Part 138 – My birthday

 Okay…I’m here. I know I didn’t post last week. Or the week before. But I’m here!  But anyway, I just wanted to share something really exciting happening. As you may have read by the title, my birthday is coming up. ( It’s tomorrow, lol.) Yes, I will be turning 13 tomorrow, and entering the teenager group. I will no longer be a 12 – year-old blogger but a 13-year-old blogger. So, since I am going to officially be a teenager, my parents- and I- did something really exciting. After such a long time, we finally painted my room. It is no longer the dull, common beige we all know, but now two shades of purple. 

There’s this really cool triangle design where we cut the wall diagonally and colored the top a lighter shade and the bottom a darker shade of purple. We did the same to another wall but cut it in the opposite direction so now it looks like a mountain. We also added these really cute mountain climber decals so it looks like they’re climbing the mountain. Apart from that, I also got a new bed which is smaller and creates more space in the room, as well as an “egg chair”.

Another perk about turning 13 for me is getting my first social media. To be honest, I have very little interest in being active online or even having social media. However, I do want Twitter mainly for any political updates. It just feels different when you get to find out yourself what people say instead of from your parents, you know? Aside from Twitter, I’m hoping to get Instagram. It’s not too big or that popular- which suits me just fine- and will work well. I only really wanted Instagram because I wanted some other app to try besides Twitter. My first idea, Insta. 

Last year we weren’t able to do anything with friends due to lockdown, but this year I and my 3 close friends had a sleepover last night. I think it was one of my favorite sleepovers because it wasn’t too chaotic, we all were really close with each other, and we were a small group. Of course, we stayed up until like 12:30 in the morning and acted like crackheads, but otherwise, we weren’t that crazy. A night filled with painting saucer plant pots, building our own mini pizzas, music video, and song shares, and a late-night movie with ice cream followed by a morning of giggles, waffles with raspberries, and gifts is something I will never forget. 🙂

Lastly, I wanted to list out what I’ve done while I was 12. It’s like a tradition where I record a video talking bout what I did at that age the night before my birthday. I haven’t really thought it out but I wanted to list it out now.

  • I did DI this year virtually and placed 4th
  • Coronavirus Log series: 138 parts
  • Live election Blogging for 2020 elections- 35 posts
  • I started 2 new stories- Missing piece and When Can I See You Again- and wrote the most I ever have on them
  • I started following a new musical artist: BTS
  • I started practicing for my SAT’s
  • I’m doing much better in Marathi, and I have started being independent in taking care of and managing my work
  • I finally reached and completed Level J for both math and reading for Kumon ( Something I have wanted to achieve for so long)
  • I started reading Economics 
  • Experienced a slice of real-life: Bourbon Street ( I’m sure all of you know my thoughts on that. If not, here is the link to my “New Orleans Trip” post.)
  • Had a successful plant garden and harvest, and have started another one this year
Now that I think of it, I haven’t achieved/done as much as I usually do. A lot of these are just new things that I’ve done. Not accomplishments. It may be because of COVID, but I definitely aim to achieve a lot more when I become a 13-year-old. 

New Bike Proposal form

 06 / 29 / 18 Friday

Dear Dad, 
I would like to propose a new bike, explaining what is wrong with the one I have,  what I would like with my new one, and why you should spend your money on a new one. 
 A 1. My bike can be used longer but would be best replaced because of these reasons.

  1. My bike’s seat is in very bad shape, for the facts that the underpart has become very sharp and would cut others badly as it has cut you. 
  2. The actual seat also has its design peeling off, making it very difficult to ride without being pricked. Though we can change the seat, I have more than where that comes from.  
  3. My bike wheels are having less air, due to the fact we pumped some in and the next day, it’s down to having less. 
  4. Another problem is that the wheels have become slightly damaged over the last 3 – 4 years and have been riding rather awkwardly no matter how many times I straighten my riding. And, as I said before, we can possibly change the tires, but this is, after all, a proposal so I can tell you my side, and you can judge. 
  5. Another problem relates to the wheels damaged part. My brakes. I don’t really know, but, the brakes are not working a bit. I feel that every time I ride and need to stop, the brakes don’t work too well and won’t slow me down well.  As I said, I don’t know if there may be something wrong, so I could be right, or not.
  6.  Lastly, I have something about the full bike that I’ve mentioned before but would like to make clear.  My bike is at least 3 – 4 years old, could be used longer but could be replaced soon. 
 B 2. As you’ve heard what is wrong with my bike, I would like to propose what I would like on my new bike, if you consider.

  1. I would like brakes, something which you also would also inquire, 
  2. a bag/basket or something which I can use to store things while biking. 
  3. Something not to fancy, but also not to dull. 
  4. Something that would be comfortable to ride with if I ride it to school. 
  5. Lastly, I want it to be GOOD.  I don’t want another bike which has any damaged parts or areas which would be a problem later. Bringing back the problem with the bike seat, you would get what I mean. 
C 3. To finish my proposal, I want to explain why you should spend your money on a new bike. 
  1. If we get a new bike, you would have to do less work when getting my bike ready when we’re about to ride. As I said with the air pressure problem, you would know. 
  2. Also, you would be able to not have to get a new bike later soon, if we could get a good one, bringing up the statement of the underpart seat being sharp. 
The main reason why you should spend money on the bike is that on the seat it is cut. If it cuts me then we would have a more financial trouble.
Anyway, I would like a new bike, and I have proposed why. I am just merely stating my side and will leave the decision to you. I hope you have liked my proposal, and have made a good decision. Either way, I will accept your answer as a decision made carefully, and fairly.

Thank You and with lots of love,
                                                      – RoVa