Part 96- A talk

Hello. So, I know I said that I was writing a possible part 3 on Monday, but, something came up that makes me want to talk about something else. I’m not going to give names, but I am going to try and make this less confusing. So, yesterday was the worst day ever. I got into a fight with my friends. So, it all started in our group chat when everyone else started “ganging” up on my friend. This friend is a little sensitive and can tear up easily so I decided to step in and try to calm them down so it doesn’t happen. note, that this was after I checked my phone and saw a lot of notifications. After trying to do so, they6 started turning on me and said that I had no business in this and I wasn’t a part of it. Then, my one friend, who this is sorta mainly about, said that I’m always barging into others’ business and I’m nosey. Well, name-calling wasn’t starting until then. So then, I do regret it, I called her bossy.  She then said that I “Blew the Bomb” whatever that means, and took me out of the chat. I even texted that I was part of the group chat and there was no way for me to not know what was happening. I then texted my sensitive friend to add me back on, and when she did so, my friend who called me nosey, took me off again and, my sensitive friend. WHY?! She had nothing to do with this! I then tried to text my friend who called me nosey about this and she was so infuriating! I asked her to add me to the chat. I did this in caps, which I do, to add emphasis or to actually tell them I’m serious. She then said that I irritate her sometimes. Of course, I do! We all irritate each other! No one is perfect! She then said I was nosey again, and that it was the truth. I then tried again after she ignored me in the lowercase and tried to spam her with texts. She is not ignoring me and will listen to me. Then, I asked her to give me 2 examples of how I am nosey- in case I was. it’s like when you don’t know you are doing something and others do. I do not know I was nosey yet they do. She then called me shallow after I asked her again to prove it. She then said that I get into every conversation and try to do something. Well, how can I not when I’m part of the chat and we can only text each other these days? HMMM??? I then called her a liar. I know, it wasn’t right but I was mad. She then said that she doesn’t want to talk to me so she’s blocking me because I won’t admit my flaws. I always admit my flaws! She almost never does! I always admit that I’m awkward or can be over-enthusiastic and such, but she doesn’t think so! After that, she said, “Saying I’m bossy and denying you’re nosey isn’t improving your fake nice girl self.” Oh my god. I am nice in real life and I don’t fake it. I’m denying I’m nosey- I’m actually not btw- because you have no proof. She then said, please I don’t have time for this I have a chair test soon and I’m practicing my really hard pieces. Yeah right. Like I started talking nonsense and was annoying her. It would have gone much better if you hadn’t called me nosey, Coni!

Then, in between, I was going back and forth talking to “Diara” and “Maddie” to try and resolve things with them ad see if they can talk to the one calling me nosey. These aren’t their real names. So Maddie says that she’s on “Coni”- the girl who is calling me nosey and it is not her real name- side and that I’m rude and nosey. Well, you sure were a help. Then I went to Diara who let me explain why I thought Coni was nosey, and actually helped me realize that it was only dedication. But then, she said, ” Well why did you call her bossy? To dehumanize her?” Oh my god, I cannot believe her! Anyway, she also said she was on Coni’s side. After that, I went back to Coni and texted hi. She then said, bye! Then I tried the spam again so she doesn’t ignore me. I then said sorry after she actually let me say what I wanted to say, and why I barged in the convo at first. Then, I said sorry for calling her bossy and asked her to tell me 2 examples of how I possibly would be nosey, once again. I then spammed her again. I also texted Diara who literally texted, you aren’t her friend. You hate her and dislike her and never wanted to be her friend. WHAT THE HECK! Of course not! Then she said that she’s mad because I’m pushing her to prove that I’m nosey.  I need to know why she thinks I am nosey in the first place. With no proof, she can’t call me nosey. I texted Maddie that and she said that she couldn’t prove it! Coni then said that Maddie and Diara told her about all the things I said behind her back. I didn’t say anything! Only that she was bossy before Diara helped me realize that she wasn’t!! Oh, also, Diara said wasn’t a dedicated person. Seriously?? I may not show it sometimes but I am! She also said that Maddie and Diara stuck up for her when I was calling her bossy and rude and was telling them to make her prove I was nosey. Yes, that happened, but she makes it sound like I was being mean. I wasn’t! Only trying to solve this out in a calmer and more appropriate manner.

Then during this, my friend Amber- not real name- found out what was happening- she’s on the chat but wasn’t there during the fight- and added me back. I had promised Nikki- sensitive girl- that I would add her back once I was back. So I did. I wanted to end the fight there so I said I was nosey because no one helped me. I have to point out though, that Amber was really nice and was on my side along with Nikki. Anyway, then, Diara and Maddie realized what happened and once again removed me and Nikki.

At this point, I was upset and hurt, so I talked to my parents, and we came up with a plan. Childish at it may be, but, I cried before that. Yes, I was that hurt. They said to let it go and then wait for a few days before saying anything. They would come to their senses. As well as, that I was right. I had stood up for a friend who was “ganged” up on, and they got mad at that. Later on, Diara had texted that she accepted my apology and realized that they treated me badly and apologized. Coni was different. She accepted my apology and was sorta friends with me again. Under my parents’ orders, I didn’t reply. I was also added back onto the chat. It seemed like we were all friends again because the others were texting about Facetiming the next day and having fun.  At 9:30 ish, Coni asked why I was ignoring her, that he was sorry for getting upset, and why I wasn’t saying anything and that she knew I was up and asked once again why I was ignoring her.

I was actually asleep at that time, and even if I was awake, I had wouldn’t have known she texted me because I always have Do Not Disturb on. This morning when walking with Dad he helped me out with a response to everyone on this and I decide to respond to them. I told them I wasn’t ignoring them and that I was hurt from being thrown out and called nosey, and didn’t respond because I was upset and we can be who we aren’t when upset. I accepted everyone’s apology and said that I hope this didn’t happen again. I also asked, what was the point in shutting each other out if we would all be friends again. I also texted Coni to let her know that I wasn’t ignoring her and that I was asleep, and that I wouldn’t respond even if I was awake because I was upset. She then texted back, ” because you were upset? What about me and everyone else? Anyways whatever I already have a lot on my mind. Good afternoon.” I almost wanted to text back, It’s 8:31 stupid. But I didn’t. After I texted my response on the group chat, Coni texted a GIF of SpongeBob ripping his shirt- as if in anger, and Diara did one of a, huh?? GIF. Coni then said LOL and one of Lisa Simpson being happy. She then left the chat, and then I added her back. Diara then removed Nikki, for no reason again, and then I got removed. I find out after that there was a new chat added, but after Nikki being confused about whether it was the new one and Diara explained, Maddie left it, then Diara, and then  I got removed.  I then started a new one and asked what happened and Diara told me that they started a new one and that I was removed. Then, all she replies is, yeah…, and then leaves the chat. WHAT THE HECK! Then Maddie left, and Amber and Nikkia are confused along with me about what happened. I didn’t know either. I apologized and Diara and Coni as well. Not Maddie, and I thought we were all good. I also had a plan in mind to have a backyard party with all of them this Saturday. After the fight, I didn’t want Diara or Maddie, and not Coni that much. Coni was still on the chat, but it didn’t matter. I sort of did want her to come as well. After Nikki said she couldn’t and apologized, Coni left. And then Nikki just asked why she left and I said I didn’t know.

I actually then texted Coni what she was so worked up about and what was wrong. Still waiting for a response Coni. I don’t care about what she thinks anymore. I apologized and she did as well. I tried to make my words give the right meaning- as it can always be interpreted the wrong way,  though, I guess it may not have turned out well. I’m tired of Madie Diara and especially Coni leaving chats and deleting me out for no reason. I honestly don’t care about them right now, They are being jerks and aren’t being fair. I’m done. IF they’re still and about something, then I’m not apologizing. I already did, and actually saw my mistake whereas they haven’t so far. I’m done.

Anyway, I’m sorry for writing out such a random thing as a post, but I wanted to write out what I was feeling. I think that you may also have had some events like these before, and I can agree with you saying, it is teh worst. I’m just letting it go now. I don’t care anymore. If they’re mad, then let them be mad. I’m not going to go to them and ask what’s wrong and act like they are what’s important. I’m not saying that I’m the main attention, but they didn’t even care that they had hurt me. I tried being nice in the end, but apparently, they don’t like that. Anyway, bye. I’m too cross to come up with a fun closing.

The mean girl

In my class there is a girl named Thea. She is sooooooo mean. She talks back to me and even to the teacher. She rolles her eyes at people and lies about things that aren’t happening.  She gets angry at people and blames them even though they didn’t do anything. She is so rude and bossy. Only Advita, Sydney, Chloe. Loseli, Kate and me pretend to be nice to Thea because we absaloutly hate her! Thea is the worst peson ever! Even if she is new to Beck she acts like a sassy girl. On the last day of school I am totally going to act like Thea to her. Maybe. I think that she is the worst girl like ever! I absaloutly hate hate hate Thea so much. I can’t even stand a chance next to her or even like her. Although I adore her outfits😍.