Part 167- Washington D.C. Trip

Part 167- Washington D.C. Trip

Summer break ended a few days ago and so school has once again begun. However, today’s post is not about what high school is like or anything. Instead, I’m talking about my very last summer trip of the year.

A little more than a week ago, for the last trip of the summer, my family and I went up east to New Jersey as well as other states nearby such as Pennsylvania and New York. But, that still isn’t the main focus of today’s post. The main focus was in fact the highlight of the trip. A visit to Washington D.C.

Our trip included staying in D.C. and taking a tour of the White House as well as the Capitol building. Unfortunately, due to – I’m assuming- the weather accident with lightning in front of the White House, our White House tour was rescheduled to a later date we already had plans for. To sum it up, we could not visit the White House. We could see it from a barricade and see its white exterior illuminate the dark night sky, but we couldn’t go inside and tour the actual building.

Apart from that, we did get to tour the Capitol – which I am extremely grateful for- as well as visit many other places such as the Lincoln Memorial, National Archives, and the National Museum of American History. This post is about what D.C. was like, and what I thought of it.

I’ve wanted to go to D.C. for a long time. Okay maybe for a few years now, but I’ve still been really set on visiting it sometime soon. The main reason was because the last time I went was when I was still a toddler, and I have no recollection of doing so. But I also wanted to visit D.C. because of the show The West Wing.
If you don’t know what it’s about I’ll summarize really quickly. The West Wing is a political drama series on how fictional Democratic President Josiah Bartlet and his presidential advisers and staffers try to run the country. It shows different political scenarios such as working through two presidential terms, political threats, scandals, other possible scenarios, and even the election race to succeed President Bartlet. I’ve always loved The West Wing and it’s one of the things that have inspired me to become a lawyer or just someone who works in the political field one day. I dreamed of one day working in the West Wing or even in D.C. and that still remains as one of my goals for the future.

Another reason for wanting to visit D.C. was because I had taken U.S. History this year and was really interested in the subject. After learning about the struggles our founding fathers went through to create this government simply for the people, I wanted to see the buildings where the same principles are applied today, 300 years later. I think because of taking that course, I had become more appreciative of not only my country but also for what it was established on. That made me more perceptive towards what we saw, and also allowed me to make better connections to what I learned. Side note: I now cry when I hear the national anthem. I- Yeah. Oh the things one history class has done to me. I mean it’s not bad. I think it’s a good thing that I actually know more about my country and I really appreciate the principles for what it was built on as well as am proud as to how we got this far. If I cry by remembering all that then so be it.

Enough about how I cry during the national anthem. Let’s actually get into the overview now.

Honestly I’m not sure what I was expecting from D.C. Whenever I hear about it I always imagine the Capitol and White House only some distance from each other and then there are a bunch of other government buildings and monuments there as well. It is like that but also different. For example, I did not expect to be able to calmly take a walk under the shade of huge trees while drinking a slushy right next to the Department of Justice. I could just walk by and wave up at the windows and be like, “Oh hello Attorney General Garland, how are you today?” I doubt that’s even possible and I would look like an absolute fool, but the idea does amuse me. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to seem disrespectful towards a government official or the employees. I’m just saying it was really unexpected to be able to walk right next to such an important building as if it was normal. 

Me standing in front of the
Department of Justice
If you remember, I had visited India near the end of 2021 and early 2022 after 7 years. During that trip my parents and I visited New Delhi and saw the Parliament of India, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and many other government official buildings/houses from afar. That time I was surprised about how open and nearby it was. I think that was how I thought D.C. would be. Boy was I wrong. I only got to see the Parliament from a distance and yet I was walking right next to the White House. (Not that close but still a much closer distance than I could in India.)

Apart from D.C. being full of government buildings and monuments and museums, it does have a bit of life to it. We always think of these officials as powerful and they are always making decisions that we either do or don’t agree with when they are also human like us. People in D.C. may be officials or employees but they also have normal lives. They also like minimal spice Indian food and Starbucks as well. *Ahem*

First let’s talk about the Capitol tour. Huge thank you to Senator Cornyn for getting us the opportunity for this tour as well as having one of his staffers guide us around. I would say it was different from my expectations. From a Capitol tour, I was expecting maybe how the Senate or House works and what their daily basis is. That was what a Capitol tour first meant to me. Instead, we got a building tour. We learned about the architecture of the Capitol, the statues that decorate the interior, background to the many murals and paintings, as well as how different events in history have shaped it to how it is today. I’d say I was more relieved. I was expected to ask questions during the tour and I was extremely nervous on what to ask or share an insight if it was on how Congress worked. I do know how it works, but I was worried that the amount I knew wouldn’t be enough or I may ask something stupid or say something incorrect. I found the tour guide extremely impressive and I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of her. I also felt this sort of pressure to impress her and ask really high level questions. I think that’s why I felt so nervous to ask a question at the beginning. But throughout the tour that pressure slowly reduced and it was easier to do so. I found myself wanting to know more and tried to let that fear go. I still do think I could have asked better questions and I am disappointed at myself for not doing so. But I am happy that I was able to gather the courage to do so.

The Capitol is absolutely beautiful. I love how everything ties back to history. It’s like the Capitol is a sort of temple to thank our founding fathers and historical figures for the impact in our country. Like, there’s George Washington almost everywhere. Statues, murals, paintings, etc. The more I think about it it does feel like a temple. Every small detail is built based on how our country started to grow, bad or good. There’s not much from current events except for some women’s rights statues and such. Everything else is designed with the idea of kind of thanking the things that made our country how it is today. For example, there are American tobacco plants carved all over the building. Tobacco was a major cash crop that was a driving factor in the economy as well as what increased the need for slavery. In the Rotunda, there’s a mural that shows everything from Columbus up to the Gold Rush. In the dome of the Capitol there is a fresco called The Apotheosis of Washington that shows George Washington becoming a god or apotheosis as he was the first U.S. president and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. I honestly think that’s kind of motivating. Everyday Senators and members of the House will come for work and they see these statues or paintings of President Washington and decide to work hard for the country. Maybe not everyone would think that way, but I think it would be a huge honor to do so. I mean, President Washington was the precedent president. He was the example of what a president should do for future presidents to come. To be able to work everyday for this country that he first led and helped fight for, now that would be motivating. 

The Apotheosis of Washington
Considering that, I want to talk about the riots that happened in 2021. The Capitol breach and vandalization. I wrote a post on this about a year ago when it happened, and I have a different perspective on the situation. A proper explanation of the Capitol breach can be found from my post Part 126- Breach in the Capitol. In that post my general opinion of the situation was mainly anger and displeasure. I was extremely upset at Mr. Trump’s words and was disappointed with how people reacted in agreement to his words. This time, I’m more disappointed and ashamed.

I’ve said this many times, but I will state it one last time. In my opinion, I think the Capitol is designed like a place of gratitude and honor towards not only President Washington, but also many important figures who have shaped our country. President Lincoln, General Ulysses Grant, Sam Houston, etc. By this breach of the Capitol, not only are we disrespecting the building and work space, but also the grounds on which our country first started developing. President Washington gave a farewell address at the end of his presidency. In that address was one request for many others to not form political parties as he was afraid it would divide our nation further. Despite that request, we immediately split into two parties after he stepped down, and look how that has gotten to today.

It’s almost embarrassing to see the results of something our first president warned us about, in front of something that respects and thanks him. It’s embarrassing to think our own people would do such a thing over something small.

Other than that, the Capitol felt much smaller to me than I thought it would be. It looks huge from outside, but it’s pretty close together inside. But then again, I haven’t really seen the ENTIRE building so I may never know. 
Actual picture of me at the back of the Capitol. 
One of the interesting things about the Capitol were the statues inside. Each state is allowed to give 2 statues to the Capitol to which they can swap out whenever they want. Many other people can do so as well. However it’s not necessarily guaranteed that it would be put outside on display. I like how every state chose something unique based on what was important for them. They’re contributing their own pieces of history or even culture/traditions through these statues and the Capitol displays them proudly for everyone to see and learn about. Below are some examples. 
Helen Keller from Alabama
King Kamehameha from Hawaii
We also visited the Lincoln Memorial and National Archives. Being in the Lincoln Memorial felt…powerful. I can’t really explain it, but when you look at President Lincoln, there’s kind of a powerful aura that can be felt. It’s probably because the statue is huge and the expression is very confident, but you never know. A fun part of visiting was that I actually know the “history” in this. I don’t know the details of the building, but I do know about the Gettysburg Address and his second Inaugural Speech. They were written on opposite walls of each other. It felt really cool to immediately know where they came from, the background of which he said those words, and what the purpose of it was. Other than that there’s not really much I can say. It was extremely busy there and I don’t think I got to properly admire nor pay my respects in a way towards President Lincoln properly. 
Me sitting in front of
Lincoln’s second Inaugural Speech
The National Archives were pretty interesting as well. I have to say, I was mildly dissatisfied when seeing the Declaration of Independence. I think it was obvious it wouldn’t be super clear given it is 300 years old, but I was let down due to my over hopeful brain. I really liked the set up of explaining the details when writing or what happened around the documents. There were things about spelling mistakes, drafts, reasons the ink is faded, and letters that were put up beside the documents in order to have a better understanding. We didn’t spend much time in the National Archives to explore so I really only got to see the Bill or Rights, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, as well as Public Vaults. The Public Vaults were pretty much just small collections of history such as info about the 3 documents, colonization, invention patents, and more. I think there is more to the National Archives, but based on what I got to see so far, it wasn’t as exciting as I hoped it to be. Hopefully next trip we can stay longer. 
We also got to go to the National Museum of American History. I think that was one of the more interesting parts of our stay. It was quite literally a living documentation of everything in history. There was everything from transportation to cooking to democracy and everything in between. There was even a section on currency that showed how different forms of currency were used and made over time. One of my favorite exhibits was on American democracy that basically showed everything from the start of our government to now. There was stuff on the evolution of voting, protests, elections, news segments, and many more. 
A little something I found amusing
I’d say the best part of the museum was the Star Spangled Banner exhibit. Inside they first show you a timeline of everything that led to the national anthem being written. That meant a timeline of the War of 1812. There was info about the events, what weapons were used, and what it sounded like. There were real life ruins of old missiles and such on display. Further into the exhibit is the highlight. They have carefully maintained and displayed the original American flag with 15 stars and 15 stripes, that was made at that time. After being held onto by the original maker’s family for generations, it was given to the museum to which it has and presents today. This was no ordinary flag. It was HUGE. The usual size of an American flag is 3’x5’. This flag was 30×42 feet which is also much larger than the modern garrison flags used today by the US Army which are a standard 20 by 38 feet. The flag displayed was not the entirety as several parts including a star were cut away and given as keepsakes. However, it was still remarkably large and quite beautiful to look at. 
The original Star Spangled Banner
My parents and I outside the
Star Spangled Banner exhibit.
To sum it up, D.C. was an interesting experience. I certainly went through a lot of emotions, including a bit of nationalism, confusion, nervousness, excitement, disappointment, gratitude, and relief to name a few. But mainly I was more motivated to work there. I couldn’t believe that people were working in such a beautiful building everyday. It seemed like an honor to work inside one of the country’s most important buildings and to do something for our country and people. Also seeing how the staffers and employees worked and were able to have such amazing opportunities of assisting and working there as well made me determined to become one of them. It would be great to one day work alongside great people and to carry on what the founding fathers established. So yeah. Washington D.C. was a great experience for me, and I really enjoyed touring the Capitol and being able to make connections to what I learned in U.S. history last year. I will certainly try to work hard to go to D.C. again – hopefully for work- and yeah, I hope you have a great weekend. See you!

Part 153- Emotions

What is emotion?



a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

There are several types of emotion. Happiness, disgust, anger, disappointment, sadness, etc. When we say someone is being emotional, we often think of the negative sides of it. Crying or sorrowful. We don’t realize that it could also mean being overjoyed or heartwarmed. So many different factors affect how our emotions change. Setting, mood, relationship, situation to name a few. Let’s break it down.

For many students, coming back in-person to school from remote learning can be stressful. Everything changes and we have to remember a lot of our old good habits from before. We have to have a lot more focus now as we were very easily distracted in the previous year. We also need to get back in the habit of managing homework after school as we can no longer easily complete it during other periods. Not to forget, we aren’t used to walking around every period anymore. Instead of disconnecting and clicking on the next meeting, we have to quickly transition from one class to another all over the school. Then we have after school activities which take out time from our afternoons when we get back from school. This leaves kids working from late in the night to early in the morning. This then results in not having enough sleep, and not focusing well during classes. The cycle then continues. This builds up so much stress in students, it’s unbearable, and starts to affect their emotions. It can result in students becoming frustrated in everything, or even having meltdowns.

Even though crying cannot solve anything, it really helps to let everything out. After crying it’s like a huge burden from inside is lifted, and it becomes easier to start working again. That’s what happened to me. Not too long ago I came home and had a meltdown. I realize now that it was over something small and could be easily fixed, but back then, I really just couldn’t do anything about it except let it out. Sometimes, in certain situations, it’s best to let your emotions out instead of letting them stay inside for too long. However, when we do it’s considered childish. At this age, we should have better control on our emotions compared to small kids. We know better than to cry over trivial things and be able to deal with problems in more mature ways. Hence, when someone does cry, they’re seen as weak.

But let me ask this. If someone is overjoyed and lets out tears of happiness, are they considered weak? Tears can be let out as a form of expression. It’s often associated with sorrow and pain, but isn’t it also for happiness or delight?

Then again, there are limits to when you should let your emotions out. Simply because crying isn’t weak doesn’t allow one to be able to cry all the time. If so, then you actually are weak. It’s not right to cry over the smallest, fixable things. Things that easily can be solved should not have tears be shed upon. Not only is it unnecessary, but it’s a waste of time. For example, if you have so much work and little time to do it, instead of crying about it, why not just grit your teeth and get it over with? In the time spent moping around, you could have used it to get started or be half-way into an assignment. Now, you’ll only end up taking more time to complete it. 
Being emotional has two meanings. You can be emotional by being overjoyed, or you could be emotional by being upset. It’s not always a bad thing to be emotional, but you shouldn’t necessarily be crying about the things that can be fixed. Control your emotions instead of letting them affect your actions and thoughts.

New Bike Proposal form

 06 / 29 / 18 Friday

Dear Dad, 
I would like to propose a new bike, explaining what is wrong with the one I have,  what I would like with my new one, and why you should spend your money on a new one. 
 A 1. My bike can be used longer but would be best replaced because of these reasons.

  1. My bike’s seat is in very bad shape, for the facts that the underpart has become very sharp and would cut others badly as it has cut you. 
  2. The actual seat also has its design peeling off, making it very difficult to ride without being pricked. Though we can change the seat, I have more than where that comes from.  
  3. My bike wheels are having less air, due to the fact we pumped some in and the next day, it’s down to having less. 
  4. Another problem is that the wheels have become slightly damaged over the last 3 – 4 years and have been riding rather awkwardly no matter how many times I straighten my riding. And, as I said before, we can possibly change the tires, but this is, after all, a proposal so I can tell you my side, and you can judge. 
  5. Another problem relates to the wheels damaged part. My brakes. I don’t really know, but, the brakes are not working a bit. I feel that every time I ride and need to stop, the brakes don’t work too well and won’t slow me down well.  As I said, I don’t know if there may be something wrong, so I could be right, or not.
  6.  Lastly, I have something about the full bike that I’ve mentioned before but would like to make clear.  My bike is at least 3 – 4 years old, could be used longer but could be replaced soon. 
 B 2. As you’ve heard what is wrong with my bike, I would like to propose what I would like on my new bike, if you consider.

  1. I would like brakes, something which you also would also inquire, 
  2. a bag/basket or something which I can use to store things while biking. 
  3. Something not to fancy, but also not to dull. 
  4. Something that would be comfortable to ride with if I ride it to school. 
  5. Lastly, I want it to be GOOD.  I don’t want another bike which has any damaged parts or areas which would be a problem later. Bringing back the problem with the bike seat, you would get what I mean. 
C 3. To finish my proposal, I want to explain why you should spend your money on a new bike. 
  1. If we get a new bike, you would have to do less work when getting my bike ready when we’re about to ride. As I said with the air pressure problem, you would know. 
  2. Also, you would be able to not have to get a new bike later soon, if we could get a good one, bringing up the statement of the underpart seat being sharp. 
The main reason why you should spend money on the bike is that on the seat it is cut. If it cuts me then we would have a more financial trouble.
Anyway, I would like a new bike, and I have proposed why. I am just merely stating my side and will leave the decision to you. I hope you have liked my proposal, and have made a good decision. Either way, I will accept your answer as a decision made carefully, and fairly.

Thank You and with lots of love,
                                                      – RoVa

The Ice Hockey game

On an ordinary Sunday, my dad and I were preparing for the time to go. “Where?”,  you ask. To the Ice Hockey game. Not just any Ice Hockey game, my very first Ice Hockey game. The feeling of going to an Ice Hockey game is actually tense, and exciting. Especially when any family member or friend works in the 7eleven headquarters, and got tickets for working really hard.  Not only getting free tickets is exciting, but also getting to sit in a suite, or also known as a box, which provides the best view, comfy seating. fresh drinks, healthy snacks, and meals, along with a very long dessert cart. Although it is very rare and exciting to get to sit in a suite, and 7eleven decided to hand them out only to their employees, for working very hard, this was my first time going to an Ice Hockey game, I really enjoyed. The game was actually not very exciting, for the Dallas Stars lost against the Vancouver Canucks. Though the Canucks had a long journey here, they weren’t going to lose after a long trip. Though the Dallas Stars lost, which is the team I am cheering for, on my first time, I really had  A LOT of  fun!!! We had the best view from the suite, right in the middle of the seating area. If you want to know where the suite is, then imagine a full stadium, with an ice rink in the middle of the floor, a big – huge- TV in the middle of the stadium, above the rink, with thousands of seats surrounding the rink, then somewhere between the seats at the bottom, near the rink, and at the top, far away from the rink,  there is some sort of border, with plastic making a sort of window shield.  If you look closely, there are chairs, with a small table, that has a plastic rim surrounding the border. If you step outside the arena, and go to the level above you, you’ll find a doorless room that has comfy leather chairs, a small counter, a table on the side of the room, a TV above the table,  and some stairs that lead to more leather chairs, t that have a small area to put your plates ,while you’re not hungry, that has a plastic rim that makes a border, or a window that does not close. The suites are really cool, and, I wonder, not to be rude, how can people sit all the way at the top, when you lean forward just a bit, almost like you are about to fall, and are very, very high, almost like you are up in the sky? Also, what about when you are really, really, really close to the rink, not exactly very close, but close to where you almost have a good view, how can you see the Tv, and the game?? These 2 questions make me ponder very much, ever since I got to the game.  I hope next time my dad gets us passes, we can take my buddy Stella and her dad as well!!!!!

Here is a picture of two suite passes, for access to the suite.


Fashion magazines are magazines that involve fashion,beauty, and clothing. I think that fashion magazines have a few problems. 1 They give their models terrible looks, 2 the clothes look terrible no matter how beautiful  they try to make it, and finally 3, the posing from their models look terrible!  Though they have terrible things in their magazines/ the models,  thy have excellent beauty products. They mix beauty products together to make 1 big thing! Their newest feature is something you can use to beautify your eyebrows that is double ended. They have a lash on 1 end and a brush on the other. My opinion on fashion magazines is if I like them or not. I hate fashion magazines! I see fashion magazines as little hypnotizing glamour books which try to, hypnotize you to buy things from that company. This is my opinion only.  I like the ideas that they have but I think they make too much makeup in the world. They should try to make more things for kids. For example let’s take clothing. If you have ever been to JcPenny you can see that there are wonderful types of clothing for kids there. But they don’t advertise that, they advertise the women’s stuff. They have amazing clothing for kids when they don’t advertise it! I never saw how much I liked the JcPenny clothes for kids until,I went there. I never knew that there was great clothing there until I went there. Women always know what they want at fashion stores but, kids don’t. They should make a fashion magazine for kids if they have clothing for kids. Even if they don’t have much they should just do it! They might get lots of customers asking for kids clothing. Well that is just my opinion about fashion magazines. Others may like it or may not. 


On the 24th of Janurary me and my BFF Stella made $97. We were selling Lava Worms. Here is my video for beckopoly.

Lava Worms are plain gummy worms dropped in a solution to make them dance. This is my 2nd time doing Beckopoly and I have earned alot of money for the PTA. The gummy worms dance when you mix Acetic Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate together. You have 1 cup of warm water mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate and soak the gummy worms for 2 hours. Then you put the worms into white vinegar which is Acetic Acid , and watch your gummy worms dance. Do you know what is Sodium Bicarbonate? That is baking soda.



Last  Year I drew handmade henna designs and made $30. I ended up putting the my left over money with the amount I made this year. Beckopoly is actually Monopoly but in my school, Samuel Beck Elementary. 

Every year I go around to see the stores that everybody had. All of the stores are fantastic and have awesome ideas!😍 Kids come up with great ideas and always are so creative!😄Beckopoly is always so fun with the interesting ideas,games,products,bracelets, food and even experiments that kids come up with and show every one else their idea. 

The reason why we are doing Beckopoly is to raise money for our PTA. There are also competitions that kids can go to if their stall is a huge success. I never won last year or this year but I think we did the best. I loved my product Lava worms so much. My favorite part was seeing the gummy worms dance. I think that is the coolest thing ever and is so awesome. I hope to do Beckopoly next year with  my friends and hope to win Beckopoly!

Snow in Texas

Yesterday it snowed in Texas and everyone went crazy! I lived in Ohio for 7  years. There was snow every year and every December in Ohio. I asked Loseli,my friend, “why are you all crazy?” She said “we haven’t had snow for so long!”So when I got home I played in the snow remebering all those snowy days in Ohio. Texas only had powder snow and Ohio had thick snow. Texas was much better for me because I don’t like snow. I think that everybody is used to extreme hot summers without any snow but, yesterday was dream come true. I thought that  a little snow would be much better than a lot of snow. Me and my friend Stella don’t like snow as much as everybody else does. 


Beckopoly is a place in Beck/my school where you play Monopoly but in real life. I have done this last year by myself, and now I am doing with my friend Stella. We are planning to make dancing gummy worms. You mix warm water and baking soda together to make the first soloution. Then you soak the gummyworms in it for 15minutes or more. After that you pour white viniger in a jar and slowly put the gummyworms in the viniger. Lastly you watch your gummyworms dance happily. We are planning to do a try it out station and let other kids try to make thier own. When they are done we are going to give them a package with the materials for, the dancing gummyworms. We are going to ask the kids if they liked our idea to see if we had a great idea or not. I think that this will be a pretty cool idea and a lot of kids will want to try making a dancing gummyworm. Me and Stella have been friends for 1 year and we planned,this from the start of third grade. We are really good friends and almost always work together no matter what. I can’t wait to find out how the gummyworms dance because I have never seen  one  in front of me. I wonder how they dance and why use viniger as the second soloution?I really want to find out because finding out would be cool to know. If there is no reason then I hope someone finds out!

Holiday parties

We celebrated New Year with a family party. First we played the game pool. Then we played Jenga twice, watched a movie and last but not least we watched the ball drop. I fell asleep before the ball dropped. On Christmas I got a 12pack,5pack,and 2pack of shopkins from season 6. Also known as season six chef club. Additional to that I got a American Girl Dollhouse for my dolls to live in, scince I  really needed one for my dolls. I got my parents a hand drawn family portrait by me and, a painted picture frame also painted by me. I loved both presents so much that I ended up playing with both for the entire day. I now have  about 200 or 300 something shopkins. I love shopkins so much that when I go shopping with my mom to Walmart in the toy section, I stare right at the shopkins just wanting to buy them all! Even if our New Year party was short it was alot of fun. Things are more funner when you have friends and family with you! They always bring the sparkle into anything at anytime! Even if I would have enjoyed going to a New Year party outside this was a awesome party and I hope we do one like this next year! I wonder  why people celebrate new years with a New Year party. I also wonder how the new year even started. Is there a scientific explenation for than or not? I hope to find out!

dentist appointments

When you go to a dentist you first fill out a form. Then the dentist comes and takes exrays of your teeth to see any dental problems. Once they have you exray they get a new set of tools ready for your checkup. After that they take measurements of your teeth with milemeters. If your teeth measurements are below 3 milemeters then your teethare healthy but, if your teeth are above 3 milemeters then they are not healthy. They also take closeup photos of your teeth to see any damage closer. When they are cleaning they take the moisture out of your mouth with a tool called a air water serienge. The dentist ask you questions about your teeth to see any damage or cleaning that needs to be done. Finally the dentist clean your teeth with a special type of toothpaste and rinses your mouth out with water. After the appointment the dentist give you a bag that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some dental floss to keepyour teeth clean at home.Tip! : Have you ever scraped your finger an your tooth and some fuzzy stuff ends up on your finger? Well that stuff is plauqe. Plauqe can harden on your teeth causing it to become yellow. Plauqe can be brushed easily but tartar needs to be takencare of by the dentist.