When my mom went to Houston

On Sunday November 8 in 2015 my mom went to Houston. She went because she is looking for a job and she didn’t have one so she is seing if this job is right for her or if this one is right for her. Since my mom is going to Houston my dad is doing what my mom used to do. It was hard being a dad and a mom all together. My mom is staying in Houston for 4 days and Sunday was the first day. I miss my mom and this was the 2nd time she left me and my dad together. My mom is coming back on this Thursday and Wednesday is the last day when she stays in Houston. I really miss my mom and there is only Thursday left untill she comes. My mom is missing out on all the fun that me and my dad have even wishing for presents on Diwali. I want my mom to come back and sometimes my dad dosen’t do the things that my mom does and I really want my mom to come back so we can do the things my mom missed out on on the weekends so she can enjoy Diwali with me my dad and herself. My mom is coming this Thursday so I’m pretty excited because she comes tomorrow and she is also excited.