Part 154- Ungrateful students

Kids have become so spoiled it’s unbelievable. Recently, or not too long ago, a new trend started to surge throughout TikTok. It’s been known as the “Devious Licks” trend, where students will go around and, usually from the bathrooms, steal or vandalize school property. I’m not talking about just toilet paper, but kids have been stealing sinks, toilets, soap dispensers, etc. Then they post themselves doing it on TikTok, showing how great of a feat it was. Not only is it sick, but it’s also incredibly selfish. But before I share my view, let’s see theirs. 

Lets’ first ask, Why would they do this? Obviously, for view, right? But what do they even mean? For a teen in today’s world, what do all those likes mean? Popularity, or even status. Think about it. If you suddenly started getting so many views for one video you post, wouldn’t you want to keep making more of that content to get even more? I know I feel that way sometimes. This would drive them to go for even bigger things. Perhaps even outside of school. But, why would they even do it in school in the first place? Why not at home? Well, for one, it’s riskier. By doing this, you’re defacing property and committing vandalism. These are all misdemeanors, or even felonies if what they damage is worth lots of money. Apart from that, it’s breaking the rules. You’re doing something daring, something others wouldn’t do. The adrenaline from breaking the rules and trying not to get caught also fuels them. 
They are literally stealing school property simply for views or to be part of a trend. Apart from that, what else are they going to do with it? Do they even think about the students who ACTUALLY need these items? What happens if a student really needs to use the restroom, but the soap dispensers have disappeared, or perhaps there aren’t even toilets! What do they do then? But what will happen if they aren’t even allowed to use the bathrooms themselves? To prevent students from damaging and stealing more property, some schools have gone as far as closing down bathrooms entirely for large parts of the day. Mainly it’s for cleaning as students have been drawing crude images and writing on the walls, or for the soap spilled all over the floors, but also as an attempt to control the situation. Some schools have increased security and supervision for this, and students must go to the bathroom in the nurse’s office, or have an adult go with them. Considering how busy the staff is, and the number of students who use the bathroom in a day, it sounds extremely uncomfortable. In my school, even with open bathrooms, we have to stand in a short line to use the bathrooms as so many kids have the urge to go. Those kids must have to wait for even longer, and perhaps a whole period.

Apart from it being stupid, it also shows how ungrateful and how much these kids have taken things for granted. What is considered common for us, is considered a luxury for others? Kids should be lucky to be able to have nice bathrooms every day while some don’t even get clean water. Thinking that it isn’t a big deal is absurd. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that others can. These kids are ungrateful to the fact that they can get these things easily while others can’t, and instead start wasting them for no reason. And not to forget that they actually think it’s funny. There are posts of posts saying how people are thinking too small in the licks and then they show off even worse items. They actually think it’s a friendly game that doesn’t mean anything. And to think people actually are liking this? That only makes it worse. It drives them to go for even bigger things and to keep doing what they’re doing. Traffic lights, other people’s vehicle doors, fire extinguishers, etc. Kids are trying to steal computer equipment. COMPUTER EQUIPMENT. Here’s a more drastic scenario. What happens when there is an actual fire in the school, but some stupid kids who were too immersed in a stupid trend stole the fire alarm? What happens then? Shame on those students who think of this as a fun trend, and to those who liked it as well. 


But, there is one part I really appreciate. To beat the Devious Licks, people have been doing Angelic Yields. Basically, kids go out and replace the stolen things with anonymous donations. For example, more rolls of toilet paper, a new faucet, more soap, etc. Some even just give some cash as a gift for someone to find. I really appreciate these students who go out of their way to correct the behavior of others. It’s a good counter, and I think the schools would also be grateful for those who do the yields. 

And then there’s regular vandalism. Writing and drawing inappropriate things on water fountains or on bathroom stalls. I have a few examples in my school. In one of the first-floor bathrooms, on the last stall in the girl’s bathroom, there are at least 10 scratched-out areas where curse words used to be. I think there are some new ones, but you get the point. There was also an incident that happened not too long ago. Apparently, there was some vandalism on a water fountain. 4-20 was written ( I’m not sure if it was written exactly like this) and during math, a few boys were all asking to go to the bathroom to see it themselves. The matter was resolved, but why would you even do that? What’s the point of writing a random date on the water fountain, or even drawing anything on the bathroom stalls? What does that even do? Are you trying to show off that you’re cool and know so many swear words? It’s really just immature.

Another thing I also want to include is school lunches. While it doesn’t exactly relate to the topic of vandalism, it does relate to kids taking things for granted. So, school lunches are free for the 2021-2022 year, and the number of students buying every day is unbelievable. In my school, for both lunch lines, there is a line of 20-30+ students waiting to buy lunch. And a little less than half of them aren’t genuinely buying lunch. Along with their own lunches from home, they buy a school lunch as well. I don’t have any problem there, but what really ticks me off is how these kids finish their entire school lunch and throw the uneaten lunch in the trash. At least take it home!

There are an estimated 14 MILLION kids under the age of 5 worldwide who suffer from malnutrition. Kids who are lucky to be able to have packed lunches every day, or lovingly made food from their parents simply throw that all away for no reason. I really don’t mind if they just leave it as is, but throwing it away? Parents go out of their ways to make sure you eat well for lunch, but their kids throw it away. What should I say… But then some kids don’t even finish most of the food they get from the school lunch and throw it away. It’s like taking advantage of the fact that you don’t have to pay. I personally dislike buying lunch, so I rarely buy. But when I do, I usually get a side of fruit with a meal and let me tell you. I try to finish everything I’ve gotten, but after 5 minutes of peeling a stubborn orange and finding out it tastes horrible, I couldn’t do anything but throw it away. There was also a time where my chicken sandwich seemed anything but crispy or chicken. It was a very vivid orange and had no crispiness whatsoever. I understand that, but some kids eat only half of their meal and throw it away just like that. Then why even buy it in the first place?! It upsets me how ungrateful people can be for things not everyone gets.

I think the main point of this blog was to show how ungrateful some students are. It shows when they do these stupid trends or vandalism, simply for views. These kids should see how other students in other countries live. They should see how lucky they are to have huge, resourceful schools, and be grateful. They should know that others are the same age as them and don’t get the same luxury. They need to see it themselves to know how stupid, and ungrateful they are when they do these trends. The same goes for kids wasting food. Be grateful that your parents put in time in the mornings to make home-cooked lunches or simply pack one for you, instead of throwing it away like it’s nothing. Because to others, it could mean so much more. Just be grateful for what you have. Not everyone has the same luxury you do, so don’t take advantage of it.

Part 152- Picture Day

Picture Day. For me, whenever I hear this I think of three words.

What to wear? 

I’ve never been so concerned about what I wore, only hoping to look good, but this year I was in full panic mode. Perhaps there’s more stress on what to wear now that I’m older. Middle school is the time where you start to take notice of yourself and what you do, so naturally, looking good for picture day would be a big deal. Or so I thought. Before I share my recent picture Day experience, let’s travel a few years into the past.

Elementary School. The time where we would have everyday outfits chosen by our parents until we were allowed to do so ourselves. Hence, the numerous pictures of us dressed up extremely fancy for picture day. Slowly over time, we’ve started to grow out of that, like I’ve said, and we start to have our own choices. Some kids don’t dress up at all. Some do. Either way, it’s simply for a picture. But, this year’s Picture Day has been playing on my mind, and that’s why I’m bringing this up.

This year was a shock to me. As soon as I stepped into the school, I began to grow more and more unsure of my outfit after seeing the other students. I had worn something semi-fancy that day. It felt as if no one dressed up at all, and I had made a fool of myself. Everyone wore something so basic, I wondered whether they remembered it was picture day or not. I was even more surprised seeing how many of the girls also didn’t dress up as well. Almost every year I would see stylish blouses or flowery dresses for pictures, but instead, it was the regular ripped jeans and shirt. I couldn’t understand what changed through the past year, causing this to happen. It wasn’t until later where I had a possible theory.

Maybe it’s just that people have started to care less for Picture Day. Well, I doubt many people would be excited for Picture Day. Maybe they are, but generally, kids don’t like Picture Day that much. It’s a hassle to have to dress up and pose nicely while giving your best fake smile. Other than possible pictures to buy for updated portraits, what else is Picture Day for? Ids? I don’t mind if it’s used for IDs or maybe for the yearbook, but otherwise, it feels so unnecessary. For me, I don’t even keep my pictures. I can’t be bothered to buy pictures of myself that will be replaced after a year. Not only that, I can take better pictures in places besides photoshopped green screens. ( No offense towards the Picture Day photographers.) So, really what is Picture Day meant to be for. Other students might have also realized that by now, and that’s probably also why they stopped dressing up. But, there is also one more possibility.

Dress Codes. Dress Codes are there for a reason, but right now, I want to state some opinions. Dress Codes suck. This may stray a bit from the Picture Day topic, but I believe this must be brought up. I feel like every Dress Code that exists, is meant just for the girls. I was reading through my school’s Dress and Grooming section in the Student Handbook, and frankly, it seems to be mainly towards girls. There are a few points directed to both, but in a given diagram of appropriate wear, there are far more labels for the girl than the boy. There are logical reasons for this, and I agree with them. But it seems so wrong. With the number of guidelines towards clothes for girls, it’s almost like they can barely wear anything we like. In fact, most of the time, girls doubt their favorite outfits or clothing choices because they’re worried about whether they will get dress-coded or not. And even when they are sure they won’t, they still can’t help but remain tense the whole day. So, that could also be a reason for the lack of dress-up on Picture Day.

Apart from girls, boys have also started to dress up less. Even less than they usually do. Every year, I only see a mere handful of the boys dressing up. Boys aren’t that concerned about dressing up as girls normally have been. Even now, I don’t recall seeing a single boy stick out who was dressed up. Maybe they wore a simple, nice shirt with slicked-back hair, but otherwise, it wasn’t that “grand”.

It doesn’t bother me if people dress up on Picture Day or not. Never has. But, the reason I wanted to write about this was because of the strange interaction I had that day. I just found it unbelievable how not many people, especially the majority of girls, didn’t dress up. I thought that now we were closer to high school, even more people would dress up. Never expected the opposite. Still, it was a good insight into what Picture Day really is like these days. But I genuinely want to know, what was the cause of change this year?

Part 151- Makeup: To wear or not to wear; that is the question

Recently, when I came back to middle school in person, the biggest change I recognized was the appearance of makeup. Seeing this made me think that they were trying too hard to be someone else, or that they were doing something unnecessary or their faces. But through the weeks, I’ve started to discover that there was more to makeup. It seemed that most people wore makeup to fit in and not be different. This led me to a big question. 

Is makeup necessary to fit in, in Middle School?

Yes, and no. Makeup can be used to fit in, but that isn’t the main reason why it would be worn. For example:

  • Insecurities

  • Self-confidence

  • Performances

  • Drawing attention away from something eye-catching

I’ll talk about these more throughout the post. Along the way, I’ll share my views on these, as well as the opinions of many others on this topic.

In order to collect this data, I sent out a survey to several of my classmates and teachers. Throughout the week, responses have been flooding in with so many different perspectives, that my own opinion on makeup has changed a lot. 

Here’s what they were asked: 

  • Do you think girls at this age should wear makeup?
  • Why or Why not?
  • How much would some makeup be?
  • How much would a lot of makeup be?
  • Why do you think others would wear makeup?
  • Is makeup a need or a want? Why? 
  • Is makeup only for girls? Can boys wear it as well?
  • Does wearing makeup make boys girlish and less manly, or not?

When I first saw the responses, I was shocked, yet pleasantly surprised. I thought that the general answer for whether girls should wear makeup or not would be no. It was the opposite. The most common answer for why was expression. A lot of people replied that makeup can be used to express their feelings or even themselves in new ways, as well as to become more confident in their appearances. Reading this, I realized that they were right. In my mind, I thought that makeup showed a fake appearance of someone, and was used only to look good. I didn’t realize how it could be seen as something completely different for others. 

 For some, it helps define their personalities and even can help improve their confidence and self-esteem. Middle school and high school are the ages where we start to become more aware of our appearance to others. We become self-conscious about every trivial thing about ourselves and become insecure about them. Makeup is a way we can hide these insecurities. By doing so, makes us feel more physically attractive, and make us feel confident. 

How? By using makeup, it allows us to present ourselves in a way we want to be seen, and be comfortable. 

I can relate to similar concepts. When I dress up or change my appearance through nails or hairstyle, I feel a different personality. The adrenaline and excitement from it peaks my mood, and I feel absolutely incredible. It’s like acting. With a new boost of confidence, I feel like a whole other person. I think that those who wear makeup might also feel the same way. Wearing it makes them feel special and lets them become a different version of themselves. It lets them be themselves, and because of that, I think that they should be allowed to wear makeup. However, I also believe that kids should try to feel confident by being themselves. Once they are confident with who they are, then they should use it. I will say though, that they should only do so if their parents allow them to. Makeup can be harmful to your skin and wearing it every day will damage it even more.

Another reason for makeup is, taking attention away from something eye-catching. A blemish is an example of this. Blemishes are usually the first thing one would notice since it’s something eye-catching. These things draw our attention from the main thing and make us focus on it instead. For people, it can make them insecure, or even annoyed. Perhaps, when they’re talking, the other person’s attention might be drawn from the conversation to the blemish. To prevent this, that person could conceal it with makeup.

Scars or even wounds are also examples of eye-catching marks. For example, in The Karate Kid, Dre uses his mother’s foundation to hide his black eye so she wouldn’t find out about his fight. Dre is using makeup to hide something eye-catching so attention is not drawn to it. 

Besides insecurities and self-confidence, makeup is very commonly used in performances. Be it movie filming, dance performances, plays, etc, makeup is used. It’s used to take on the appearance of the character or act they’re performing as/for. A lot of theatrical makeup can be used to really portray the character to the full extent so the audience can be convinced. 

How much is some makeup? How much would a lot of makeup be? 

The responses to these two questions were very similar. For some makeup, the most common answers were mascara, lip gloss/lipstick, eyeliner, some blush, and concealer. I agree as well. I don’t know much about makeup, these being the only ones I know and think that at this age, this should be the most used. I would consider anything more would be too much, and perhaps improper for school. It doesn’t feel necessary for people to use so much every day. 

Everyone expressed the same answer for a lot of makeup. A full face, or an amount that changes the natural appearance of someone to the point they are almost unrecognizable. I have a connection to this. I see a girl every day, and she wears makeup. There’s nothing wrong with it. But, whenever I see her, I get confused. On the first day of school, I mistook her for a high schooler. I’m not sure if it’s how her face is, or because of the makeup, but she looks as if she’s in 10th grade. I don’t want to assume anything, but I  couldn’t help but wonder about it. I remember trying to figure out what she would look like without makeup. Perhaps that’s the type of look she’s going for. I’m not criticizing or throwing any hate at her. I’m really just wondering. But, to me, it feels as if her appearance is different because of it. So, would that be considered a lot of makeup?

Why do you think others would wear makeup?

I’ve already shared my opinions, and I’d like to share the responses here instead. 

Some respondents mentioned insecurities and self-confidence like I mentioned before, and others mentioned dressing up. Someone mentioned it makes us feel special. I can easily relate to that. I’ve always felt different, in a good way, whenever I got to wear makeup for special occasions. It felt…magical. 

Another respondent talked about how girls are raised to believe that their value lies in how they look. That’s true as well. On social media, influencers show photoshopped and filtered images of themselves, creating an unattainable beauty standard. These fake images have a bad influence on others. It can become a social norm to reach that standard and develops into pressure. 

There was also a mention of “artistic flair”. After all, isn’t a face also like a canvas? Using makeup is very similar to painting something. I remember when I was younger, I and my friend would use her makeup kit on each other. Well, I would use it on her. What I would do is try out different styles and looks on her, and would experiment with them. ( With her consent of course.) I really enjoyed those moments because I was able to try a new form of art and try to express myself on a different canvas. I liked to find what matched my friend and to try and make her look amazing. Others could feel the same way. They might like expressing art through makeup and enjoy trying different styles and shades of colors on themselves. 

Someone also said that it could be worn to impress someone. I’m not sure if that’s a common reason in middle school, but definitely in high school. Girls will often try to change their appearance or use some makeup to make themselves appealing for a crush, or even in general. Boys as well. They could try to be strong or amazing at sports in order to impress someone they like.

Is makeup a need or a want?

Once again, everyone had a similar response. It’s a want. It’s not something you cannot live without. It can be seen as something important in one’s life if people use it every day, but it’s not a need. 

The respondents said the same thing. One said makeup is a want and is used to feel beautiful, but it’s not needed to look so. Very true. Even though makeup can help boost our image, it cannot compare to the natural beauty you already have. Everyone is beautiful, and we all don’t realize it. Another said it’s not something needed to function in everyday life. Makeup isn’t something you will die without. Food, water, and oxygen are some of the main things we cannot live without. Everything else comes after that. 

People say that makeup is something they absolutely cannot go without. Some people use makeup to hide excessive scarring or permanent wounds. Because they use it so much, it’s almost like a habit for them. Even so, it’s not to a point it’s a need. It may be something really important and a way to not make them stand out, but it wouldn’t count as crucial. It is not something that they will die from if they don’t have it. I’m not trying to sound harsh, but state the facts. 

If you were in a situation where you were stranded, would the makeup be the number one thing you would need at that moment? No. You would first have to find some kind of shelter, food, and water before planning a way to get some help. Your first idea would be to survive in a new environment. How you look would, and should, be the least of your worries. 

Is makeup only for girls? Can boys wear it as well?

In this discussion, I’ve used the word ‘us’ many times. By doing so, I’m not just referring to myself and other girls/women, but also to boys and men as well. In my opinion, makeup shouldn’t have a label and should be considered gender-neutral. I’ve expressed this before in an earlier post, and want to say it again. Shirts and shoes are seen as gender-neutral, but when it comes to dresses or makeup, it’s immediately labeled as feminine. Why is that? One of the earliest cultures to use cosmetics was ancient Egypt, and even then both men and women wore makeup. Back then it was considered gender-neutral, yet because girls use it more often today, has it started to become feminine? The gender that uses it shouldn’t necessarily define what it is. Makeup shouldn’t be only for girls if they use it more commonly. Boys shouldn’t be afraid to use makeup if they like it, simply because it’s only for girls. Makeup should have no label, like clothing. 

The respondents also felt the same way. In fact, the majority of responses to this question were very positive. Many of them answered it as if addressing a boy instead of a survey, and were encouraging them that they were allowed to wear it if they wanted to as well. They were very open to the idea of boys wearing it as well. 

I also received some responses about how it would be strange for guys to wear makeup. There’s nothing wrong with that as well. Despite that makeup can be gender-neutral, it can still be seen as awkward whenever boys wear it. Since makeup has become more common with girls, seeing a guy wearing makeup can be strange.  I think that makeup is gender-neutral, but if I see a guy wearing it, I might be hesitant. It seems out of place and we might wonder what’s wrong with them, or why they want to do such a thing. It doesn’t feel right. 

I think the answer to this depends on society. It really depends on what you’re exposed to or sees commonly. In America, it’s not very common for guys to wear makeup, making it be seen as something only girls would wear. In other countries, it’s different. For example, in Korea, it’s typical for boys to wear makeup. Several male K-pop idols wear makeup, and it’s considered normal. But to other countries, they can be seen as gay or feminine. Because of the society, they are around all the time, seeing something completely different is a shock. 

Does boys wearing makeup make them girlish and less manly, or not?

The responses for this were similar to the previous question. Many replied that makeup can be for both. Someone said that if a guy wears makeup, people can be confused about their sexual identity. Since it’s not common, seeing it makes us find a reasonable explanation for it and assume something different, even if the guy really just likes to wear makeup. 

A couple of respondents also mentioned how makeup can also be used for guys to express themselves and enhance their looks like girls do. 

I want to point out one response that caught my attention. This respondent replied that a guy wearing makeup isn’t girlish, and is more manly because they are not afraid to be judged for their actions. I wholeheartedly agree. When a guy wears makeup in our society, he’s indeed very brave. That guy is defying social norms for something he likes and isn’t worried about others’ opinions. He could be terrified, but then again, he wanted to do something outside of what is normal. That courage is truly remarkable. 

Another respondent also talked about makeup being gender-neutral and explained how there’s a huge stigma around men/boys wearing makeup. They also said how it shouldn’t be girly as it’s a form of self-expression. This also relates to K-pop idols. Makeup can be used to help them with performances, and can also give them a boost of confidence like it does for girls. I know that Jimin from BTS finds eyeliner important when it comes to performances. For him, without it, he feels shy and cannot dance in a more powerful manner. Aren’t the situations similar?

Both boys and girls use makeup for similar purposes. It lets them express themselves, and feel confident. So why should makeup be labeled as feminine? By taking that away from boys who like it, aren’t you restricting them from being themselves? If makeup is how they want to do that, then shouldn’t they be allowed to? Don’t classify it as only a girl-thing, when the purposes of it are common between boys and girls. 

Let’s go back to our question. 

Is it necessary to use makeup to fit in, in Middle school?

No. Makeup is not NECESSARY to be used to fit in, but it can be. We shouldn’t use makeup only if others are wearing it, but only if we want to. It’s something that should be your choice. Not everyone has to wear makeup if they choose not. If it’s your choice to wear makeup to fit in, that’s fine. But try to be yourself when wearing it.

Makeup can be used to not stand out and be different, but it also serves as something greater for others. It can be a form of confidence, a way to hide insecurities, draw attention away from eye-catching marks, and so much more. It also can be used by both genders. I believe that makeup should not have a limit to what it is used for, or to who uses it. It should be used by anyone, anyway, they want, no matter what. 

Leadworthy- Medlin Cares

Last tuesday, Feburary 18t, Medlin had it’s second Medlin CAres. Leadworthy had a booth and an interactive lesson going on that day. The LEssons were called Breakout Sessions, and there were two of them. I was part of the first one where we, me and my friends, met a very important and special guest, Dr. Warren.

On the day of the Breakout session, I was performing with my Orchestra, Fiddle Club, and I had just dashed out of the room from rehersal to the Leadworthy room. Me and my friends Celine, Sophia, Miles, Ella, and Anthony were all voulunteering to help out. I had made it just in time and after a few minutes we had started. Ayman helped us out, only to shake hands. As he shook everyones’ hands, we started getting nervous and celine had just been told something very important from her mom. Dr. Warren was in the room. None of us knew who he was, until Celine explained that he was the Superintendant of NISD. I felt like I was melting, and everyone started to panic. Until we all calmed ourselves down, we started the lesson. Miles was a bit terrified in a nervous way but he pulled through quickly and amazingly. He welcomed everyone into our lesson and started our introductions. HE explained that the purpose of shaking our hands before we come in, and le dus to Good Things. Me and CEline led Good Things where we explained how to do it. We ask if anyone has any good things to share, and people share.  There wer eonly 2 or 3 people who shared, and the first time, we forgot to mention that we start off the celebration. At the end, I messed up and said that First impressions was next when it was actually SOcial Contract. Luckily I had amazing peers who corrected me polietly and didn’t care if I had messed up.

Part 150- Changes

Welcome back to Part 3 of the “Middle School Tales: Experiences from a back-to-in-person-learning middle school student” series. Yes, I did just come up with that name and yes, it is very long. Anyways, I wanted to share some more funny and interesting stories from my in person learning experience.

Like I’ve said many, many, many times before, I have been an online learner for 1 and ½ years. Coming back to school in-person has been extremely challenging, and very different. Everything in your learning environment changes. But, what changes in the students during middle school?

Growth Spurts:

You know how when you go to a new grade or advance to a new level of school, you always admire how tall the oldest, senior-most kids are? Well, that’s similar to what happened with me and my friend. Except, it was us who were amazed at how tall our peers were compared to ourselves. Standing next to them, we look so small! And yet I was so proud to be 5’3 and the tallest in my friend group. Some kids in my grade are extremely tall, no doubt there, but overall, if you line up all the students in my grade, I will most likely be somewhere near the front. In fact, we actually did that in two of my classes, and both times I ended up near the beginning of the line. ( It went from shortest to tallest.)

It’s funny how that happened because it only felt like yesterday when we were all in elementary school and were all the same height. It felt like we were on the same level as one another but now it’s surprising seeing how we’re not. I remember a girl who was in my 2nd grade class who was the same height as me, and now, she’s at least 3-4 inches taller than me. When did that happen?

Not to forget the boys. Oh my god, when I came back to school, I was so shocked with how different the boys were. The most specific thing to me was the voice. I’ve always known that boys’ voices deepen during puberty, but I was so caught off guard when I heard them. There’s a boy who was in my 5th grade class before, and his voice used to be a bit high-pitched. But now, it’s deepened. Hearing him speak feels awkward now.


A lot changes over time. Both boys and girls talk about similar topics; what new cool things are going on, and joking around. But as the years go by, the conversations start to become more…dry. 
Lately, I find myself growing more distant from the usual girl groups or in the topics with girls. Before, when we used to talk about silly fantasies and make jokes, we now talk about who’s cute and hot and what shampoo you use and stuff. I don’t mind from time to time, but I have one specific example of this happening that I really want to share.

So in CCR- College Career Readiness class- we were supposed to share our results from a personality assessment we took the day before, with a group of three. My tablemate invited me to join her group with her friend and we all shared our results. We finished our discussions early so we ended up talking the rest of the time. Or more like, they ended up talking. They started talking about haircuts and what lotion or shampoo they use and stuff. Less than 5 minutes in, I was already bored. I didn’t want to sit around and listen to how you wanted to cut your hair or what products you used. Giving up on listening, I turned my head forward, as our seats were currently in rows, and found a more interesting conversation with the boys.

Boys are interesting. There may be times where they can be incredibly stupid and will make you want to kick them in the leg, but, at least they have a conversation of variety that’ll make you want to listen further. And that’s exactly what happened. I don’t remember the exact conversation going on between the boys, but I do remember how they were all joking around and talking about the most random things.

It made me remember a specific memory I kind of cherish back from 6th grade. I and a few other students part of my Leadworthy Class got to help out in an 8th grade parent-student lunch event. We were supposed to give each parent a name tag, hold the doors open, and take them to the lunch area. Anyways, I and two other boys were on door-holding duty for some time. It got pretty boring as no one showed up for some time, so we started making small talk with one another. Standing some distance away from us was an 8th grader waiting for his parents, and had been waiting for a while. I don’t remember exactly how the conversation was initiated, but I do remember how we were all coming up with these crazy theories about how the boy could have gotten here. Teleportation, aliens, undead armies, etc. It was probably one of the best and most interesting conversations I’ve ever had in my life.

I’m not saying that all conversations with girls are boring, but definitely most of them have started to become so. Of course, I do enjoy listening to my friend talk about her crushes and giving my opinion every now and then. 


I’ve also noticed how comparison has become more common in middle school. At this age, everyone looks to be the -est. Who’s the prettiest, smartest, funniest, kindest, etc. It’s all about who’s better than each other and a competition that drives it. 
In this past week, I have had numerous experiences with classmates and friends comparing themselves in grades with me and with others. I don’t mind from time to time to share my scores, but it really upsets me when a person starts sharing my score with another person when it wasn’t necessary. Firstly, that’s not yours to tell, and secondly, why? If I stay quiet in that situation, then isn’t it obvious I don’t want to bring it up? I’m not criticizing anyone who did it, but I’m just saying that it makes the person in that situation uncomfortable. We can’t always control the fighting ambition in us to become the best, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. 

Blending in:

Blending in is probably one of the biggest factors in middle school. At this time, nobody wants to be different. If you’re different, it’s a problem. Everyone’s looking for some kind of group or some category where they can belong and not stand out. It’s terrifying to stand out. Standing out draws attention. It makes everyone see that you’re different, and because you’re different, you get judged. For that reason, everyone wants to fit in. But in high school, everyone decides to be different. We realize that we cannot blend in all our lives and need to show a level of unique within ourselves to become the best. But until then, no no. 
I don’t have an examples of this happening to me, but I’ve seen it happen a lot of times with different clothing styles and activities. 
I’ve only listed a few changes that happen in middle school. Of course, there are many other that I’ve encountered this past week, bit these are the main ones I wanted to share. It’s interesting how only a day ago we were all elementary kids, and now we’ve all grown up and are in our last year of middle school. Not only that, the change from 6th to 8th is huge! How much have I missed from online school?! Still, I enjoy discovering what I’ve missed, and look forward to finding out what is next. Until then, bye!

Part 101- Kamala Harris and Strange School

 Hello!!!!!!!! I am back from my break, with another post! Today is also the very first day of 7th grade for me, and so far, the online school has been an absolute mess. But, we’ll get back to that later. The first topic for today is Ms. Kamala Harris. It’s actually about the Democratic National Convention that ended yesterday, but, more on Kamala Harris as well.  So, yesterday was the final day of the Democratic National Convention. Its official theme was, “Uniting America.” The convention was 4 days- or apparently 4 nights, and each night there was a speech. Night 1- ” We the People” had speeches by Bernie Sanders and former first lady Michelle Obama. Night 2- “Leadership Matters” which is actually, “highlighted by the formal roll call of states, had a speech from Jill Biden. Night 3- ” A more perfect Union” features Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech, and finally Night 4- “America’s Promise” which features Joe Bidens’ acceptance speech. Kamala Harris’s acceptance is a very very big deal. A lot of people like me should feel proud. She is an amazing role model, and Mr. Biden wins, she will be the first female VP. Plus, she is thinking about running for president later. Amazing. 

Anyway, I’m going this post short for today. I’ll write more into the convention tomorrow. Right now, I want to talk a little about how different school is. Today is my first day, and you may wonder why I’m not in class. Well, I am. I’m just in an independent study time until my next period. Due to the pandemic, we have new schedules. The school starts at 10:00 and is only 5 hours long. We also have our classes split. One day is A-Day and the next is B-Day, and then back to A-Day. A-day consists of odd numbers- 4 periods- while B-Day has even. I started today nervously by making mini pancakes and having turkey sausage and turkey bacon, because, we can only eat non-veg today. I then logged in at 10:00 to science and was disconnected by lagging from so many students in the meeting and because my wifi stopped working. Thankfully, I didn’t miss a lot and finished my simple task for the class. The bad part is that moodle crashed and we couldn’t access any links or sign into the moodle pages. So, emails were sent about moodle crashing and teachers send links. Then, I texted my friends who were also having the same problems as me and were in the same classes as me during the work period and did not get a link for 3rd period. Now I wait after lunch and that independent study for my 5th-period link. Now, I check my schedule online and see that I have a changed schedule. Now, I don’t know whether I actually have math at 8th period, when ELA is, whether I have a 5th period or not, and why Texas History moved down! I’m so confused right now! I don’t even understand what half of my schedule means or even what periods are when or even which! Anyway, I’m stressed out right now, I’ll talk more about the convention tomorrow and somehow figure out my school schedule and classes. Bye. 

Kamala Harris - Home | Facebook

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 20

April 16, 2020:

Ok, let’s get started. There are 2,177, 299 cases in the world. The US has 675,527 cases. There are 27,524 new cases. For some reason, I feel like the number is always like 27,524 or something close to it. I’m not sure why. There are 2,079 new deaths. So, I checked the other countries’ deaths for today, and none of them are in the 1,000’s or past 600 other than the US. Hmm, interesting. I really don’t know what to write so, I’ll just write about what I feel. I feel lonely and tired and trapped- mentally.  Coronavirus is limiting my time outside, as well as the weather. I and my dad haven’t gone outside for a while because of the cold weather. I miss going to school and having real classes where I can learn without having online instructions without clarification and playing with my Orchestra our pieces. At least, on Saturday I get to go on a non-outside road trip with my dad just for fun. TO SEE THE OUTDOORS!!!!! Yay! I just really wish I could go out. after this all ends, I will never take for granted going to Walmart, and talking to people. NEVER AGAIN. All I’m asking is to go outside for purposes other than maintaining health. I’m tired of staying at home and being isolated from the outside world. I need to go outside for real!!!!!! Are people who aren’t taking this seriously enjoying their time outside, feeling invincible, or do they actually feel guilty on the inside, but just don’t want to prove it??

Today was, as usual, the same. Get up, breakfast, shower, work, work, lunch, work, work, work, work, blog, read, dinner, free time, etc and repeated. I miss getting up at 5:35 in the mornings, showering early and rushing to get all my stuff for the new day. Catch the bus, walk into school and go to class. Switch, switch, lunch, switch, switch, switch, switch, and finally switch one last time; then go catch my bus and go home. There, I would get a snack, do my Kumon, schoolwork, Schoolwork review, chores, and read if I had extra time before it’s time for dinner. Then, I get ready for bed, read until 8:30, and then sleep. A least that was busy and full of more things to do than this boring schedule at home. at least somethings are better. For Art, I have a free period- at home- so I drew this really cool drawing of The Great Diamond Authority. I’ll upload a picture at the end of tomorrow’s post- my phone died. At least my drawings are more interesting and fun than what I do at Art at school. That’s probably something to be happy about- that I don’t do art class ( school)- but it also isn’t because at least I was interacting. We also made Clay pots before Spring Break and we’re supposed to get them back by the time we got back, but we can’t. I wonder if the school will be closed for such a long time that there would be dust on the desks. Nah. That sounds like 3 years. Hopefully, COVIDwon’t, and most likely it will not. It might all be over before 2021 starts, or maybe just at the start. Either way, I need this to stop, for the sake of everyone who might be at risk, who are infected, and who are recovering.

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown – Part 18

April 14, 2020:

Update: There are 1,992,189 total cases worldwide, and 126,066 deaths. The US has reached 611,156 cases and 25,924 total deaths. I don’t have my phone with me so I can’t check the news, but, according to what I know and what my parents are saying about it, there has been some “fight” or claim for credit about who got the economy started up again. I do remember that President Trump said that he wanted the economy to be running again by easter. I think that did happen, but, there is something about President Trump and the economy. I think it was that he was not being the bigger person/taking credit for this. I’m not entirely sure, so I’ll write more about that tomorrow. either way, woohoo! Our economy is back again. Yet, this could be a bit difficult if there will be social interaction. Hmm. I wonder what President Trump means by economy back up again. Stocks, exporting, importing? Exporting and importing most likely not. I really need to read the news. I’m not very trusting without TE! Text evidence. The most important thing you need when you write summaries, articles, CER’s, and more! ( Only thing that will let you get points for your projects or get you published) Plus, this seems like a good story to read. I wonder what my parents meant by Mr. Trump being the bigger person if that is what they meant to say.

Moving on. I finished my Art HW, settling on creating a sloth drawing out of toothpaste on a piece of cardboard. I’ll post pictures at the end. I also finished my Marathi Homework, got a 100 on my math, science, and a reassuring answer to my question in ELA. I also got a very thrilling remark on my Assignment for Leadworthy. ( That will also be at the bottom.) I chose Cultural Ettiqite, US and Japan. Plus, we have a flipgrid for our Leadworthy class for good things, and I can’t wait to see everyones! ( To be honest, I kind of liked my teacher’s house a bit. Quite comfy and bright.) I also got almost all my Marathi HW done. Only one last thing to do. I drew some fun pictures of Steven Universe, tried drawing a blackberry as a human, not very good, and I suppose I am now itching to complete this blog, clean the doorknobs, and read my books. This is probably the shortest entry I’ve written, but at least it was more informative than boring. ( In my opinion)

Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 12

April 6, 2020:

Today we have 1,339,548 cases. The US has 362,573 people infected. I was talking to my dad this morning about the virus. We were talking about how doctors have to decide who to give ventilators to if they don’t have enough. He gave an example of there being an old man in who is 65, a middle-aged woman in her 20’s, and a little boy of 8. The problem situation was that there are three ventilators. Give them to the three people. But what if there were two or just one? The two ventilators would go to the middle-aged woman and the little boy. They both have more to offer, and the old man will just age and use up resources. The little boy may also use up some, but in the future, he’ll start helping to make more; not to mention he can’t survive alone if we give the other to the old man. They’ll both need someone to earn for them. If there was only one, then it would go to the middle-aged woman. I first thought it shoudld go to the boy until my dad pointed this out. The boy cannot earn for himself. If he gets a ventilator and survives, who will earn for him/ look after him. He won’t survive. That’s why it should go to the middle-aged woman. She can earn for herself, and also can offer more by working. When I heard this I felt bad for doctors. They have to let patients die based on this system. They have to if there are not enough supplies such as ventilators, but still. I wonder if it is often. HOPEFULLY NOT.

I started my assignments today and finished almost all of them. I got 100 for math, science, my world cultures vocab sort, and finished ELA and Art, which I still haven’t gotten grades for. I think my art submission is probably my favorite. I did Option 2 again, and I created a miniature figure from clay and a small tent, log, campfire, and logs she is holding along with a backpack as well. I placed the little figure’s campsite in the small gap between my books and kindle. I think it turned out really well. Anyway, I just finished, and now I am writing this blog and plan to watch TwoSet afterward. TwoSet Violin is two professional Australian violinists who have created a youtube channel to spread the love of classical music and violins. They used to be concertmasters of big orchestras in Australia, and now make youtube videos about how movies can’t afford to get a proper musician by using logical violin facts to roast them and tell fans to practice 40 hours a day like Ling Ling. Ling Ling is some child prodigy who can play the violin like a master and conquer some of the hardest pieces composed flawlessly.  This is all accomplished because Ling Ling practices 40 hours a day and never stops practicing. You may say that there are 24 hours but for Ling Ling, time goes backward/ reverses so that there are 40 hours in a day. Infinite practice. My friend showed me one of their videos and I thank her for introducing me to this. Through their videos they share many great tips on violin playing. I recommend one video where they talk about the fastest violinist which they proved wrong. Apparently, this guy can play 15notes a second, yet they sound like nothing. TwoSet is amazing and I thank them for making me realize and know why I love the violin every day.

Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 8

April 1, 2020

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I and my friends were chatting just now about today. My friend Sophia changed our group chat to APRIL FOOLS DAY with a devil face and a scary funny mask face. HAHA! Lol! My dad has decided to take a day off because things have been incredibly stressful lately. He asked me if I want to. I’m not sure if that was real or not, I think it is because he said that after lunch I get the rest of the day off. So I decided to do my blog now. Today is going to be a challenge and relaxing. I still need to do my Orchestra HW, record, but I just finished my Membean. CHECK! Okay, let’s get down to business.

Continuing off of yesterday where I shared my thoughts about what I would do for the Coronavirus. So yesterday, I said that it would take me hours before the data came to me. Here is my plan for that. After each person is tested, I want immediate results to come to the doctors or staff testing. They’ll have strict orders to shut down the testing station and put that person in quarantine.  They’ll have a head for each station, one who has contact with me or a flight manager and they’ll be notified about the test. Thereafter, they will contact me, and also see about getting the flight those people were on. I’ll also try to find everyone who was on that flight and get them quarantined and tested. If not, I’ll shut down down the airport, and alert the governors of the state about this. I’ll let them take further matters themselves. I’ll keep checking and keep doing tests in the states. I’ll keep consulting the other leaders and continue taking their advice and ideas. Another thought is to warn Americans before, tell them where there has started to be a case, and start to stock up, and start putting restrictions on hand sanitizer early. Cleaning product companies will be alerted about this as well.  I’ll continue tomorrow.

I just got messaged by my friend, and there was a new post saying that students in Texas will continue the same grade in 2021. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!! I’ll have to be held back!!!!!!! If that is going to happen, then I’ll just skip 6th-grade and go to 7th grade instead. Now, I’m just writing my blog and listening to the Tchaikovsky violin concerto played by Itzhak Pearlman. The music and his playing are beautiful. It’s lovely playing.  I recommend it to you, even if you don’t play an instrument or listen to classical music as much. Just try it. It’s just, WOW. Amazing. Anyway. I have got to finish my Kumon and try to finish Orchestra and fix me E-string on my violin, which I ( guilty) was messing around with because I learned how to tune with pegs, and I kind of messed it up just a bit. Oops.