Bajirao Mastani

Today I watched a movie called Bajirao Mastani. In the movie Bajirao becomes a king. Then he fought in a war and won it. Then when he was playing a game a soldier told him there was another soldier. Bajirao Tells the soilder that told him that there was another soilder to go away. When he did the soilder just went inside and jumped through the doors. Then they were fighting. Bijirao kicked the soldeir and they found out it was a girl. She told him she needed help protecting a castle. And he heleped her protect the castle. Then the girl got hit with a sword so Bajirao killed the king. Then the girl got tooken in the castle that Bajirao was living in. Then she awoke when she found herself in a room that other girls were in. Bajirao asked if he can see the place where she got hurt.  Bagirao used his small knife and put a little fire to test if it hurts and it was. The girl went back to her palace when she was feeling better. Then one day Bajirao asked what wish she wanted and she said she wanted to be his wife. Bajirao already had a wife named Kashi so he had to keep it a secret. One day Kashi had 2 babies. When he went to see Mastani ( his second wife) a girl told him that her baby was giving her troubles and she was having troubles. Bajirao told her to take deep breathes. Then the baby came out.   Then they had a ceremony for the baby twins. When they had a ceremony for the victory a man told Kashi that there were going to be people that will be attacking Mastani becuase they do not like it when they be together. Kashi went inside a room to celebrate the victory. Mastani was fighting with people that were attaking her so she had to be protecting her son. Kashi told Bajirao whats happening and came to help. The last guy hurt Mastani so she fell on Bajirao and he catched her. The soilders put her and her son in jail. One day they had to take her son away. Bajirao went on a war by himself one day and at the end he could not walk because a arrow was in his leg. Bajirao got sick and he thought there was war when there was no war. Bajirao didn’t know that he was just seeing things. Bajirao died in the water because he was pretend fighting in it. Mastani still was in jail and died a few days later. Bajirao helped the people who were indians.