Finishing up the 4th Harry Potter book

Yesterday I finished the 4th Harry Potter book. It is called the Goblet of fire and the next book is called the Order of  phoenix. This book is the biggest book in the entire series and has 870 pages even if it has 38 chapters, the 4th book has 733 pages even if it has 37 chapters. I am excited to finish the  5th book and all the other books. My dad has finished all of the books and my mom, is still on the 2nd book which is the chamber of secrets. I am really surprised how I read 4 thick Harry Potter booke and how I am on the 5th book really quickly.  

Finishing up the 3d Harry Potter book

Today I finished up the 3rd Harry Potter book.  I am on the 4th book now,and it is very thick and it makes things harder to carry. The 4th book is called the Goblet of fire. The third book is called the Prisinor of Azkaban. My mom is on the Chamber of secrets, the 2nd book. My dad read all of the books, he is reading the Half blood prince again. The 4th book has 37chapters, even if the 3rd book has 22 chapters and the 2nd book has 21 chapters. I hope my mom catches up with me because she is a book behind and needs to read more when she has the time.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a boy whose parents died when he was just a baby. He now lives with is mean Aunt and Uncle and his mean Cousin, also known as the Dursleys. Harry Potter goes to a school called Hogwarts and he meets new friends. His best friends are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. There are 8 movies of Harry Potter and 7 books because the deathly hollows are movies continuing. I got the books on my 6th birthday and my dad is done reading all of them, and I’m on the 2 and my mom is reading the first. Each movie has a problem and they need to solve it. There is a man named Voldemort and he killed Harry’s parents when he was a baby. The last movie is my favorite because Voldemort dies,and it shows Harry Potter sending his kid to Hogwarts like how he got to Hogwarts. This is all about Harry Potter you can read the books to hear what adventures he had.  

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a boy. Harry Potter is a special kind of boy because he can know what is happenig and what you-know-who is doing. Harry Potter is the main character in the Harry Potter movie. He is famous from the  books written by J.K. Rowling and made in a true movie made by someone else.  The  Harry Potter movie  like any kind of movie that says Harry Potter or the movie name that you are looking for and if it is  there you can get it and  watch it if you are looking for it or just havent seen it yet.        I like the last movie because you know who dies and I do not like him beacuase he is mean. Mean people are very wrong and they try to kill people and in the Harry Potter movie dethly hollows part 1 and 2. Harry is trying to protect his friends and his teachers are triying to protect the school . The students like Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron are trying to deafeat the horcrcses . I think that the movie Harry Potter and he deathly hollows part 2 is my favorite because you know who dies and then there is no you know who again.