Yesterday I watched  the movie, Pan. It is about a boy named Peter Pan, and his journey to find his mother. He and other boys were kidnapped by pirates. And now he lives in Never Land with his friends. Never Land is an island made of dreams and wishes to come true,  under blue star lights second from the right Never Land waits for you. Have you heard that song? If you want to get out of Never Land then you wonder where you will end up. You will end up in London. I have a few connections because, I read books and watch movies about Never Land. I wonder if Never Land is really real so I could visit it. I felt really excited after I watched the movie because, I made a few connections and couldn’t wait to tell them to my parents! 

The peanuts movie

Yesterday I went to the Peanuts movie as a field trip. It was and awesome movie. This was the first time that I got to watch the movie, and it was a very funnny movie. I got to eat a snack pack that has soda popcorn and gummies. I felt happy to see the peanuts movie because, I have been asking my parents everytime we went to the movie theater ever since it came out. I felt so happy to finally watch the movie. One thing that I like about the movie is that it had lots of action. My favorite character is Charlie Brown’s  little sister because she is funny and makes everyone laugh. 


Yesterday I watched the movie Zootopia. I felt scared because in the part when Judy and Nick were finding out what the animal, who was making the predetor animals go savage, was doing to make the animals that are predetors go savage. I think Judy was determined to be a police officer because she might have wanted to protect animals and wanted to find the 14 missing animals. I think that the animal who was making the predetors go savage was only doing this because he might have felt scared of them and he wanted others to feel scared because his friends might have been predetors and they were mean to him. I want to tell you how everyone in Zootopia felt but I can’t because it might take a long time. I want to tell you how Judy felt when shesaw her apartment room. I think that she felt happy because she might have had this feeling at home, dirty floor, loud neighbors, and rough bed.