Jolly Rancher poem

Jolly Jolly you taste so yummy 

it tastes so good that it bursts in my tummy 
Lolly Lolly so yummy and sweet 
I wonder what will hapen if I eat it with Holly.

Jolly Jolly pack up your bag
we’re going to Idaho so lets play Tag.
Yum Yum  sweet and hard 
make sure you keep it in your mouth and not in a card.

I have this as my Jolly Rancher poem. I hope you enjoyed it. 

My Owl Poems

Owls, Owls predetors of the night 

I hope they don’t catch me what a fright. 

Hunting, Hunting always at night 
they can turn their heads for a really sharp sight.
Look, Look up in the sky 
didn’t you see that owl fly by?
Owls, Owls birds I have never met 
I wish I could keep on as a pet. 

Listen, Listen I heard a hoot
I think an owl made it not a boot.

Owls, Owls sleep at day 
they can be found in trees and not in bay. 

Hoo, Hoo an owl definitely made that 
it must have worn a lucky hat.

Music, Music in the air 
it sounds beutiful but the hoots sound like a musical fair. 

Listen, Listen I hear a noise 
it sounds like a hoot from an owl  
not a bear’s growl. 

This is my poem. I hope you enjoy it.