Life of 12 year old – Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 29

April 29, 2020:

Ok, so this morning we tried out the cheesecakes. They looked wet so I was really worried, but they taste sooo good!!!!!! They taste just like the professional ones. I’m really impressed. We currently have two more in the fridge. I really want another one. that’s how good they tasted. Not too sweet or anything. The crust came out perfectly, and the batter was nice and fluffy. Just like the real thing. Good Job me!!!!! Continuing on, I’ve decided to make some of the sort of good things that’s happened over Corona Break.

1. I’ve made cheesecakes/ new recipes
2. More family time
3. More time to watch West Wing
4. Less pollution
5. More animals and better enjoyment of nature

Those are the top things I’ve enjoyed about corona so far.  It’ not really enjoyable when you also think about the hundreds of thousands of people dying. I REALLY hope this stops soon,. Please please come up with a vaccine. Continuing on, my dad has given me the Algebra 1 STAAR test from last year so I could practice. what I so much dislike about this, is that I can’t write on the paper at all. I have an ” answer document” to write my answers, but when I need to solve, I can’t write on the paper. What do I do?! I’m not wasting my precious drawing paper for this! I have to start it today. Dad says that I’m not finishing it today, but I’m definitely starting it today if we have time. That is after I finish my HW and writing my blog. Hopefully, this will take me long enough to not start the test. Ok, here’s some really good news. my old friend from Ohio is now one of my contacts so I can text her! I’m texting her now, and it’s soo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It feels so good talking to her again! The best way to talk to her from who knows how far away! Anyway, I better start my test. Bye!!!!

Rocket Math

In Ms. Schemmel’s class we are doing rocket math. Rocket math is the same as math. In rocket math you have to grab a slip of paper that has math problems, and finish them is 2 minutes or less. If you are done in 2 minutes, you have to wait until the next day to see which warspspeed or color that your on. If you are not done then you have to erase and do the same one again next time. Ms. Schemmel’s class last year said that rocket math is really fun. I don’t think that rocket math is fun. All you do is just try to finish a slip in 2 minutes or less.I think that rocket math is super boring.I like math but not rocket math. One of my questions is, “Why is it even called rocket math?” Math is a different story than rocket math. I love math a lot but others may not.I just don’t like rocket math. If I hear those words ever again, I am going to get mad with you.I am only going to get mad at you in my head.