Part 95- Greenhouse effect ( Global Warming Part 2)

Hello!!! You may wonder why my post is a little early today, and I will tell you why. I have only two weeks of summer left so my parents have decided to cut down my homework and my schedule so, I can finish my HW anytime I want, and be free after that. I’m choosing to finish it in the morning because, I am working on a secret project in Minecraft, which I will not name, because, it is a surprise. Anyway, this is part 2 of the Global Warming Blog. We will be talking more about global warming, climate change, and candidate opinions, and, also talk about the Greenhouse effect. 

What is the greenhouse effect?? Well, the greenhouse effect is a process that warms the Earth’s surface. “When the Sun’s energy reaches Earth’s atmosphere, some is reflected back to space, and the rest is absorbed and re-radiated by greenhouse gases.” The absorbed energy warms up Earth’s atmosphere and the surface of the Earth. This is why cars heat up in the sun, as well. The sunlight passing through the windows of the car is mostly absorbed by the interior surfaces, then radiated back in the air as heat. It is a good thing, as it does absorb infrared radiation that the Earth emits, and then re-emits most of it, to warm the atmosphere to a comfortable temperature. 
Anyway, in the last post, I know that we talked about the different candidates’ opinions on global warming- or climate change- and I forgot to include one thing that I always do, which is, share my opinion. In this post, I’m going to share what I think about global warming.
Well, as a kid, my teachers or peers are always talking about global warming and how the glaciers and ice caps are melting because of it. Over the years overhearing this over and over again, one can only believe it. So, this may be on my kid-student- learner side, when I say that I believe in global warming. My belief may possibly change when I later become an adult or even sooner, but for now, I believe in it. Scientists have been observing this for possibly years now, and science has proven to be right A LOT of times. Although we may not see it now, but, in the future, when more ice caps or glaciers have melted, the oceans will have risen, and we will get flooded slowly. Slowly, slowly. Of course, a way we can try to slow down this process is by reducing the number of fossil fuels we use. Instead of driving to work every day, if it is close by, try biking or walking instead. For lamps, turn them off and use sunlight. Electric cars, lights, solar lights, and more. Reduce the number of fossil fuels used, and ask whether it is really necessary to use them. 
Anyway, I know that was short, but I think taht pretty much sums up my opinion. I don’t have a lot of thoughts on this subject, but, I definitely do believe in global warming. I think there is another part of this subject, as I have more facts on each candidates’ thoughts on this, or, I’ll have a new topic. BYE!


One question. What is global warming? What, really is global farming? These, my readers, are the questions, I have been asked about by my dad. We had a sort of discussion about this, and he was saying that global warming is fake and I don’t know what recycling means and why we should do it.  He also said to write about each candidate and that.  So, yeah. Let’s just get into this.

Global warming is, *ahem*, the unusually fast increase of Earth’s average surface temperature. This is due to the greenhouse gases- water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. What are these gases? Well, they are from  Earth’s atmosphere and trap heat. They let sunlight pass through the atmosphere but prevent the heat that the sunlight brings from leaving the atmosphere. Anyway, Global Warming has been caused by greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels. 
Global Warming has caused the melting of glaciers and ice sheets which causes sea levels to rise. Another possible effect includes large-scale changes in ocean circulation.
Now, my facts/ what I am writing about talks about the candidate’s opinions on CLIMATE CHANGE. I couldn’t find global warming, but, climate change does include temperature rising and sort of is related to global warming. Anyway, here we go!
Presidnet Trump:
Presidnet Trump “tweeted” that China created the concept of Global warming, and just for them, only to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. He also said that the weather has been really cold- by the way these are probably old tweets- and “Global warming Hoaxsters” were forced to call it climate change to ” keep $ flow”. Now, these are tweets. Let’s talk about what he’s said in person or on an interview. Still continuing form that same link, President Trump says that climate change is “mythical” or “nonexistent” or an “expensive hoax”. So, teh quote aid about the Chinese creating climate change was said in 2012 and was later claimed to be a joke. So, he does believe that it is fake, but not that it was created to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. 
Joe Biden:
What does Mr. Biden think about climate change? Well, I don’t have a clear answer, but I do have this. Joe Biden likes to say that he was among the first to introduce a climate change bill. Fact-checkers are agreeing to this. This was the Global Climate Protection Act of 1986. This bill, “directs teh president to establish a Task Force on the Global Climate to research,. develop, and implement a coordinated national strategy on the global climate.” Well, if he did try to do this, then he surely might believe in climate change and global warming. “In 2007 he supported higher fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles, which passed, and in 2003 modest caps on greenhouse gases, which did not.” What did the second vote in 2003 do? Well, according to this helpful link, it was to reduce U.S emissions of greenhouse gases to, “2,000 levels by 2010.” The vote turned outa s 43 votes for yes, 55 for against, and 2 for not voting. 
Anyway, that was a review of global warming and on what both candidates think about it. I do realize, now, that I didn’t talk a lot about Presidnet Trump’s side, so I am going to write more on Global warming greenhouse gases, and such tomorrow and include more on each candidate’s side. Bye!