What me and my friends do when we play

What do me and my friends play?The things that we play are tag, ball, sometimes we ride our scooters or bikes, and shopkins sometimes. We play tag when we want to and sometimes we get bored. We ride our scooters and bikes on the driveway and play ball in the driveway also. Sometimes other kids that my friends know come to play with use. One time a boy from the aparment next to us came to play.  Then some girls came to play with us with their baby girl. When we play ball the ball that we play with us rolls away to where the street is and we have to make sure that we get it back safley and we come back safley. We also play badmiden and one time Josey’s shuttlecock flew all the way up in a tree and it took us days to get it down untill one day it came down and we don’t know where it landed. We tried getting it down by shaking the tree’s branch of where it was landed when it flew up in the air. We never played badmiden ever again unless we played it somewhere away fron the trees.