Tommorow is my birthday. I am so excited because I get to open up my american girl doll presents and packages,that I have been getting over the last days. I feel like I’m going too explode my brain, but no one can do that. I can’t wait till tommorow and I want it to come right now. Every year, started on my 5th bday, my parents come in the night with a treat and a present and wait till it’s April 12th.Once it is  my birthday I open my present and thank my parents as much as I can! I can’t wait till my birthday wich is tommorow.

Chloe’s Birthday Party

On Saturday I went to my friends birthday party. Her name is Chloe. When I got there I saw that kids were getting in line to play pie face. In the game you have to spin a spinner, and you have to click the handle,the number the arrow landed on. If the hand that has the cream on it smacks it on your face  you got pie faced. I felt scared to do it because I didn’t want to get cream on my face. We played with hoola hoops, made balloons go flying everywhere and also broke a piniata. We also ate delicious peperoni and cheese pizza. After a while we went into the store right next to it. It is called, Hey sugar candy store, and filled our bags  with candy,Chloe’s mom gave us the bags. Later we ate some candies and picked out cupcakes with a shopkin that we could keep. I got Moible Mary. We sang Happy Birthday to Chloe before we ate. Themn we played a little untill Chloe’s mom gave us our goody bags. In my goody bag I got a braclet with a picture of Kooky Cookie on it,shopkin stickers, poppy corn lip balm, and a mini container with 2 food fair shopkins named, Birthday Betty and Ice cream Dream. I already have Birthday Betty, they were in diffrent pretty colors, but don’t have Ice Cream Dream. I  felt like something exciting had cheered me up when it had. I wonder what they are going to do for Chloe’s next birthday party?

My Valentines party

Today I had a Valentines party. In the party we ate cookies, pretzles, and candy hearts. The crafts we did were, making a Valentine monster and make a scrapbook. The Valentine party was awesome, and we also donated candy to kids in the hospital. We had a fun time at the party. My mom came to the party, she got candy hearts for the party. Before the party and everything, we passed out our Valentines. I brought fruit rollups for the party. We could not give our Valentines, or treats to ourself. In the morning, before the party and passing out the Valentines, we decorated bag, that we were going to give to the kids in the hospital with candy and we also made bags for ourself. I had a really fun time at the party.

My Happy new year party

I had a Happy New Year Party. At the party we ate chicken and danced. My parents were dancing and I went to a place where kids can stay while their moms and dads are away. When I was there I got a face paint. Then my parents left and I played with other kids. Then the people that were agents turned on a movie. I couldn’t hear the movie because the other kids were to loud. Then the clowns performed some magic and we played a game. Then the boys had sord fight and then my dad came to pick me up. Then we danced and count down till 12 o’clock. And when it was 12 o’clock, ballons were coming down. This was an awesome new year. I hope it is this fun again. 

My christmas party

Today I had a Christmas party. At the Christmas party we made a gingerbread house out of ghram crackers and candies and used icing to stick them together. We ate a lot of candies that I got stuffed and I wanted to eat my whole gingerbread house, but I had to show my mom and dad. When we were done we put them in bags. Then Mrs. Bradshaw’s class came to our class to watch the video ” Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Then they left. After  we had only had 7 people in our class because some of them left. Then Cash left then there were only 6 of us left. We packed up and our friend Abby left because she was moving to California, and all 6 of us got to get the chance of saying good bye. Then we left to go home!


Yesterday I went to a function. There were a lot of people there. I played on my ipad because my friend Rewa was late to the party. My dad and lots of other men were doing inportant things. They were going to do a game with music. When the game was about to start my dad and another dad gave a little speech. Then we started the game. In the game my mom will play the music from a song and the people who came here will have to try and sing the song, if they know it. After that Rewa came and we played tag and spy girls. Lastly we played a game that was the same game like Cinderella but someone had to be a girl and the other one had to be pretty, the pretty girl has to run when the girl sees her and then her sliper comes off and the girl comes to her house and they become friends. 

Yesterdays birthday party

I went to a birthday party yesterday. It was Parag kaka’s birthday. He is our family friend and he is a surgeon and  works with heart.  He does a very complicated job and I dont know how to say it like I am trying to describe it. It is not the kind of heart that kids draw. Its the real heart. Like it is not the one that is like kids give to there moms and dads to tell that they love you. The kind of heart that I am talking about is the one that is inside  your body and it looked really scary and gross. There were also 2 bandages on the cake and a stethoscope with capsules and medicine. I also made a lot a friends some of them were small and some were big. To eat, the kids and the parents got to eat chips with dressings and tomatoes and then chicken and for dinner we got to eat nann and all sorts of other stuff like all sorts of things. It also was his 50th birthday.I also enjoyed the party a lot.