147- Between Worlds

You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to write a story instead of a research-blog this time. Well, I wanted to try something new out. I’ve always loved to write my own stories, and I’ve always wanted to share them with other people. So, I thought it would be fin to try and publishing one on my blog. I also wanted to try a different style when writing and see what you think. This  is my first time writing a short story and having a completed story, so it may not be on of my best works. But, I do want to know what you think! Presenting: Between Worlds.

Between Worlds

A shot straight to the head. That’s all you need to finish a job. Adonis lowered the gun before turning away from the body. He tossed the weapon at one of his men before wiping away the splattered blood with a towel.

“You know what to do…” He growled, giving a sharp glance at the others before walking away. Being the most feared criminal under lord in the world, it was common to have enemies, no matter how low they were. A few petty criminals were child’s play for Adonis. After leaving the scene, Adonis boarded the car waiting for him and closed his eyes. The silence in the car was frightening as a man with a dark, king-like presence sat in the back. 

“Sir,” The driver called out. Adonis glanced at the driver before closing his eyes again. The driver continued after receiving the okay. 

“Housekeeper Adler called earlier and wanted to remind you of the gala that was tonight.” Adonis hummed in approval. 

“He also wanted to remind you to dress sharply. Perhaps for the ladies?” The driver suggested, glancing into the rear-view mirror. Adonis glared at the driver.

“Do you have a death wish?” The driver chuckled and turned back to the road. The hushed sound of rain followed as silence once again fell. Shortly after, the driver slowed to a stop. 

“Identification?” A gruff voice asked. The driver rolled up his sleeve and showed the emblem crest burnt into his flesh. A mark of Adonis. Anyone who was involved with him in any way had the mark on themselves. Close members had it in the flesh while minor associates simply wore a hidden accessory. The security guard acknowledged the mark after comparing it to his own, and let the driver go. The towering gate ahead creaked open and welcomed them. The car drove forward to the house beyond.

Even in the gloomy weather, the house ahead shone brightly and showed signs of warmth. The driver drove to the smaller building in front of the house and stopped. The door next to Adonis opened and a man in his late 40’s held an umbrella out for him. Adonis got out of the car and the driver drove off. 

“Old man, you will break your arms if you try to cover me with the umbrella.” Adonis said, taking the umbrella out of the housekeeper’s hands. The housekeeper looked helpless as Adonis ended up covering him instead. The two walked to the second level of the building and to the wide entrance in the middle. Adonis closed the umbrella once the two stepped inside, and slung it over his shoulder.  After a lengthy walk through the tunnel, the two took the lift that emerged to the surface and stepped inside the mansion.

“Adonis, the maids have already prepared a suit for you. The driver will come back in another two hours.” Housekeeper Adler instructed. Adonis nodded and made his way upstairs to his room. About an hour later he came back down in a dark grey suit, looking extremely noble. 

“How do I look?” Adonis asked Housekeeper Adler. The housekeeper smiled, his light grey mustache lifting upwards. 

“ Excellent as always. Apart from that, there are some things you have to know about the gala.’ Housekeeper Adler led Adonis to the study and typed something into the computer. The computer then projected a profile on the huge TV screen in front of them.

“ This is Maddlestrom, the host for tonight. Rich, powerful, handsome, name it all. However, he is not the focus.” Housekeeper Adler paused and pulled up the gala details. “ There will be an auction tonight. I’m not sure what it will be on, but according to our resources, something important will be in number 305. ” The housekeeper looked at Adonis. Adonis nodded.

“Got it.” 

“Well then, have fun tonight. I hope you know your limits.” Housekeeper Adler reminded him. Adonis shook his head helplessly before heading out the mansion. He boarded the waiting Rolls Royce, and they drove off. About twenty minutes later the car stopped in front of a grand hotel. Rolled out on the floor was a long, red carpet and cameras were being feverishly clicked. An assistant opened the door, and Adonis stepped out. He straightened his suit and walked down the carpet, ignoring the cameras. As soon as Adonis stepped into the hotel, he could tell the atmosphere was dangerous. Of course, with over 30 different underlords attending, one would have to be on their toes. Adonis, however, remained at ease and casually strolled through the crowds. Short pleasantries were exchanged between the guests. Adonis acknowledged a few of them before finding his seat near the VIP area. He preferred to stick to himself and only chose to mingle when necessary. Adonis observed the room, noting the guests’ expressions, actions, and small details. 

“Ah, Adonis, thank you for attending my gala,” A voice came. Adonis turned around and stood up. 

“Thank you instead for inviting me.” Adonis replied, taking the champagne glass held out to him from the man.

“ Well, I could only try. It’s more of my honor to host you tonight.” The man replied humbly. Adonis smiled.

‘Well then, shall we have a drink to that, Maddlestrom? Here’s to your gala.” The two clinked glasses before taking a sip. Maddlestrom exchanged goodbyes with Adonis before venturing to the next guest. Adonis sat back down, and continued observing the guests. He swirled the drink thoughtfully before chugging it down in one go, and taking another. Despite having a high alcohol tolerance, Adonis rarely drank. But, since this was a special occasion, he didn’t mind being a bit reckless. Soon, everyone settled down and the night began. The atmosphere became lively as people ate and drank with one another. Excited chatter resounded through the room. Adonis remained quiet the whole time, eating peacefully. Soon dinner had also ended. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you could please make your way to the first floor, to the right will be an auditorium. Our auction will begin shortly there in just a few minutes.” Maddlestrom announced. Everyone excitedly got up and made their way upstairs. Adonis found his seat,and picked up the guide and bid paddle. He scanned through the guide before his eyes caught a particular one. 305. Adonis chuckled to himself. Housekeeper Adler was right, this bid was going to be important. All the guests slowly began to fill the auditorium. 

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen. The auction will now begin.  As you know, this time’s auction is from the recent underwater find. It consists of ancient treasure rumored to be from multiple kingdoms in the past. We will start with number 273.” An assistant brought out an antique chest filled with gems and rusted swords. “ Starting with 5 million, anyone for 5 million?” The bids began one by one and the auction items moved down one by one. By now Adonis was already bored to his wits.

“Number 305,” The auctioneer announced. Adonis sat up in realization and watched as two assistants brought out a glass chest. In the chest, settled securely between the velvet were 5 gold rings, each fitted with a different polished jewel. Even after being abandoned underwater for thousands of years, they still looked dazzling. 

“ These beautiful jewel encrusted 5-set rings will start at 25 million.” Adonis remained quiet. It wasn’t just the time to bid. Soon the others started to bid. 30 million, 45, 60… 

“ 65 million!” The Auctioneer announced. By then only one person was willing to bid that high. Adonis quickly snatched the opportunity and raised his paddle.

“80 million.”He announced. The other bidder stayed quiet, unable to bid higher. 

“Going once, going twice, SOLD!” The auctioneer announced. Adonis let out a satisfied grin before relaxing once again.Compared to the start, after the bid on 305 the event started to speed up. Items were being sold as soon as they came out. Adonis paid no attention to them and started to space out.

“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for attending the auction tonight. Have a lovely night, everyone.” The auctioneer said. Adonis snapped back to reality and immediately stood up. Before he left, Maddlestrom quickly approached him.

“Ah, Adonis, before you go would you mind participating in a special raffle?” Adonis raised his eyebrow. Maddlestrom started to panic and reject the idea seeing the expression. However, a simple reply stopped him.

“Why not?” Adonis had a slight, goofy grin on his face and followed Maddlestrom to a group of people. 

“All right, now that we are all here, please write down your name on one ticket, as well as an address.”

“Why an address?” A tall, proud woman asked. Maddlestrom chuckled.

“It’s a simple gift, I assure you.” He replied. The guests nodded and each filled out the ticket as instructed. One by one they all submitted it to Maddlestrom before taking their leave. Adonis was the last to submit his, but was stopped by Maddlestrom before leaving.

“I really do appreciate you coming, Adonis.” The man said. Adonis looked at him  and nodded before leaving. His Rolls Royce soon pulled up to him, and Adonis boarded.

“Busy night?” The driver asked. Adonis chuckled.

“Not really. It was mainly a flashy event to show off Maddlestrom’s apparent humbleness and generosity.” The driver also chuckled.

“Did you drink much?” The driver couldn’t help but ask, seeing Adonis’ lively tone.

“A bit. Not that much to get too tipsy though.” Adonis replied, looking out at the pitch black sky. The driver nodded and the rest of the ride was in silence. 

“Here, sir.” The driver said, pulling up in front of the mansion. Adonis nodded and wished the driver a good night before making his way to the mansion.

“Good evening, Housekeeper Adler,” Adonis greeted. The housekeeper momentarily froze before smiling. 

“ Good evening, Adonis. The heirlooms are being polished and will be ready for you to see tomorrow morning. You should go to bed. It’s already late.” Adonis nodded before heading upstairs. Adonis shut the bedroom door, and immediately collapsed on the bed. After waiting for some time, Adonis got up and prepared to sleep. As soon as he turned off the light and was under the covers, sleep hit. 

Adonis woke up the next day drowsily. After a quick shower and breakfast, Adonis made his way underground to his private study. Even though he had his own office and a company building to work at, he preferred being here. Here, the true work was done. It was here that all the missions and deals were planned, and here where Adonis controlled the entire underworld. Adonis stayed in that room the whole day, continuously meeting with other underlords, his own men, and even government officials. The hours passed by slowly , and Adonis eventually returned upstairs. One hand rubbed his temples as Adonis walked up to his room.

“Adonis, where are you going?” Housekeeper Adler stopped him. Adonis looked at the housekeeper tiredly.

“To sleep.” Adonis said hoarsely.

“What about the child?” Housekeeper Adler asked. Adonis’ ears perked up. Suddenly it felt like sleep had never come to him.

“What child?” Adonis questioned.

“ The child that is currently roaming around in the living room.” The housekeeper deadpanned. Adonis’ eyebrows huddled together as he walked back down the stairs. Housekeeper Adler led him to the living room.

“This child.” Housekeeper Adler said. In the living room was a small girl, no older than 3 or 4, looking around innocently at the two men. Adonis’ eyebrows lifted up in surprise before the quickly pulled Housekeeper Adler to the side.

“When did a child enter the premises?” Adonis asked through gritted teeth.

“ I also am not sure. One of the maids said she came as a gift. Something about a raffle.” Adonis realized what happened. Soon, his face began to turn red from anger. 

“Get Maddlestrom on the phone, now!” Adonis roared, storming into the open study room. Housekeeper Adler quickly searched through the contacts as Adonis paced back and forth. After a few rings, Maddlestrom picked up the call.

“Hello?” A voice answered.

“ Maddlestrom , you better explain as to how a child is currently in my house at this very minute!” Adonis shouted through the phone. The other line was silent before Maddlestrom replied.

“Ah, Adonis… Erm, that would be from the raffle.” Maddlestrom said timidly.

“Oh, like I didn’t figure that out! I asked what a child was doing in my home! I hope you didn’t kidnap her or something and wanted to put the blame on me. Well that wouldn’t be a lovely ending for you would it?!” Adonis asked, voice dripping in malice.

“N-No! S-Sir, I promise, n-nothing l-like that ever happened. T-The raffle was meant t-to be a surprise a-adoption. A-An orphanage I-I collaborated with s-suggested the adoption as a gift.” Maddlestrom said shakily. Adonis closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 

“ I see.” Maddlestrom thought there was some hope after hearing Adonis’ reply.


“Did I let you speak?” Adonis asked. Maddlestrom fell silent. Adonis took another deep breath before continuing. “ Is there any way I can give her back?” Maddlestrom paused before speaking.

“N-No. I’m sorry, but the orphanage will not take her back.” Adonis remained silent before hanging up. Housekeeper Adler hesitantly spoke up.

“What do we do with the child?” Adonis let out a laugh. Soon the laugh became a chuckle,and then a roar of laughter as he fell backwards. 

“Oh, what a joke! Me, the biggest criminal underworld has adopted a child. What more, he accidentally did so after stupidly agreeing to take part in a lousy raffle by some lousy host! HA!” Housekeeper Adler fell silent once again. Soon the laughter died down and Adonis regained his composure.

“Do whatever you want with her. Give her a place to stay or not, as long as she stays out of my way and sight, it’ll be fine.” Adonis said harshly, storming out of the room. As soon as he left the study, he saw the girl looking up to him innocently, clutching a ragged stuffed bunny. Adonis glared at her.

“Move, kid.” The girl quickly moved to the side as Adonis continued walking without a reply from her. Adonis made his way upstairs, not sparing another glance towards the girl. Not even the sorrowful look in her eyes made him think twice about his actions. To him, she would be nothing more than an unwanted liability who would only get in his way. 

Weeks and months passed by, but Adonis never changed his cold behavior to the girl. Occasionally, they would cross paths. But it wouldn’t last for too long until Adonis glared at the housekeeper who quickly whisked her away. He often caught a  glimpse of the heartbroken look in her eyes, but brushed it off. After all, she had no meaning in his life whatsoever. 

However, the girl, Viola,  thought differently. Everyday,whenever Adonis came upstairs, she would try to please him. A small drawing or a flower she found in the garden. Everyday she tried to get some love from the man she wanted to call father. But everyday, he would simply ignore her and leave her to be taken away by the maids. 

Until one day….

It was late at night, and Viola woke up by the sudden roar of thunder. She became frightened by the sound, and huddled up in the blankets further, trying to shut out the sound. The sudden downpour of rain made her wake up once again. Viola sat up and wrapped herself in the blanket, shivering. Her eyes widened when she heard a sound outside. Viola hurriedly left the bed and made her way downstairs. She quickly hid behind a couch in fear as footsteps were heard. Viola’s eyes filled with tears as she tried to look for one of the maids. Viola’s head snapped towards the door as it eerily creeped open. A whimper left her mouth as she stared at the door. She gasped as a figure entered the house, soaked in rain. It wasn’t until a sudden flash of lightning went by, that she realized it was Adonis. Relieved, Viola ran over to him and desperately clung to his leg.

“Daddy!” She wailed, sobbing loudly. Adonis on the other hand was startled by the sudden contact. His mood had already been ruined by the rain and a few mishaps at work, and the addition of Viola clinging onto him made him even more upset.

“Housekeeper Adler!!” He roared. Viola suddenly jumped back in fear. Housekeeper Adler and a few other maids quickly rushed into the room and the lights turned on. 

“I thought I told you to keep her away from me! Is that so hard?! She’s just a useless child!” Adonis yelled. Viola started to quiver in fear again and began to sob even louder. 

“Get her out of my sight!” He growled, shooing her away. The maids quickly picked her up and tried to calm her down but Viola continued to cry.

“No! Da-Daddy!” She continued to shout, grasping for Adonis. Adonis didn’t even look at her and went in the opposite direction. Adonis slammed the door shut and threw his coat on the floor. He began to thrash around, messing up the room. The day’s events began to come to him and he started to tear apart the room even more. A good 20 minutes went by and Adonis finally calmed down. Breathing heavily, Adonis grasped onto the sides of his sink. His chest heaved in anger, before it eventually returned to normal. It somehow angered him how the child suddenly ran and clung to him. But, what surprised him was how he felt when he called her daddy. For some reason, his heart ached when he saw her pitiful state. At that time there was a small urge to console her. But he stubbornly pushed it away, believing it was only his mind playing tricks on him. She was practically an outsider! Adonis closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind. 

“I should just forget about it,” He mumbled to himself. Adonis looked at himself in the mirror one last time before turning off the lights. 

Days passed by that incident. Adonis tried his best to forget it, but he couldn’t help but remember how harsh he was. No matter how hard he tried to deny it, he felt his heart soften for her. Not only that, Adonis found himself thinking or even looking for her more often. When working, his mind would wonder what made her call him daddy. Or even when he returned from the office or came upstairs from the study, he tried to look for her. But he had no luck. Adonis sighed and knew he was the only one to blame. After all, it was him who screamed for her to be out of his sight. 

Adonis’ mind was in chaos. He was currently in his office and was trying to plan a mission. But his mind wouldn’t let him. He couldn’t focus on anything, and it felt kike his mind forgot everything he knew. Frustrated, Adonis left the office early and left for home. Along the way, he noticed a stuffed bunny in the window of a nearby shop. The stuffed animal reminded him of the ragged one he had always seen Viola carry around. Adonis told the driver to stop, and before he knew it, he had returned with the bunny in his hands. 

After entering the mansion, Adonis roamed around the house in search of Viola. It didn’t take that long to find her drawing happily in the kitchen. She was so focused on her drawing she didn’t even notice Adonis sitting next to her.

“That’s a lovely drawing,” He said. Viola stopped and looked at him wide eyed. She unknowingly began to tremble. Adonis panicked, seeing her terrified state.

“Hey, hey. It’s all right. Shhh, calm down. I won’t hurt you.” He slowly calmed her down until she stopped trembling. The two stared at each other for a while. Adonis finally broke the silence by handing her the bunny.

“I-I got this for you,” He said. Viola hesitantly reached for the bunny. After it was in her grasp, she began to admire it. Seeing her cute behavior, Adonis couldn’t help but smile to himself. Viola then turned to look at him. 

“Oh, I…I wanted to apologize for that night.” Viola looked at him curiously.

“I-I didn’t mean to yell at you. I’m sorry. I was stressed, and I shouldn’t have taken it on you of all people.” Adonis explained anxiously. Viola continued to look at him, listening silently. 

“Can you forgive me?” Adonis asked hopefully. As soon as those words left his mouth, Adonis felt different. Here he was, the most powerful man in the country, pleading for forgiveness from a small child. Viola looked down at the bunny in her hands and then at Adonis. She slowly nodded her head. Adonis smiled in relief. Viola resumed drawing again and Adonis continued to watch her.

“What are you drawing?” Adonis asked, trying to start another conversation. Viola glanced at him and then at her drawing.

“ A flower,” She answered.

“Ohh, can I see?” Adonis asked, leaning forward. Viola showed him and he grinned at the messily drawn flower. “It’s very pretty.” Viola nodded and smiled. The two soon began to talk more. Even if it was through one-sentence answers or brief nods, they communicated well together. Viola started to open up more around him, now that Adonis let her. The two were fully immersed in their own world that they didn’t notice the fond looks the maids and housekeeper had when they saw them. Seeing the two different personalities open up to each other melted one’s heart instantly. 

This went on for a while. Everyday Adonis would come home in search of Viola and she would eagerly be waiting for him. Even though he was extremely busy, he tried to change his schedules so he could spend every evening talking to her and hearing about her day. It was the best way for him to forget about his worries and stress. As his heart began to soften, he slowly started to accept her, and even started to think of her more in a daughterly way. Even Viola felt happier. She began to feel the love she didn’t know she craved for, and cherished every ounce of it. But she didn’t know that it would come to an end.

As usual, Viola waited patiently for Adonis to come back. She glanced at the clock often, even if she couldn’t read it, and stared at the entrance of the mansion. She suddenly heard a click and gasped, knowing that Adonis had come back. However, just as she was about to embrace him, he glared at her coldly and went up to his room. Viola froze. She didn’t expect this cold reaction, and was overwhelmed with emotions. Crying, she suddenly ran out of the house. The maids were too late to notice she left, as they were all in the kitchen. Even Housekeeper Adler didn’t notice. It was only 2 hours later did someone take notice and the house erupted into panic. 

“What;s happening?” Adonis asked, rushing downstairs.

“It seems Viola has run away,” Housekeeper Adler said in a panicked voice. Adonis’ eyes widened. 

“W-what? How? And why didn’t you notice?!” Adonis suddenly yelled. The housekeeper could only hang his head down, ashamed. “NO! It wasn’t supposed to be like this! She could be anywhere by now! Where-“ Just then, Adonis’s phone rang. An eerie silence immediately filled the room as everyone listened to the ringtone. Adonis picked up his phone.


“I did what I said, didn’t I? Your precious friend is with me, and if you want to see her again, I suggest you follow what I say.” Adonis remained quiet, listening to the voice.

“ Good. Now, in exchange for her, I want 10 shipments of firearms, and all of your top three resources. Meet me at the abandoned carpark near Lilac Valley at 11:30. If not, she dies.” The other line hung up before Adonis could speak. Frustrated,Adonis smashed his phone on the ground. 

“What did that mean?” Housekeeper Adler asked.

“H-He called me before. Maddlestrom. This morning, at work. I-I took it lightly, but I-I didn’t know she would run out. I-I thought s-she would be safe, and that h-the was bluffing. B-but now…” Adonis’s voice trailed off as tears began to fill his eyes. Everyone watched as tears streamed endlessly down his face. After some time. He quickly wiped them off and a deadly expression was seen. 

“Assemble everyone. Let them know to meet me in the armory. We’re getting back Viola, and killing that bastard tonight.” Adonis left the room and drove to the office. As soon as he arrived, everyone was already assembled. 

“Listen up! Tonight you absolutely cannot screw up. Tonight we are going to be saving a child and I don’t care who does it but, kill Maddlestrom. That bastard already thinks he’s won the world when he tries threatening me with her. Now,it’s time for him to pay.” Adonis turned around, ready to leave but was stopped by one of his men.

“Sorry sir, but who are we saving?” Adonis looked at him dead in the eye.

“My daughter,”

The clock struck 11:20. Adonis watched as 30 of his men quietly entered the abandoned car park. They all confirmed their positions before Adonis made his way there. The clock struck 11:30.

“Adonis, welcome!” Maddlestrom greeted Adonis, pleased that he had arrived on time. Surrounding them were many bodyguards, all focused on the two people speaking. 

“Where is Viola?” Adonis growled dangerously. Maddlestrom chuckled.

“Anxious to see your daughter?” Adonis’s fists clenched.

“Bring her out,” Maddlestrom instructed. Two bulky men dragged Viola out. Adonis’s heart wrenched in pain as he saw her gagged and tied up. A few minor wounds were on her body, but she was terrified. 

“Let her go,” Adonis ordered. He tried not to plead, but the slight crack n his voice gave it away. Maddlestrom’s grin widened.

“First, the resources.” 

“They’ve already been shipped to your dock.” Adonis replied. Maddlestrom immediately called someone as soon as he heard this. MeanwhileAdonis couldn’t help but sneer. This greedy bastard took the bait so easily. Maddlestrom’s face dropped in disappointment as soon as he heard that there was no shipment. Maddlesrom turned to look at Adonis, and pulled out his gun. Adonis quickly reacted, doing the same. 

“Wrong move, Adonis. Wrong move.” Maddlestrom warned. Adonis only chuckled.

“I think it’s the other way around.” Adonis gave his cue and suddenly gunfire erupted. The bodyguards pulled out their guns in reflex and started shooting as well. Maddlestrom began shouting curses and orders while trying to retaliate. Adonis on the other hand swiftly took out the men holding Viola and ran over to her. Quickly freeing her, Adonis dropped his gun and embraced Viola. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry my dear. I’ll never leave you again.” Adonis whispered.Viola cried and clutched onto his shirt tighter. Adonis quickly glanced at Maddlestrom before signaling one of his men to protect Viola.

“Viola,dear, listen. This man will protect you, okay? He will take you outside. Make sure you listen to him. Go!” Adonis quickly handed Viola to the man and the two quickly left the scene. By now almost all of Maddlestrom’s men were dead. Maddlestrom was shooting recklessly at the others as they continued to do the same. Soon no one was left. All of Adonis’s men had retreated and Maddlestrom’s men were lying unconscious in pools of blood. While Maddlestrom’s gaze was distracted, Adonis shot him in the shoulder. Maddlestrom jerked back before looking at Adonis.

“Heh,” Maddlestrom was about to shoot Adonis but Adonis beat him to it. Two more shots. One to the stomach and one to the leg. Maddlestrom was now on his knees. Adonis took one last aim before killing Maddlestrom. A shot to the head. 

Months after that incident, Adonis officially claimed Viola as his daughter. Even if their first meeting wasn’t perfect, they would always be together after that. They were father and daughter. Two different worlds that came together, in between. 

Part 129- New novel

 H-hey! This blog may be short but I wanna know your thoughts. So if you may or may not know, I am a writer. Well, duh, I blog. But I also write novels and stories. (I’m not very good at finishing them though.) I am a huge fan of non-fiction and fantasy stories, so you can always expect some crazy imaginative idea in them, but yesterday- actually a few nights ago- I had an idea and I was like, dang brain, you’re genius! I don’t read a lot of realistic fiction, but I was reading something that gave me this idea and I really like it. 

The title is called, When Can I See You Again? and it’s a book on a girl who lives an everyday, normal life. She goes to college and has a job. She has good friends and stays out of trouble. But one day she gets into a car accident, and she loses her sight. She’s blind. Her life goes through so many changes and her world is turned upside-down by these struggles. Can she accept her new life and the way she is, or will she forever be troubled by the event? 

I originally wanted the main character to have some medical disease but I wasn’t sure how I was going to write such struggles without knowing what it actually is like. I don’t want to write something wrong or false, or even something that can offend others. I think “blindness” was a safer option. (Please note, I’m not trying to say anything harmful about blind people or people who cannot see. They are also struggling, and I just thought it would be easier to write on blindness, than on a life-threatening medical disease.) 

Anyway, I just wanted to know your thoughts on this idea and the ideas you have on how the plot could move forward. Here is a snippet of chapter one. ( This is what I have so far. There may be some grammar mistakes and things I need to take out, but this is what I have so far.) 

When Can I See You Again?


My name is Serendipity Esma Williams. I know. My first two names are savvy and unique whilst I have a bland last name. People often question how I got my name. I’m not sure. My parents say that I was an unexpected good fortune in their lives or something. I don’t care. As long as I can find a good nickname for it, it’s not a big deal. Usually, I’d ask people to call me Esma, but now I’ve been asking them to call me Ren. It’s boy-ish but who says it can’t be a girl’s name? I’m currently 19 and am living with my two close colleagues and friends: Evangeline “Evans” Bennet and Mari “Mar” Tartal. 

 I’m a stickler for nicknames as I just can’t stand addressing people close to me with a formal name. Evans and Mar don’t mind. They’ve seen enough to know this is the most normal thing about me. I’ve lived with them for about 3 years, after wanting to get away from my family to become independent. Not as independent as I expected. Evans and Mar take care of me like a baby even though I’m months older than them. I always try to act more mature and start the day off by cooking a breakfast buffet for them and helping them get ready. Yet in the end, they’re the ones sending me to bed early so I wake up for college on time. I have a normal life- with normal friends and lifestyle- and thought it would stay the same. Oh how I was wrong.