My Recycling project

In my class we are doing a recycling project. In the project you have to use a thing that you recycle that you can reuse again. My project is a plant that I can water and I am using a water bottle with water and stick it in the plant so the plant is watered when you are in vacation,and you won’t have to water the plant untill the bottle is empty. Everyone is going to design their project with anything that you can recycle so you can reuse. My teacher thought of making a flower pot out of a old soup can. These projects are useful because you can use them over and over and over again by fixing them by the material that you used to stick them together. We were learning about the three R’s which stand for Recycle,Reduse,and Reuse. The three R’s help us remeber to do these things for recycling. You should also Recycle paper metal plastic and other things that are recyclable.