The family

The family had visitors coming over for dinner. The family put on their best clothes untill, their was a scream from their son James! James had seen a fly buzzing in his bedroom. The family was afraid of flies because they poison you. When the dad tried to shoo it out of the house it poisoned him. The dad had become a monster with 20 eyes! The mom shrieked with fear and fainted, untill, the mom got poisoned too! The kids were so scared that they heard the doorbell ring. It was their very good animal friends, the Smiths. The Smiths son, Butch, and their daughter, Sira, were so happy to see their good friends again, Lily and James,that they didn’t even realize that Lilly and James’ parents were watching them,and were roaring with fury. Everyone screamed and were running to get away from the monsters. Sadly the monsters gobbled them up and were never seen again. I woke up with fright and quickly went to my parents bedroom,got into the bed and under the covers, trying to think of something happy.