Part 82- ( Statistics Galore – not really)

So, today we have a very, INTERESTING, blog for you. This one is about statistics, one of my least favorite things in the world because it is BORING. But, I guess I have to do so anyway, so yeah….. Let’s get on with it. 

So, this post is called, ” Social issues are top of mind.” This is about the protests. About polls from Texans on the protest. A few examples are, supporting black lives matter, removing confederate statues, renaming military bases, and etc. Today, we’re just going to discuss, not all, only a few, of these numbers and polls and data and talk about what it means, or I’m just writing what it means to me and y’all are reading my opinions and thoughts. Anyway, let’s get on with it. So, the first poll was on “Support Black Lives Matter.” In case you don’t know, George Floyd, a black man, was killed after saying a numerous amount of times that he can’t breathe, while a white officer pinned him down with his knee to Mr. Floyd’s neck. This has sparked outrage all over the world, especially in the U.S., creating protest, that I think are still going on. This happened in May, so it has been at least 1 month and a half. So, it is polled as Republicans, Democrats, and Individuals, but we’re just going to look at the overall. ( this is out of 1,909 adults- though the overall total says 1,859) So, 29% think that the protest has made them more likely to support teh goals of BLM, 33% say no change and 37% say it’s less likely. In my opinion, I would have to go with the less likely. I mean, I believe, especially when it first started, that these protests were extremely wild. Burning police stations and looting shops, rioting, and vandalism, that isn’t helping with this other than causing destruction across your own city. I’m not saying that black lives don’t matter, I believe that all lives matter, only that the protests haven’t made me likely to support the goals of the BLM movement. Next one.
Deploying U.S. military at protests. 22% say that they strongly support this, 18% support it, 22% NEITHER supports nor opposes it, 13% oppose it, and 25% strongly oppose it. I mean, this is a bit of a hard one. These protests did- or still are- get out of hand and went as far as burning a Wendy’s after another black man was killed in it’s drive-through, but is it really necessary?? I know right now that due to COVID, there might have been some military action called off- maybe- but do we really need this. I mean, these are soldiers trained and prepared for wars and battles and attacks, and we’re going to deploy them for protests? Then again, teh police have tried as much as they can to settle the protesters down, which has not been going well. So, I have to say, I’m with that 22% who NEITHER oppose nor oppose it. 
Defunding the police. 12% strongly support this, 15% support it, 26% neither oppose nor support it, 18% oppose it, and 30% strongly oppose it. Well, why should we defund the police? Is this because of a murderous act, and something similar happening 2x in other states? I understand how bad it is, that this officer killed George Floyd, but why, why, why, should we defund the police. Think about before this happened. The police have stood for us, protected us, helped us every day. They risk their lives for us and do their best to uphold the law. When you think about it, in human nature, killing is not part of us. It was in the heat of the moment of what happened. If the officer heard teh rage and panic in George Floyd’s voice, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. But still, it was not right to do that. Not right at all. I am NOT on STRONGLY OPPOSE, but rather, only on, OPPOSE. It’s not something I fully agree with or have all my opinion set on, but that doesn’t mean that I think we should defund the police. What happens after this, after the protests might be over or when CORONA is over. Are we left without a justice system, a team of people to help us, and try to support and follow the law? What happens if that becomes our future?
So, these were only a few of the polls recorded in the paper. I’m merely giving my opinion and thought about it, and I hope you also have an opinion. Write tomorrow, BYE!

Part 62- Chaos of the World

Hello!!!!!! So, we haven’t done this is quite a long time, and I guess we’ll do it again!!

Today, there are 8,228,384 total cases worldwide, 444, 456 total deaths, and 4,289,098 recoveries. Nice!
So, as I have been mentioning through long paragraphs or short brief updates, there is a lot of BLM ( Black Lives Matter) protests around the world. Not just the U.S., but around the world. ( By the way, here is the link for the Great Big Story video I was referring to) SO, these have been happening because an officer pinned down a black man, George Floydon his neck, and kept doing so even when George Floyd was saying that he can not breathe. Sadly, Mr. Floyd died, and this action sparked up thousand of angry protestors to rally and shout that Black lives matter. Now, the police know that this officer did not do the right thing and he is in prison and fired. But, when teh protests got out of hand, the police have been using rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds. They’re trying, ok. And the police really want the protests to stop. But, just last week or last last week, another black man was killed, and even after he was saying that he has congestive heart failure when the officers were pinning and tasering him down because he forgot to DIM HIS HEADLIGHTS, they didn’t listen. What’s worse, is that a crew from a TV show was filming teh whole thing, and decided NOT TO HELP. One more. Just recently, another black man was shot because the police tried to handcuff the man, but he was resisting and ran away with the taser they were using on him. He actually was cooperating with teh police when they pulled him over from a Wendy’s and agreed to do a breath test. agin, protests have come and torched down the restaurant. It took firefighters about an hour to get to the restaurant because the whole place was swarmed with protestors. If you think about it, the police are just making this whole thing WORSE!!!!!
They want the protests to stop, but officers are just making it worst by killing 2 more people. UNBELIEVABLE! 
But, what happened and is on the news today is even worse! 3 officers went to a Shake shack for some milkshakes and are now being hospitalized. They will live, but their shakes had a foreign substance in them. The officials are saying that the substance was… BLEACH. Oh my gosh, this is getting out of hand. A chief of police said something- I can’t remember the whole thing said- about how the environment around us is not stable- I think it was stable- if officers’ food is harmful. I think it was something like that, not exactly, but close. this means, that our environment is not stable right now. People are torching and harming and hurting and screaming everywhere. It has become a mess. What have we all become? We have become a mess! Teh year 2020 was supposed to be good. It was supposed to be a cool year. 20-20. Like, 20-20 vison. Perfect eyesight. Good year!!! What has 2020 become instead???? A year with a deadly pandemic. A year with so many protests. A year with torching and riots.  A year with officers’ being poisoned with Bleach in their shakes. What has this year become????? This is the worst year I have ever experienced. In any way possible, can we give back the year 2020 for a new one? Or just skip it, and move onto 2021? ( By teh way the last 2 sentences are a joke.) 
Anyway, i hope this year is better in like, really quickly. Um, stay safe. Bye…

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 60

Hello!! So, quick news, currently, at 2:30 p.m. I will be going on a short bike ride with my friend and, by the time I finish this blog, I would have already done so. Now, we go to the same school and were in the same P.E. class this year- 6th-grade year- but we never really talked much. you know, I started having new friends, she started having new fri3nds. But, we still talk. I’m really excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Before all this, I washed dad’s car and motorcycle, and I love to clean. Not clean, clean, but just make things cleaner than dirtier. I don’t like seeing grime or dirt without the feeling of washing it all away with some soap and water. We polished the metal and softened the leather- which I did for the first time- on dad’s motorcycle, and you can tell the difference really well. You can’t tell if something was dull until after you polish it up. I also washed dad’s tires which were so dirty, that I had so much satisfaction in cleaning them. I don’t know. I’m just strange that way! Eight more minutes till my alarm for 2:00 goes off. I wanted to write this really quickly so that when I come back, I have less HW, less than I usually do on Sundays, and so that I can relax faster. 

Updated news, another black man was killed, as it included protestors torching down a Wendys- the restaurant- and a shooting. How many times??!!!!!!! One death after another, and all 3 are black deaths!!!! The police know that there are protests for the death of George Floyd, and what they are doing, with these 2 new ones, are probably just sparking more reason to protest!
Also, I wanted to tell you readers this. So, I like to watch the Great Big story, which is a youtube channel that explains things like the most poisonous garden on earth, how the 1,000-year-old eggs are made, who invented Chinese take out boxes, etc. A more recent video was showing a small clip from every protest in the US. You could see, massive crowds, lining the streets, speakers shouting and protestors screaming and yelling for Black Lives Matter and justice. People kneeling for losses, holding signs.
Anyway, once again, this is another really random and sometimes mediocre post that I write when I am tired or have no clue to write about. I hope everyone is well, and I wish that Corona is over soon. Bye!!

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 57

So, as we all know, George Floyd was pinned down to the ground with an officer’s knee on his neck. Mr. Floyd died, and there have been many, many protests that are both peaceful and violent about the action. Today, in the news, this is the article that first caught my eye…

Javier Ambler was killed in a police chase for not dimming the headlights of his car for oncoming traffic. According to the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Ambler was coming home from a friendly poker game- and according to the police, he failed to dim the headlights of his car- and the police held him down to the ground. Mr. Ambler was tasered 4 times while “…a crew from A&E’s Reality show LivePD filmed…”. Mr. Ambler was pleading for mercy and telling the deputies that he had congestive heart failure and couldn’t breathe. He cried,” Save me,” but the deputies didn’t listen, and deployed the final shot. Mr. Ambler was saying this with respect, and he was pleading, and telling them that he had congestive heart failure, but no one helped him. This is UNBELIEVABLE. Just a while ago, George Floyd was pinned down by an officer’s knee to his neck, and despite the fact that Mr. Floyd was saying that he couldn’t breathe, the officer continued to pin him down on the neck!!!!! Now, the same thing happens!!!!! And what’s worse- pardon me for saying this, I really didn’t know the right way to say it- is that Mr. Ambler was also a black man. ( I’m not sure if that is wrong to call him that. I’m really really sorry if it was) These deputies just made this worse.
All these protests have started because of what happened in Minneapolis, now it has happened in Austin Texas. Now, what’s going to happen?? I’m not saying this so there aren’t more protests, but because the police have yet again, failed to help a person who was held/pinned down despite the fact that they are begging for mercy and saying that they cannot breathe!!!!! Why were the crew not helping??? Is it because they didn’t want to get involved?? But at least they could try!!!! They could have asked the officer politely and quickly to help Mr. Ambler!!!!!!! Mr. Ambler had congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is when your heart cannot pump blood as well as it should. Mr. Ambler had a medical illness!!!!!! And why, may I ask, were the officers Tasering Mr. Ambler???? Hmmm???? WHY? Sometimes the news doesn’t give all the details, but I think that there probably was not a reason taser Mr. Ambler. 
I am so frustrated and upset and ashamed of the crew and police right now!!!! Neither one- the officers nor the crew- decided to help Mr. Mabler who had a medical condition which is life-threatening, after he is crying for mercy and asking the officers to please help him after saying that he cannot breathe!!!!!!!!!!! Why is our community like this???? Why have the officers done this???? Not once, but twice! Twice have they pinned a person- a black person- down and continued to even after the two have been pleading and saying that they cannot breathe!!!!! Why????? 
I’m sorry. I just, I can’t continue right now. I’m just extremely upset at the police right now and unhappy with the recent loss. Um, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Bye. 

Life of 12 year old – Coronavirus lockdown- Part 52

Hello, today is about something related to the death of George Floyd. So, there was a protest- a peaceful protest- in Trophy Club. This was led by some Byron Nelson HS kids. Before doing this protest, they had informed the police about this. So, let me explain the difference between a peaceful and regular protest.

A peaceful protest is, well, peaceful. Yes, there will be yelling but, there will not be any hitting, riots, looting, vandalism, or torching like what is happening in the U.S. A regular protest, is one that is yelling, hitting, looting, rioting, vandalizing, torching, etc. The peaceful protest stays within the limits of their First Amendment- freedom of speech. ( I think that is the First Amendment) This protest was pretty moving. There were police, to keep an eye on things, but for the time I was there, it was a wonderful and simple protest. They were all taking a knee for the loss, and then – who I assume was the speaker the whole time- gave a short statement about how we should teach the children and kids about this- about what is right and wrong and re-teach the elders who cannot accept this. It was short, simple, clear, and very persuasive. 
Though, let me clarify one thing, I believe, that ALL LIVES MATTER. This includes ALL. Every life, black, white brown, etc. they all matter. Every single life matters. 
Members of Trophy Club kneeling.
There are about, 9,000 people in my neighborhood, and sadly, roughly only a couple hundred showed up. That means, that almost 9,000 people don’t believe that black lives matter.  Now, there could be many reasons why they didn’t show up. It was too hot out, I have an injury, I didn’t want to be near people because of COVID-19, etc. But still, did you show up??? No…. 
Actually, I wanted to point another thing out that isn’t exactly related to this. A lot of people, possibly more than half of the protesters were not wearing a mask. Not just adults, but some parents as well, they didn’t wear masks nor did their children. I actually saw, in the back, a few little girls- maybe 5 or 6, who were playing together. No mask, or social distancing, just playing as if there was no pandemic going around. First of all, was their parents watching them. Hopefully. Secondly, why weren’t they wearing masks? Actually, why weren’t more people wearing masks?? Even the speaker who gave a statement the end, why wasn’t she wearing a mask? Couldn’t they write to wear masks? Just asking, but why were people doing this one thing in such a nice way- peacefully- but not wearing masks amid the first problem that has occurred across the world???
Anyway, it is late and this has been such a nice protest that I watched. These students who started this should be very proud. It was a very peaceful protest and well thought out. The police were informed, there was water, it was violent-free, and more!!!! I am impressed with the protest. And probably because it was the very first one I have ever seen. Anyway, stay safe, healthy, and strong everyone!!