Shopkins are little toys that is like food and things that you need. I just love the shopkins.The company is Moose.New things are coming out.Like season 3.I am so excited!There is a shopkins book.There are 12 packs 5 packs and basket 2 packs.You get 1 check list.You get a shopping basket to. I just want to go and see the company in China.